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Taryn Manning: “I Would Do Crossroads 2!” Are You Listening, Britney Spears and Zoe Saldana?

Crossroads, Britney Spears, Zoe Saldana, Taryn Manning

The film Crossroads will always have a special place in our heart for many reasons, and if it was up to us, then Britney Spears, Taryn Manning and Zoe Saldana would all be filming the sequel,…

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Lady Gaga To Star In American Horror Story: Hotel

Lady Gaga has announced via Twitter that she will be appearing in the upcoming series of American Horror Story: Hotel. Just a few months ago, Jessica Lange announced her departure from the show.

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Will Smith Dishes on 7 New Songs with Kanye West

Hollyscoop was at the premiere of Will Smith‘s new movie “Focus” and talked with Diana Madison about his on-set positivity and making music with Kanye West.

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Kim Kardashian Admits Her Sisters’ Onscreen Insults Are ‘Uncomfortable’

Kim Kardashian West addresses the fact that her sisters talk crap about her on camera when she’s not around. That’s gotta hurt.

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Attempt To Remove Bobbi Kristina Brown From Coma Failed When ‘She Began Having Violent Seizures': Insider

Bobbi Kristina Brown Remove Coma

Doctors had to put Bobbi Kristina Brown back in a coma Wednesday, after attempts to take her out of it resulted in “violent seizures,” RadarOnline.com has learned.

A family insider told People that doctors didn’t get the results they desired after they attempted to taper off the medication that keeps the ailing Bobbi Kristina in such a state.

PHOTOS: Bad Apple? Bobbi Kristina’s Troubled Ex Max Lomas Was With Her & Nick When She Was Found In Bathtub

“She was taken off the drugs, but she began having violent seizures,” the insider told the magazine. “She is being put back into a coma.”

Wednesday’s developments represented “a horrible setback” for the 21-year-old as doctors fight an uphill battle to save her life, the insider said.

“Everyone was hopeful that this was the sign that she’d turned the corner — we were so optimistic,” the insider said.

PHOTOS: Drugs, Death & Arrests—Bobbi Kristina Brown’s 50 Most Shocking Moments

Bobbi Kristina’s father Bobby Brown was “beside himself” in the wake of the unsuccessful effort, 27 days after his daughter with the late Whitney Houston was found face-down in a bathtub in …read more

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Husky Puppy Tries to Talk, Sort of Succeeds

Seriously, have ever heard anything like that?!?

We’d love to know what the little guy is trying to say: take me outside! Feed me! Hold me closer! Throw me a tennis ball! Take me

We’re constantly amazed by dogs here at The Hollywood Gossip.

They jump in to cold water in order to save the lives of their owners. They really love their stuffed animals. And they get SOOOO HAPPY upon greeting their returning owners.

But this is a first.

In the following video, a Husky puppy actually tries to talk instead of bark… and he sort of succeeds!

Seriously, have ever heard anything like that?!?

We’d love to know what the little guy is trying to say: take me outside! Feed me! Hold me closer! Throw me a tennis ball! Take me to a ball pit now!!!!

Pretty incredible, huh?

Check out the video and then click around the adorable photo gallery below:

Come on. You’re not even running in these right now!
You Have to Go to the Vet
Even when you’re not sick! What’s a “check up,” anyway?!?
You Have to Deal with Human Beings
Do they not …read more

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Ultimatum! Giuliana Rancic’s Husband Bill Pressuring Her To Leave L.A. After ‘Fashion Police’ Drama

Giuliana Bill Rancic Chicago

It isn’t just Giuliana Rancic’s workplace woes that are stressing her out these days. RadarOnline.com has learned that things aren’t much better at home. According to a source, the E! News star is clashing with her husband Bill since he wants her to move to his hometown of Chicago full-time.

Bill has grown more and more upset with Giuliana because of her refusal to move to Chicago,” an insider told Radar. “From day one of when they began dating, Bill made it clear Chicago was where the family would live. Los Angeles just isn’t for Bill long term, and he doesn’t want to raise Duke surrounded by the bright lights of Hollywood. At heart, Bill is just a good midwestern man, and has never been comfortable living outside of Chicago.”

So far, Rancic has tried to split her time between the City of Angels and the Windy City, but recently the balance of time has been in L.A., the source said. In fact, Radar has learned, the couple have not been photographed in public together for 102 days.

PHOTOS: Insincere Apology? Giuliana Rancic Has ‘Underlying Anger’ Over Zendaya Drama, Says Body Language Expert

“<a target="_blank" …read more

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Heidi Montag to Lauren Conrad: You Ruined My Life! (But I Forgive You on Marriage Boot Camp!)

It’s been almost eight years since Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag’s relationship dissolved on reality TV, from which Lauren has successfully retired.

Heidi and her husband Spencer Pratt, who famously feuded with LC during his time on the MTV smash hit? Still going strong … or at least still going.

If you

Heidi Montag opens up about former best friend Lauren Conrad on the current season of Marriage Boot Camp, saying The Hills star tried to ruin her life.


It’s been almost eight years since Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag’s relationship dissolved on reality TV, from which Lauren has successfully retired.

Heidi and her husband Spencer Pratt, who famously feuded with LC during his time on the MTV smash hit? Still going strong … or at least still going.

If you watch Marriage Boot Camp online, the strongest thing may be one’s urge to vomit, but it’s like that car wreck on the road you can’t help but look at.

Though the details remained vague on The Hills, it was strongly implied that there was a Lauren Conrad sex tape with Jason Wahler out there somewhere.

Strongly implied by Heidi and Spencer, that is. Lauren adamantly denied there was such a sex video and angrily accused them of planting that story.

When Conrad confronted Montag in an epic screaming match outside an L.A. club, an epic celebrity feud was officially born … and Heidi says it ruined her.

Fast forward a hilarious six years to the WE tv series Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, …read more

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She Found Love: Rihanna’s New Man Leonardo DiCaprio Was ‘Her Childhood Crush’


Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio‘s romance is reportedly heating up and, according to a friend of the “Diamonds” singer, she’s has had a thing for the movie star for quite some time.

“Rihanna said that Leonardo is her childhood crush,” a source close to the singer tells RadarOnline.com exclusively. “She said that she’s wanted him since she was a teenager.”

“She is actually really, really into him,” the friend adds.

PHOTOS: Can You Believe They Ever Got Together? The 29 Oddest Celebrity Couples Of All Time

Rihanna, 27, and DiCaprio, 40, are no strangers to having flings, as DiCaprio has hopped from model to model over the course of the last decade, while Rihanna has been involved in on-again, off-again relationships with bad-boy rapper, Chris Brown, Drake and others.

But this time it seems like a real connection — at least physically. According to the friend, the couple were “all over each other” this past weekend at a birthday bash for Rihanna that was held at a private estate in the Hollywood Hills.

“Rihanna and Leo were making out at the party and did not care who was looking,” the insider tells Radar. “They appeared …read more

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Sexy Duggar Gets A Spinoff? Aspiring Singer Amy Spills On TV Series, New Country Tune

Amy Duggar Spinoff

Amy Duggar often appears on her aunt and uncle’s series, 19 Kids And Counting, and even shot two of her own TLC specials— but the Christian clan’s wild child cousin could soon be getting her own spinoff series, RadarOnline.com can reveal.

“If they film my real life in Fayetteville with my boyfriend, yeah we would do that,” Arkansas native Amy, who has been dating longtime friend Dillon King for three months, exclusively tells Radar. “If they wanted to, we would!”

But it wouldn’t be nearly as conservative as her relatives’ sweet TLC show, she assures fans.

PHOTOS: Amy Duggar Sexy Photos — Reality Star Flashes Flesh, Kisses Boyfriend

“It would be a very different type of show,” laughs the 28-year-old, who dons sexy bikinis at the beach and takes smooching selfies with King. (Her uncle Jim Bob and aunt Michelle’s 19 children are forbidden from kissing or even hugging before marriage.)

But even if the TLC cameras fail to follow her every move, Amy will still be in the spotlight. The aspiring country singer exclusively tells Radar that her new tune, “Different,” will soon hit iTunes and the radio.

“It’s a Christian song,” she …read more

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Pretty Boy: Eddie Redmayne Looks Like Jennifer Garner In Hilarious Drag Play –- Watch The Video Blast From The Past

Eddie Redmayne Plays Woman In Shakespeare Play

Sure he’s a certified hunk who’s won an Oscar, but did you know that Eddie Redmayne once portrayed a woman on stage?

That’s right! Back in 2002, the Theory of Everything actor played Viola in a production of Shakespeare‘s The Twelfth Night.

While he makes for a very pretty girl, Eddie never realized he’s a dead ringer for Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner – until Conan O’Brien pointed it out.

Watch the video On RadarOnline:

In an interview, Conan brought up a picture of him dressed as Viola, complete with a straight brown wig and rosy cheeks.

“Someone noticed you bear an uncanny resemblance to Jennifer Garner,” Conan joked.

Redmayne laughed, “That is the greatest compliment I’ve ever heard!”

PHOTOS: Yikes! 9 Embarrassing Old Photos Hollywood A-Listers Never Wanted You To See!

Of course, now he’s being complimented for his award-winning performances on the big screen. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the Brit. Redmayne admitted that his looks always made him feel like an outsider by Hollywood standards.

All that changed when he landed the role of fellow Oscar winner Julianne Moore‘s son eight years ago.

Onward and upward, Eddie! Though we’d love it if you …read more

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Delusional? Gretchen Rossi & Slade Smiley STILL Insist They Weren’t Fired From ‘RHOC!’

Gretchen Rossi Slade Smiley Lies

Is Gretchen Rossi living in a fantasy world?

It’s been more than a year since the former Bravolebrity was fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County. But the 36-year-old and her fiancé, Slade Smiley, 41, are still telling friends they quit the reality show that made them stars.

“Gretchen and Slade say they walked away from a lucrative multi-season contract with Bravo,” an insider close to the couple exclusively tells RadarOnline.com. “They claim that they desperately wanted to get away from all the drama.”

PHOTOS: Top Earning Real Housewives

However, the 36-year-old former cast member is telling a tall tale. As Radar reported in September 2013, Bravo producers dropped Rossi after season 8 due to her ho-hum storyline.

Even an allegedly staged engagement scene couldn’t save her from the chopping block.

Also, sources insist the cash-strapped Rossi and Smiley would never have walked away from their paycheck.

PHOTOS: Real Housewives, Real Scandals: 28 Of The Biggest Scandals To Hit The Bravo Franchise

“They need money,” an insider insists. “They would have remained on the show for years if they had had the choice!”

Since saying goodbye to the O.C., the pair has appeared on …read more

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Taylor Swift’s Shocking Diet Secret Revealed—How She Dropped 10 Lbs. Eating Chia Seeds

Taylor Swift Diet Secrets

Taylor Swift is looking super skinny lately but her diet secrets are revealed in RadarOnline.com’s gallery of photos – she loves chia seeds and “eats like a bird.”

…read more

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True Love? Jenelle Evans Calls Fiancé Nathan Griffith Her ‘Biggest Supporter’ One Week After He Slammed Her In Exposed Texts

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith Instagram

What blowout fight?

Just a week after her fiancé Nathan Griffith not-so-secretly slammed her to stunning actress Stevie Ryan, Jenelle Evans gushed about her man in a sticky-sweet Instagram post on February 25.

“My biggest supporter, my best friend, my lover, my everything,” the Teen Mom 2 star, 23, captioned a throwback photo of the couple one year ago, when she was pregnant with their now 7-month-old son Kaiser. “Though thick and thin U were and will always be there for me. I love you so much words can’t even describe.”

Knifestyle Mistakes! Plastic Surgery Shockers – Top Docs Expose 14 Photos Of The Worst Hollywood Offenders

Plastic Surgery Shockers

Surgery Shockers! From trout pouts to droopy lids, RadarOnline.com has a gallery of stars whose looks weren’t exactly enhanced after they went under the knife. From Madonna to Big Ang to Tori Spelling, top doctors dish on who has had the worst plastic surgery. And we’ve included a group of regular folks who sought out doctors to cut them up to look like their favorite celebs, and their disastrous results!

…read more

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