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Alice Sungurov: “So Blind”

writer: Triston

In these current times in popular music, it is rare to even hear a teenager actually sing anymore, with Autotune prevailing more than half the time. So it is astonishing, refreshing, and some may even say ‘old-school’ for someone like Alice Sungurov to come onto the scene and actually sing.

And sing she does, with a unique voice that is at once captivating and enlightening. But it is her story that is just as awe-inspiring. After being diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder at only four years of age, she overcame it and is now celebrating in a big way with the international release of her single ‘So Blind‘.


Based in Manhattan, 15-year-old Sungurov harkens back to an era that many consider one of the cornerstones to popular music – the 80s – often compared to artists like perennial favorite of the era, Cyndi Lauper. The talented singer/songwriter is right where she should be, however, and her sound is sure to stand out despite the onslaught of pop music dominating the scene today.


Listen to the official song here and let us know what you think:








additional reporting: A. Neff King

RISING STAR: Meet Gabrielle Aplin, British Chanteuse


British chanteuse Gabrielle Aplin is on her way to cementing her status as a breakout artist of 2014 following the massive success of her single “The Power of Love” that launched to #1 on the U.K. and Australia iTunes Chart, achieving certified Gold status in both countries.

The EP features five tracks from her celebrated Gold-selling debut album English Rain, which peaked at #2 in the U.K. during a chart-run that lasted almost five months, yet has not been released in the U.S. In addition to “The Power of Love,” which was featured in promos for ABC’s new hit series “Resurrection,” the EP also features an exclusive new track – a gorgeous rendition of “A Case of You” by Aplin’s musical hero Joni Mitchell.

Throughout the past year, Aplin has toured with John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and Gotye, performed at festivals including Glastonbury, T in the Park, and iTunes, among others, and headlined a sold out U.K. run.

A self-taught musician, Aplin has been writing and recording songs since she was fifteen, and, as such, she wrote or co-wrote all of the original songs featured on the EP.

Celebrity VIP Lounge had the chance to sit down with Gabrielle to chat about her musical background, her dream tour mate and more! Highlights below:

Danity Donnaly (DD): Gabrielle, such a pleasure to chat with you. I just got done listening to your EP English Rain and wow. So amazingly beautiful. Your voice is pure, powerful and passionate. When did you first discover your voice and how did you get involved with music? What instruments do you play, as I hear you play a few?

Gabrielle: I’ve never really considered myself a ‘singer’ as such. I started by writing short stories and poems. I then taught myself to play the piano and the guitar and that turned into songwriting and then developed into performing!

DD: You are just 21 years old, but your voice makes you seem so mature and so calming. After doing a little digging some of your inspirations include Joni Mitchell, Crosby Stills and Nash and other older souls. You describe your music as ghostly pop and folk with hints of choirs and twinkly things. Do you do a lot of the writing of your music on your own or do you have collaborators? What is your approach to writing?

Gabrielle: It’s definitely a mix. I love to write on my own and have no boundaries creatively, though I also love to collaborate and it can be great to bounce ideas with a few others.

DD: What is your favorite part of the musical process? The writing? The studio production? The performing?

Gabrielle: I think that the musical process depending on how you do it is like chapters and each chapter is my favourite whilst i’m doing it! I love the writing process and how a song won’t exist in the morning but by the end of the day you could have written something amazing, but eventually you get comfortable and want to get into the studio and record. So then recording becomes the best bit for a while because you have an idea of what you want to create and then it starts comes to life. But then. after that stage you get even more comfortable and you just want to tour what you’ve created..

DD: What has been the most exciting part of your musical career so far?

Gabrielle: I think the travelling has been amazing for me. I have been to so many places that I wouldn’t have been able to travel to if I didn’t do music.

DD: You are going out on your first North American tour soon, having already toured John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and Gotye, what are you most looking forward to in coming to North America?

Gabrielle: I’ve never really been before! So i’m excited to just be in a new place!

Danity: If you could go on tour with anyone, who would it be and why?

Gabrielle: It would probably be John Mayer, and iIm so lucky that it has already happened! I supported him last year in the UK and Europe.

DD: When you aren’t doing music, what do you like to do in your free time?

Gabrielle: I like to do pretty normal things. See my family and friends, cook, and I like to paint…

DD: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Gabrielle: Hopefully still doing what I do now!

Check out the song that made me fall in love with Gabrielle below!

Follow Gabrielle Aplin on Twitter here.

Crude Oil Used to Make Your Selfie?

This post was brought to you by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers via sheblogs. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of CAPP.


Well, basically.

Oil. Crude Oil. What would we do without it? Well I can tell you one thing right now, I wouldn’t be writing celebrity gossip on this website or any website for that matter. Heck, I wouldn’t even be able to add my cutie patootie puppy onto my screensaver on this computer right now. To go even further, I wouldn’t even have a computer.

You wouldn’t believe all that is fueled by crude oil. Petroleum not only used for cars, trucks, buses, trains, boats and planes, it is an essential part of our quality of life.


This fun little scarf and permanent press shirt Miss Danity is wearing in the above photo? Made with the power of crude oil. The camera that Danity used to take this selfie? Made with the power of crude oil. The make up on Danity’s face? Made with the power of crude oil.

And I, as a Canadian rely on petroleum for many things. In my office alone, I can look around and name numerous items that I use that are crude oil made: ball point pens, Ink, business card holder, copier, waste baskets, calculator, printer cartridge, microfilm, name tags, binders, erasers, rulers, scotch tape and magic markers.

Just thinking about my little one and something for you to think about, any acrylic toys, baby oil, laundry baskets, waterproof pants, baby aspirin, bath soap, mittens, pacifiers, baby blankets, bibs, rattles, doubleknit shirts, baby bottles, disposable diapers, baby shoes, teething rings, nipples and binkies, dolls, stuffed animals and baby lotion are all made using crude oil! Bet you didn’t know that!

Here is a little fun fact for you regarding the Oil Sands, Canada has the third largest oil reserves in the world with 97% of those reserves in the Oil Sands- 168 billion barrels with the potential of over 100 years of production. In addition, the oil sands are found in 3 deposits in Canada: The Athabasca, Peace River, and Cold Lake areas in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

So Canada’s energy future lies in the oil sands as it is a secure source to meet our growing demands and very importantly, it could create over 800,000 jobs in the next 25 years!

For more information about the Oil Sands industry visit oilsandstoday.ca.

This post was brought to you by CAPP via SheBlogs. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of CAPP.

This post was brought to you by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers via sheblogs. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of CAPP.

Juliette Jules – “Black Crow”


Drawing inspiration from such an eclectic mix of artists like Leonard Cohen and The Sex Pistols (!), one would not expect a 16-year-old to have such an expansive musical selection, but that is exactly what singer-songwriter Juliette Jules is bringing to the table. Drawing on her own experiences, Jules connects on a level that is well beyond her years, shining through on her EP Black Crow.

This Parisian is a breath of fresh musical air in a crowded field that normally means that someone her age must steer towards the pop genre in order to gain any substantial attention. With a voice belying here sixteen years, she has managed to soak up enough emotion and inspiration in such a short amount of time to leave listeners with music that is poignant, featuring strong vocals over great acoustic tracks.

Standout tracks on the Jules EP include the dramatic Johnny Was, a song that showcases Jules’ haunting soprano and dark lyrics. The title track is arguably the strongest song here, as she shines vocally over a piano and acoustic guitar. And while most girls her age in music are strutting around half-dressed, Jules is extolling the virtues of Him in the song Hallelujah.

Juliette Jules is set to re-capture music lovers that yearn for true music again. With her heart intricately wrapped aroudn each note of her new EP, listeners will definitely hear the impressions that singers like Stevie Nicks and Linda Ronstadt have made on her.


Official: www.JulietteJules.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juliettejulesmusic

Plastic Yellow Band: Breathe Air into New Classic Rock

CD cover


Plastic Yellow Bus presents itself as a smorgasboard of musical leanings and inclinations. From psychedelic inflections, infused with the heft of both progressive and classic rock, the group has set forth on a path to return music back to its roots. The overriding mantra for this band is that music is made by musicians and is that is never more evident than on their new full-length CD Breathe Air, which harkens back to sounds of yesteryear by such noted bands as Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd, who could co-headline a tour with this act, so cohesive are their sounds together.


The album dives right in with an emotionally packed track in Lonely Place, which has a rock opera feel to it that builds up to a worthy ending that will definitely have fans grateful they’ve emerged with new material. Fans of southern rock need to look no further than progressive rock track She’s My Woman, which is one of the good time tracks that every rock album needs. Stand-out track I Want to Feel Your Love may be the song on the album that expands their fan base. Thanks to the vocals of lead singer Gerry Jennings, it is easily in a category similar to Stevie Nicks’ extensive collection of songs to remember. What all of the tracks on Breathe Air do better than most albums is prove that this group is made up of true musicians that thoroughly enjoy constructing a song (and album) from beginning to end.


Plastic Yellow Bus is a no-holds-barred southern rock band that has an expansive sound that delves from singer-songwriter fare to progressive and electro-rock. Billed as ‘new classic rock’, this band channels the musical spirit of groups from the 70s and early 80s to a masterful mix that is making critics take note. For those new to Plastic Yellow Bus, now is your chance to take in their sound and breathe.

Marksman Media/CelebrityVIPLounge Exclusive: Inside the 9th Annual Jazz in the Gardens


As in years past, for the first word in the news backstage on stage at Jazz in the Gardens, keep it locked here. This year’s festivities featured some of the best and brightest in the musical realms of jazz, R&B, hip-hop, and soul yet again.

The standouts?

LL Cool J proved that his rapping prowess has not diminished in lieu of his latest acting endeavors. The New York native came down south to MiamiGardens to spit some of his most classic lyrics from his many platinum albums. Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, one of the biggest touring acts around, showed why they are still a powerhouse vocal group to be reckoned with. Old school rhythm and blues lovers ate this group up from the first note to the last ballad. But the perennial favourite of the weekend?

None other than former Destiny’s Child singer (and former X Factor judge) Kelly Rowland. The songstress proved that she is no longer in the shadows of Beyonce, but a formidable show(wo)man in her own right. Backed by an impressive band and wearing fashion forward pieces that women will be emulating in mere days, Rowland had the crowd eating out the palm of her manicured hands.

In the coming days, we will be back with snippets and video from the weekend festivities.

Stay tuned…

additional reporting:  Zenobia Williams, Triston Brewer

Gemini Wired: Get Plugged In


The issue of bullying has broadened in this digital age to include all forms of social media. How this impacts children these days cannot be undermined or ignored.  R&B artist Gemini Wired tackles the topic of bullying in his latest track ‘What Now’, which discusses bullying and the repercussions of its actions.



Gemini Wired speaks from self-experience on this topic, and the song was written to find ways to prevent it, how to spot it, and the best ways to recover from it once it has occurred. The corresponding video is an inspirational one that is meant to uplift and enlighten.


Gemini, hailing from Boston, began performing as a child, as both a dancer and a singer, heavily influenced by musical acts like The Black Eyed Peas, M.I.A., and Rihanna. These are just some of the examples of the eclectic mix that drives her own musical output. After more work on television and countless websites, Gemini is focusing on an upcoming EP, kicking off her campaign with ‘What Now’.



‘What Now’

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1awlSGM85g
Video Director: Seng 2KX

Websites: www.geminiwiredworld.com


Twitter: @geminiwired

GET A CELEBRITY SMILE: Waterpik Makes Flossing Fun

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Waterpik.
Tracking Pixel


Let me just say this…I have never enjoyed flossing my teeth. I mean, taking a thin piece of string and sliding it between each and every tooth every single day isn’t exactly my idea of fun. And quite honestly, I don’t always do it. Okay, I’m pretty sure my dentist is not reading this and it is safe to say I really don’t floss much at all. I have always had great teeth as far as health goes. Every time I’ve been to a new dentist, they’ve told me…”keep doing what you are doing” or “whatever you are doing is working”. So, what has always worked for me is not flossing. Every once in awhile I will take one of those floss piks or tooth pics and dig out that piece of steak that gets caught in between my chompers. It works.


When I got braces put on my teeth, I was told by my orthodontist that flossing was going to be very important for me because with braces, food and other nasty particles would get in between my teeth much easier. He was right. And so the Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser became my new best friend.

At first I got this thing and thought, I guess I have to floss now. Boo hiss boo. I have always thought those little devices at the dentist’s office were kind of fun and to have one at my home could be sweet.

Let me just say after I broke out this baby, I fell in love. The Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser (WP-660) really IS easy to use with an on/off water control on the handle for convenience and it includes two water Flossing modes, floss and massage. It is definitely way more effective way to floss than with that string nonsense. And after using the Water Flosser, my mouth always feels fresh and clean.

If you are looking to try something other than the string or pics, I highly recommend the Waterpik. You can check it out here and receiving free shipping with the following promotional code: FREESHIPWP660. This coupon is valid until March 31st, 2014.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Waterpik.

VIP EXCLUSIVE: Valentine’s Day Guide To Her, His, (Or Your) Heart

Valentine’s Day is the day of love. Whether you have a love or not, here are some perfect Valentine’s Day items to buy for your special person in your life or simply to treat yourself! Check out our top choices for gifts for V-Day!


1. Dammit Doll, Less than $20!

Gift yourself, and your fellow single friends this year with something that is sure to give you a good laugh. Release all the stress and frustrations of love and life with the popular Dammit Doll.

A kitschy item that is ridiculous popular with women of all ages, the Dammit Doll is sure to have a style for every kind of personality (no joke, there are over 30 styles – florals, stripes, camo, polka dots & more!). At less than $20, Dammit Dolls are available at Amazon HERE or select Hallmarks across the country!


2. Ipanema Sandles, Perfect for Travel and just $20! Angelina Jolie was spotted wearing the Ipanema Ana Tan in Black while arriving at LAX from vacation on February 5th!



3. Timberland Boots

There has definitely been a resurgence of the work boots this past season. They’re such a winter staple that it’s no surprise more celebrities are taking both wheat and black nubuck color ways out of their closets, most recently seen on models Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse, as well as Gwen Stefani! But the trend doesn’t just stop at the original work boot, Timberland’s newest collection which incorporates a more fashion forward appeal have been seen on numerous VIP’s such as Gavin Rossdale, Joshua Jackson and Naomi Watts, to name a few!

Check out Timberland boots here.


4. Victoria’s Secret Push-up bra, Garterbelt, Forbidden Eau de Parfum or Bombshell Valentine’s Day Gift set

Angels Candice Swanepoel and Karlie Kloss showed off the real reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day, being a Bombshell! The Victoria’s Secret models revealed personal gift picks for this flirty holiday at the Victoria’s Secret Herald Square Store in New York City.

Candice and Karlie shared what makes them feel like true bombshells on this especially sexy day. Here’s a quick preview of this year’s top choices in lingerie: The Very Sexy Push-up Bra and matching Garterbelt and the Bombshell Push-up Bra and Thong.

To intensify your senses this “Bombshells’ Day”, Victoria’s Secret is introducing the new Victoria’s Secret Forbidden Eau de Parfum, made for the woman who likes to break all of the rules and seek the forbidden. This new scent is an addictive warm fragrance with a tempting, exotic twist.

Other fabulous gift picks are the Valentine’s Day Makeup Bag trio available in three flirty sizes, perfect for weekend getaways. Also, wrapped in a cute graphic box is the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Valentine’s Day Gift Set including a sexy scented candle, mini eau de parfum and rollerball.

For the Valentine’s Day Bombshell gift box and more go here.


5. Lacoste Boots

Both Alessandra Ambrosio and Naomi Watts have been spotted out and about sporting Adalyn wedges from Lacoste. Snag up your own pair here.


6. True Religion V-neck tee, just $58!

This tee is amazingly beautiful and comfortable. This Valentine’s Day, give your girl a special gift that lets her know you’re crazy about her with this gorgeous tee. Snag up this tee or any other True Religion product here.


7. Key to My Heart Necklace from Isabelle Grace, just $42.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t waste a minute stressing about what to get your lovely lady. Simply pick your favorite piece that says ‘I love you’ with Isabelle Grace Jewelry. Celeb favorite, Isabelle Grace, creates beautiful, handcrafted jewelry that is guaranteed to win her heart! This ultra-chic jewelry collection is inspired by the most important things in life; family, children and love. Below you’ll see our favorite pieces from the personalized ‘Say It with Love’ and ‘Celebration of Love’ collections. Most designs are made from recycled materials so you can “love” the environment too! Celebrities such as Alyson Hannigan, Alison Sweeney, Alana De La Garza, and Lindsay Price and others are also in love with their one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Check out the Key to My Heart necklace and others here.


8. Shady Sluts

Shady S.l.u.t.s is the perfect gift to give if you’re a gift giver (or accessory lover) whose just a little bit naughty. With over 11 styles to choose ranging in name from Red Hot and Pool Side to Gold Digger, there’s a pair of S.l.u.ts that are sure to please!! Just $34.00! Check out their fun selection of shades here.


9. Viva Diva Wines

Enjoy Christina’s refreshing line of natural infused moscato that has become a favorite among celebrities worldwide! We had the chance to try the Mango moscato and it was amazing! You can purchase the wine starting at just $9.99 here or at participating liquor stores.

9th Annual Jazz in the Gardens: 2014 Overview


Yet again, Celebrity VIP Lounge brings you special coverage of the 2014 Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival to be held in Miami Gardens, Florida. The annual event, which this year covers the weekend of March 15th and March 16th, is known or featuring some of the most acclaimed singers in the genres of jazz, rhythm and blues, and soul.

As more and more people become aware off the prestige surrounding the event, more performers of note are adding their talents to the roster. This year is no different, with some of the entertainment world’s most sought-after performers gracing the stage. Artists set to come to JITG include: Kelly Rowland, Jamie Foxx, LL Cool J, Anthony Hamilton, Trey Songz, Mint Condition, and many more.

This is the ninth year the festival has been held and each successive year, the roster has increased with star power. Previous performers include Neyo, Babyface, Fantasia, Monica, and Mary Mary. Comedian D.L. Hughley is the master of ceremonies this year, with a pre-festival set on Friday and special guests over the course of the weekend.

CelebrityVIP will be on hand, as in previous years, providing you with celebrity interviews, exclusive photos, promotional goodies, and more.

Keep it here for the latest in news at 2014 Jazz in the Gardens.

The Louise Log Is Back for Season 3!

Louise and Phineas

The positive response of the last two seasons of New York City’s acclaimed web series The Louise Log only means the show must come back for season 3, right?


The comedy series, praised by film critic Roger Ebert and created by Anne Flournoy, has raised over $22,000 through an intense fundraising campaign and now the web series, which has been nominated for a Shorty Award for best web series, is returning this month with at least ten new episodes. That’s one episode a month through November. The critically acclaimed series centers on the life of a Greenwich Village housewife stressing over her life and dreams to the audience as her relatives bicker around her.

A trailer for the latest series can be seen here for season 3:

The show will feature a stream of both new and old actors, representing Broadway and of-Broadway, including Morgan Hallett (as Louise), and Everett Quinton as the father-n-law. Other names in the cast include Drama Desk nominee Joseph Franchini, Jay Patterson, Wayne Maugans, and Jayne Haynes.


official: http://thelouiselog.com

cast bios: http://thelouiselog.com/cast

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/anneflournoy

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLouiseLog

twitter: https://twitter.com/TheLouiseLog


Remember who brought this show to your attention in the first place.

That’s right…Celebrity VIP!

VIP EXCLUSIVE: Selena Gomez Is First Customer Of Verizon Store In Mall of America


Selena Gomez is everywhere these days and now she can add “first customer of new Verizon store in the Mall of America” to her list. Celebrity VIP Lounge was on scene to get these amazingly beautiful shots of Miss Gomez!

The Come and Get It singer looked fabulously chic as she wore a classy, sparkly black top, feather earrings, dark pants and a pop of pink lipstick. Selena looked flawless.

The big occasion was the opening of the flagship store in the Mall of America in Minneapolis and Gomez was the very FIRST customer as she toured the fun new space with COO Marni Walden.

The Boston Boys – Keep You Satisfied

Fans of funk rock soul can now breathe a sigh of relief as their musical saviors have possibly found it in The Boston Boys, a foursome that fearlessly blends the genres to an engaging aural mix. With their fresh take on pop music, they are set to release their EP Keep You Satisfied, which fives straight into the beat and takes the listener on a fresh ride. When they sing about ‘Amelia’, the lyrics are heartfelt, with the Latin-tinged rhythm adding depth to the song. The title track serves up quintessential country rock and through the five songs, The Boston Boys cover enough genres to keep nearly anyone entertained at some point.

Since 2009, The Boston Boys have kept busy touring and producing music in the Boston area and beyond. The band went on tour in the Middle East and North Africa in support of their 2012 debut EP What You Say?! With performances at the prestigious SXSW and even as one of the bands for President Obama’s re-election campaign, their sound has criss-crossed the country and soon The Boston Boys are set to release their album on October 8th and then hit the road on a European tour. Their latest offering proves that they will be keeping their current fans more than satisfied.

A visual teaser is on Youtube:

A video for Amelia can be viewed here:


Satisfied EP Teaser – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Wjqzd5c84Q
Hypnotized – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDr_NHa5bC4
Wish I Knew How Tt Would Feel To Be Free – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYj89T3apJ8
Tuk Tuk live – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oEnrTTkGZA

The Como Brothers Band – ‘Baby Steps’ of a Musical Journey

The Como Brothers Band duo of brothers Matt and Andrew Como have quickly gained a footing in the music business, with their unique brand of pop/rock music featured commercially on stations such as MTV, E!, and Oxygen. These two singer-songwriters have earned their chops playing for clubs and festivals in and around the New York area over the last few years. But it was not until 2010 that The Como Brothers Band began in earnest to pursue their musical dreams and in quick succession they are coming true.

With the release of their album Baby Steps, Matt and Andrew are out to prove that their rise is not a fluke, but an attempt to cement their place in the hearts of their fans and the respect of the critics. With their album release set for October 1st, the duo have already given their fans something to satiate their appetites in the interim. The single ‘Late Nights‘ and ‘Straight Face‘ show off their songwriting skills, and they’re touring schedule is picking up all over the New York area. After the success of their EP Still Waters in March of this year, anticipation is high for their full-length album Baby Steps. The Como Brothers Band are eager to sing and perform their way into the hearts of music fans worldwide.

Fans and new listeners to The Como Brothers Band can check out the links below and get a preview of their pop rock.

Late Nights:

Straight Face:

The new music video Late Nights is also available:

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/the-como-brothers-band/id509053062
CdBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/TheComoBrothersBand

ESQUILLE: ‘Rock This Club Down’

Fans of electronic dance music know his name and for those that don’t, they’ve heard his music. Internationally known for his projects, remixes, and stellar collaborations, Swedish EDM producer ESQUILLE has spent many years in the music business making a name for himself worldwide. His name has been plastered on a myriad of projects including, but not limited to Dreamland, Jam Planet, and A Trip in Trance to name a few.

Now, after a self-imposed exile from the music scene, he’s back with more music to churn out for his large fan base. His worldwide hit smash dance single, ‘I Take U Higher’, has yet again placed his names on the lips of clubs and dance floors all of the world. His next single, ‘HEYO’ (featured on MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ )has been remixed and re-distributed for the clubs and the radio station and is still gaining momentum on the charts. Not one to rest on his laurels, the producer is set to release his very first EP later this month entitled ‘Rock This Club Down’. The title and lead-off single from the EP is a club banger that is guaranteed to extend his streak of hit club singles.

Download the latest single at the link below, check out the music videos, and preview the upcoming EP!


Free “Don’t Stop The Rhythm” single: http://esquille.bandcamp.com/track/dont-stop-the-rhythm-club

“Rock This Club Down” EP preview via Bandcamp: http://esquille.bandcamp.com/track/rock-this-club-down

Music Videos:

HEYO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4UPWuZLFBQ
I Take You Higher http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CR2KhXTdSg

additional reporting: A. Neff King