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ANTHRACITE: The Future of Fashion…Today

While other models rest on their laurels after a life on the catwalk, this one-woman shows has no intentions of slowing down any time soon. In fact, she is doing exactly the opposite. Her avant-garde, singular creations are bold and daring and out there for a reason…

They are not for mass consumption and guess what?

She wouldn’t have it any other way.

Temper Anthracite is an anomaly – a rare, fine, wisp of a woman from appearances. But hold tight, for this diva in heels and laced with tattoos has something up her sleeves.

She is bossy – always has and always will be. However, at Anthracite, she is the boss for one good reason and one good reason only.

Temper knows fashion.

Her Anthracite collection, which has been making waves in the right circles for years now, from underground performers all over Europe to the red carpets of some of the most impressive premieres, has now brought her collection to the mini-masses…

One stitch at a time.



Living La Vida Bana

All the way from Córdoba, Spain, and now firmly entrenched into the nightlife of the city on everyone’s lips – Berlin – this latin spitfire is known throughout Europe as one of the go-to divas if you’re wanting a night on the town filled with passion, love, and desire…all thoroughly contained within the confines of the stage, if she decides to stay on it, that is. To see her en vivo is to be ignited and moved from your seat and into her heart.

Her name is Bana. As she likes to say: “Like Banana, but no ‘na’.”

Her versatility as a performer knows no boundaries. She is a singer, a burlesque performer, a cabaret artist, muse and model for many of Berlin’s most noted designers. And whatever she chooses to do on stage, it is always elegant, and fiery. She juggles her existence as an artist between the depths of Berlin underground culture and the commercial as well. Her connections with noted designers to both indie and commercial stars is uncanny and undeniable, particularly with Spanish compadre and fellow artist himself, Juan de Chamiè. Her spicy anecdotes on stage will leave you in stitches as she tears away the seams.  Currently, she  collaborates on a new book to show the world what Berlin has to offer in the world of live entertainment of the female variety – Berlin Burlesque Book, by Paul Green.




GET THE LOOK: Catt Sadler Sports Alpinestars In West Hollywood

E! News host Catt Sadler was spotting wearing a pretty damn fierce ensemble while strolling out and about in West Hollywood a few weeks ago.

Here’s how you can get her look below.

Catt is wearing the Alpinestars by Denise Focil Arizona Jacket in Black. You can get that here for $210.

The regular Rise Super Skinny in White Lines can be snagged up for $88 at Blank NYC here.

And that sweet tank Catt is wearing? It is the LAmade BF Tank with Pocket in Black. Just $50 here.

To complete the ensemble, Sadler threw on some Cocobelle Bico Sandals, $73 ones you can find here.

Dakota Fanning Is the Latest Brunette

It seems like everyone in Hollywood is changing up their hair color for the season. From Mad Men women changing styles and hues to screen sirens going from brunette to blonde, there’s a new actress throwing her locks into the game and it’s none other than Dakota Fanning. The 18-year old actress has given up her naturally blonde locks and opted for a dark chestnut brown. Fanning hopped on Instagram to update her new status…

“Well look who turned into a brunette!”

Not that the actress has not been a brunette before, but this time, it is reportedly not for a movie role. Dakota is now a freshman in college at New York University and perhaps she is craving a little anonymity around campus? Earlier this year, she dyed her tips hot pink. What do you think of this new look, folks. Is this a heaux up (good) or blow up (bad)?!

CELEB SPOTTING: Lea Michele Gets Gorge for Candie’s Virtual Pop Up Shop

Lea Michele, Candie’s spokeswoman, hosted a Candie’s Virtual Pop-Up Shop this weekend in Los Angeles to promote the brand’s fragrance launch and new holiday dress collection. Using the Candie’s shopping app, Lea “window” shopped from the sidewalk, hung out with fans, tried on Candie’s new fragrance collections as well as hosted a worldwide trending Twitter party @Candiesbrand and signed autographs.

Candie’s Virtual Pop-Up shop is an exclusive online shop available from October 13-Oct 20 where consumers can purchase exclusive Candie’s dresses, including the dress Lea wore at the event before they are available in store. Please see the below

For all you fashionistas and Candie’s fans, you can check out the virtual shop HERE.

Is it just me or does Lea look especially gorgeous in these photos? She is one I didn’t turn my head once for, but girlfriend is looking FIERCELY fab in these Candie’s pics! Get it, girl! Werk that camera lens!

Halle Berry’s Hair Has Secrets

Halle Berry may have plenty of damn drama in her personal life but I can tell you right now, that doesn’t stop her from posing on the cover of magazines looking fine, fierce as hell and ready to poke your got damn eye out.

For the 2012 November issue of InStyle magazine, Halle Berry graces the cover and sits down to chat about marriage, aging and her hairstyle.

On her fiance Olivier Martinez:

“When I first met Olivier, there wasn’t the initial ‘I’m in love!’ It was something that grew more gradually—and it feels more real because of that. [Marriage] is another one of those never-say-never things. I’m a hopeless romantic, and I won’t stop till I get it right!”

On aging in Hollywood:

“Throughout my career I have been talked out of things I wanted to do, and when I look back I think, I should have followed my instincts. I relied on others to guide me because I thought they knew better. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to trust myself. Don’t stress about your age or fight it. Appreciate the young women who look like you once did, but don’t strive to be like them. You’re moving into a new phase of your life—embrace it. That’s what I hope to do.”

On not being defined by her hairstyle:

“I think I am at my best when my hair is short. It’s easier to take care of and more of who I am. Women are conditioned to think we need long hair. I see that happening with my daughter. She is so in love with her hair right now. She says, ‘Look, Mommy—it’s so long!” As women, we think it defines us, and we learn that at a young age.”

Celebs Love Line Knitwear Color Blocks!

Celebrities love Line Knitwear’s pink/blue/cream color blocked sweaters! From June to October, these sweaters are perfect for any season. Hilary Duff was spotted in the Quantum sweater while vacationing in Mexico on Tuesday, June 26th.

Mila Kunis also wore the Quantum sweater while visiting Ashton Kutcher on the set of Two and a Half Men in Los Angeles on Saturday, August 11th.

Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie actress/singer Bridgit Mendler wore the long sleeve style while filming an exclusive special airing on Wednesday, October 10th on Disney Channel.

You can check out the sweater here!

Kendall & Kylie Jenner Will Launch Fashion Line








Respect the hustle!

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have announced that they will be launching a teen fashion line to be produced under license by Canada’s Majestic Mills.

“We love fashion, our Mom and big sisters have always been an inspiration so when we got the chance to design our own line with Majestic Mills we were thrilled! It will be a mix of our casual chic style that we wear everyday and now so can our fans,” the girls said to E! News. “We always get asked what we are wearing so now everyone can see our creations in stores!”

The line, which is still unnamed, will reportedly feature fabulous T-shirts, pants, shorts and accessories in the spring.

Seriously, say what you want about the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan, but you can’t deny they are some workers! Their ventures move beyond just reality tv, as they’ve broken into fashion and beauty, as well as other ventures. I didn’t even realize until I was in Macy’s the other day, that they have their own BEDDING! So it’s no surprise that Kendall and Kylie would want to branch out into business like their mom and older sisters. Wishing them success!

Tom Ford Is A Father

Tom Ford, the internationally acclaimed fashion designer and director and his partner for over 25 years, Richard Buckley, have announced the birth of a son. Alexander John Buckley Ford is just over a week old now and is the first child for the gay couple.

Ford, who was the former creative director of Gucci for ten years until 2004, had this to say about the birth in 2011. “If I have children, no one will know about it until the child is born. And no one will ever see the child because I certainly wouldn’t use it as a press tool. If I have a child, you won’t notice that I had a child. Maybe you’ll see it when it’s 18, but I will keep it out of the spotlight.”

If that was not a verbal slap to Hollywood celebrities cashing in on their children, then I don’t know what is. But the fact of the matter is that most people would probably sell photos of their children if they could command millions for them. With celebrity children, they don’t even have to be cute (Rumer Willis) or even legitimate (Arnold’s bastard child from his affair with the housekeeper), so long as they can generate ad revenue. With Tom being over 50, and his partner well into his 60s, this child is going to be swimming in the dough alot sooner than most trust fund kids, that’s for sure! I’m just sayin’!

CELEB SPOTTING: Kimora Lee Loving Up Ex Russell For Charlotte Ronson Event

Kimora Lee and her ex Russell Simmons are still getting along for the sake of the kids. Gotta love it. The once in love duo showed up to the Charlotte Ronson show in full force to show their support for the fashion designer. The Creative Director for JustFab provided all the shoes for the models taking part in Ronson’s show.

Anne Hathaway Weds…in Valentino

She’s had alot of practice in her film career playing royalty, so this weekend when Anne Hathaway tied the knot, she didn’t have to wonder what it was like to feel like a princess. She already knew. And with the help of Valentino to carry her down the hair in bridal couture?

She hit it out the park and in grand style.

Her off the shoulder Valentino gown fit like a glove and it should have, since it was made personally by Valentino himself, who refers to Anne as a very dear friend. Over the next week or so, we are going to be inundated with photos of Anne in her dress, the process behind the dress, how she secretly starved herself to fit into the dress, how she cried once she got into the dress. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

The Shirl Clark Collection

I’m many things. Film critic, sports enthusiast, political junkie, etc. One thing I am not is…a fashion expert. So why am I writing this article?  Because I have two eyes, a brain and I know a pretty girl in a nice looking swimsuit when I see one.

Exactly two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to cover a brand new fashion collection. Shirl Clark launched her new line at the very trendy Shakai Lounge in downtown Orlando. Besides providing women with exquisite swimwear, Shirl is also the head of Signature Events. She is becoming the go-to event planner in the entire city. Remember folks, Orlando is much more than Mickey Mouse. It’s a cultural city that is growing into the new Miami (not as fake) and Shirl Clark is making that happen, as well as making girls sexier with her fashion line.

Oh yeah, back to the clothes.

Shirl is passionate about creating and designing for ladies who like to be sexy, but always stay class. And at the fashion show it really came off that way. The models were true stunners and the swimsuits looked perfect on them. I didn’t know if I wanted to ask the models out on dates, or just find a cute girl there and buy her one of the swimsuits.

Speaking with one of her closest confidants, Jamie Arnold-Spath, who has helped Shirl by being one of her models as well as helping her with the launch, she explained to me that Shirl’s retro line of swimwear (many inspired by the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s) really perked her interest.

Looking pretty gorgeous herself, Clark looked like she could easily rock the runway as well. I was able to pick her brain a little bit and learn more about what drives her. She wants her line to stand apart from other bathing suit lines by offering distinctly unique lines of suits within the collection. Her YachtWear Collection is for the woman who boldly announces “I have arrived” without saying a word. The Monroe Collection draws inspiration from the era of the fifties and sixties. Safari Collection offers a variety of animal prints such as white and black python. And last but not least we have her Signature Collection, which is based off the standard string bikini but unlike most bikinis, the bikinis in the Signature Collection are able to flatter the figure.

Check out some pics from the fashion show, as well as the rest of Shirl Clark’s line

Natalie Portman Is the Latest Hollywood Blonde

Natalie Portman is just the latest in a string of celebrities that have dramatically changed their hair color. Miley Cyrus has been reveling as one of Hollywood’s newest blondes and now Portman has followed suit.

She debuted her new golden honey locks at the dinner for her choreographer husband Benjamin Millepied. His L.A. Dance project held the ceremony at the Walk Disney Concert Hall. The star had this to say about her new hue:

“My mom says I’m like a different person. “I did it just a couple of days ago.”
Her stylist noted the look was achieved with Redken’s Blonde Dimensions. The transformation one of Hollywood’s most famous brunettes to a lighter tone was done for an upcoming movie role.

So what do you think, folks? Is this a winner or should Natalie retreat back to her darker locks and leave the blond for another celebrity?

Kellie Pickler Was Worried She Was Going To Have a Big Fat Wart On Her Bald Head

Kellie Pickler sat down with Ellen DeGeneres for her first interview since shaving her head with her best friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Check out the highlights below.


Kellie: When Summer (her best friend) was diagnosed with breast cancer back in June. We made a pact that we would shave our heads together. I think last thing that you want (for) anyone that you love to feel like… is that you don’t want them to walk through the valley alone. They need to know that. I think it’s important to have a cancer buddy. I guess you could say. That’s what everyone ‘s been calling us is cancer buddies. Oh, there we are (watching video)

Ellen: So you did it at the same time? Or who went first?

Kellie: I went first and… there’s actually a funny picture of her jumping up out of the chair running out and saying she’s not going to do this. So I um, I tackled her. No…it was honestly. That is probably one of the most beautiful moments of my life. Just being able to do that with her. A lot of people don’t know this but my grandmother passed away with cancer. It was a different type of cancer but she passed away the very next morning after being diagnosed.

Ellen: Wow.

Kellie: So there was never the journey I guess you could say of going through. What follows cancer chemo and all of that…

Ellen: Has she (Summer) started Chemo yet?

Kellie: She just started Chemo last week and she’s doing good of course, it’s hard. It’s hard on your body. It’s hard on your mind. It’s not an easy thing to go through. But she’s a strong woman and she’s handled it with such grace.

Kellie: I was able to be with her for first chemo treatment which was important I think for both of us because like I said, she’s my big sister. She really is. We’re not blood kin but we are sisters. I don’t think blood makes you family but I don’t know. I’m happy to have been able to do this with her.

Ellen: Wow, well you’re a good friend.

Kelly: Its just hair…you know…

Ellen: And, you look great…

Kellie: I will be honest with you. I was a little nervous and she was too. We were both a little nervous hope we don’t have some crazy birthmark or a wart or a mole…or something until you shave your head….

Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Heidi Klum Is Intimate With Her Bodyguard

The accusations have already been made by Seal for a hot minute now, but Heidi Klum had maintained her silence. Maybe it was because she was asked by Katie Couric to not speak on it until she had a chance to release the information to her national audience? Whatever the reason for not answering the question burning on everyone’s lips these days, the model finally admitted on Katie that she is indeed doing the do with her bodyguard.

Heidi opened up her legs on the show, revealing that she “never looked at another man” while she was with Seal. This directly refutes what Seal said a few weeks ago, as he claims the bodyguard and his wife were screwing behind his back while they were married.

Heidi has known the bodyguard for over four years now, so rumors are swirling about how long the two have been together, since she claims they have become very close. She stated to Katie Couric on her daytime television show…

“I don’t know if I can call it a relationship. It just started. I don’t know.”

Listen, Heidi. If he is sticking his doo hilly in your German cha cha, it may not be a relationship in the traditional sense, but he is having a relationship with your lady parts!