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Bruce Jenner to Announce “Transition” Early Next Year, Tabloid Claims

Bruce Jenner with a Ponytail

Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman and plans to publicly announce his transition early next year, according to the latest tabloid rumor on the star’s alleged sex change.

Not only that, this report claims a reality show might document the whole thing.

How long is Bruce Jenner’s hair these days? He can easily wear is in a ponytail.

Although the Olympic legend’s altered appearance has long sparked Bruce Jenner sex change rumors, In Touch says it’s much more than mere rumors.

The tabloid alleges that Bruce has “been taking hormones and will get his boobs done,” and that “he’s tired of living a lie and wants to finally be himself.”

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 65, split from his third wife Kris Jenner this year, and is also “considering a show about life after Kris” supposedly.

On that hypothetical new project, “he can document the truth about his changing appearance … [Bruce] doesn’t want Kris profiting from his life anymore.”

“That’s why he won’t do it on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Speaking of Kris, the family Momager is said to be “scared …read more

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Puppy Love vs. Ellen’s Oscar Selfie: Vote for the Best Viral Moment of the Year!

Ellen Oscar Selfie, Superbowl Puppy Love, Viral Moments

Ariana Grande doesn’t have to be scared anymore!

Say goodbye to the fallen, because we’re now in the Final Round of our Best Viral Moments of 2014…

…read more

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Aw! Neil Patrick Harris’ Twins Gideon and Harper Sing “Jingle Bells” While Decorating the Christmas Tree

Neil Patrick Harris, Twins, Instagram

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Neil Patrick Harris’ twins Gideon and Harper got into the holiday spirit by singing “Jingle Bells” as they decorated the family…

…read more

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Demi Lovato Strikes Fierce Poses for Allure, Praises Kim Kardashian for Some Reason

Demi Lovato Allure Photo

Demi Lovato prides herself on being a role model for young women around the world.

As such, the singer has launched a new skincare line whose proceeds will benefit charity.

She has also spoken to the latest issue of Allure about her past struggles with self-esteem, specifically as it related to her own body.

And just who has apparently helped Lovato feel better about her curves? None other than… Kim Kardashian?!?

“I really learned to accept my body when the trend started to become less about super, super skinny models that was completely unattainable for anybody to have,” Lovato said, adding:

“Kim Kardashian – say what you want about her – but she has revolutionized what’s accepted with curves nowadays.”

We tripled checked and this interview really was given in the past few weeks… despite the fact that Kim Kardashian spends every waking second these days doing anything EXCEPT accepting her curves.


  • She posts constant photos of herself at the gym.
  • She has shilled for QuickTime, a non-FDA approved weight loss cleanse.
  • She now endorse a totally ridiculous weight loss corset that does not help one actually lose weight. (But it makes Kim a lot of money!)
  • She has complained incessantly about gaining weight… while pregnant!

At …read more

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Best of 2014: 32 Things You’ll Want to Remember From the Year of Kimye, J.Law and Celebrity Booty

Jennifer Lawrence, Mockingjay Premiere

Isn’t it crazy to think that 2014 is coming to a close?

There are parts of this year we’d all like to forget, but there are even more things—32 in fact—that…

…read more

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Nicki Minaj Reveals Whether She’d Ever Sleep With Drake and Talks About the Biggest Dicks in Music

Nicki Minaj, WWHL

Nicki Minaj doesn’t hold back!

The “Anaconda” rapper, 32, was the sole celebrity guest to appear on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live Wednesday, and during the half-hour…

…read more

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Miley Cyrus: MARRIED to Patrick Schwarzenegger!?

Miley Cyrus Married? Seriously?

Miley Cyrus is married to new boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger … according to a new tabloid report. The two supposedly “stunned friends” with a “wild secret ceremony.”

Did they, though?

We would guess not. First of all, and really last of all, it’s Life & Style that reported this. As celebrity gossip sources go, they are not among the most reliable.

Miley has been pregnant countless times, if you were to believe this source, and was even involved in a “deadly binge” and “drug overdose” as Gossip Cop notes.

So take it with a grain (nay, a boulder, nay, an avalanche of salt) as you read these new claims that Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger got married.

The alleged setting was a crazy night in Miami, where Miley dragged her man to a location where a “little person stripper pal [who’s] ordained as a minister was waiting.”

Gotta give L&S credit for originality and detail there, at least.

It gets better, too. According to the insider, “Miley whipped out wedding rings she’d fashioned from rolling paper and screamed, ‘We’re getting married!’”

The next night, she broke the news to her friends in style.

“Miley invited a bunch of her childhood friends over to announce that she …read more

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The Interview Pulled By Sony; Hackers Handed Unprecedented Cyber Warfare Victory

Hackers who have been waging a cyber war on the production company threatened a 9/11-style attack on theaters and movie goers who saw The Interview.

As a result, many

Sony Pictures has canceled the release of The Interview, its comedy on the fictional assassination of Kim Jong Un, in an unprecedented victory for North Korea.

Hackers who have been waging a cyber war on the production company threatened a 9/11-style attack on theaters and movie goers who saw The Interview.

As a result, many theaters dropped The Interview this week, and now Sony has canceled it in the wake of the threats and a never-ending hacking scandal.

“Sony has no further release plans for the film,” a Sony spokeswoman said when asked whether the movie would be released later in theaters or on demand.

North Korea has denied responsibility for the Sony hacking, but the nation has been incensed by the movie since its inception and threatened payback.

Right on cue, Sony was hacked last month, with millions of leaked documents drawing global headlines and unreleased films being distributed online.

The United States may soon officially announce that the North Korean government was behind the attack, a federal government source told Reuters.

NSC spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan said, noting that the U.S. was not involved with Sony’s decision to pull the film, that the investigation is ongoing:

“The U.S. government is …read more

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Survivor Season 29 Episode 13 Recap: The Winner Is …

Survivor Cast Picture

Survivor Season 29 Episode 13 saw the final three revealed, the winner crowned and the $1 million prize claimed in the searing heat of San Juan del Sur.

Who ended up outwitting, outlasting and outplaying the competition this fall?

The final three included CrossFit coach Natalie Anderson, Missy Payne, a cheerleader from Texas, and former Miss Michigan USA Jaclyn Schulz.

In the end, Natalie Anderson was named the ultimate Survivor.

What began with 18 loved ones pitted against one another in the series’ second Blood vs. Water match, Survivor Season 29 Episode 13 closed it out in style.

Natalie, who started the game with her twin sister Nadiya – the first person voted out of the game – was forced to fight, scratch and claw her way to the end.

The 28-year-old from Edgewater, N.J., has been on The Amazing Race (twice), so she’s used to thinking on her feet and never giving up, and it showed.

Natalie describes herself as “crazy, strong and confident” and her pet peeve as “girls who can’t do anything for themselves, lazy people and dumb people.”

The Survivor champ certainly backs up that talk, that’s for sure.

Natalie won five jury votes, Schulz two and Payne one vote.

If you <a target="_blank" …read more

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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: About Pepper …

American Horror Story Fall Finale Photo

Wednesday’s American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 10 served as the (Freak) show’s fall finale, and “Orphans” ran over an hour to deliver its climactic scenes.

What questions did it pose, and answer, heading into 2015?

Of course, the American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 10 overrun didn’t reveal much in terms of advancing the story, so if your DVR cut it off, you’re good!

In reality, Desiree spotting Jimmy’s claws at the Museum of Morbidity was pretty much the clincher in terms of plot, while the extra time was … extra.

Great stuff for fans, but far from essential for continuity’s sake.

The last 10 minutes revealed the fate of Pepper years after Elsa took her back to her sister, and how she didn’t really kill or maim her own brother after all.

It was a one-off American Horror Story short, in a sense.

The Life magazine cover featuring Elsa as a TV star was intriguing, too. Does this mean she survives, and thrives, in a future timeline beyond Freak Show?

Was her intense, visceral need to rise beyond the monsters she had cared for something that propelled this rise to fame, or did this happen in spite of it?

Questions for another time.

Maggie also …read more

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Why Eddie Redmayne Had to “Take Some Time Off” After Playing Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything

Eddie Redmayne, Mr Porter

Eddie Redmayne certainly looks ready for the Academy Awards here.

But the British thesp, who is already an Oscar frontrunner for his multifaceted performance as physicist Stephen Hawking…

…read more

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Bobby Shmurda Arrested in Sting Operation Tied to Drugs, Violence

Bobby Shmurda Photo

Rapper Bobby Shmurda was arrested Tuesday night following a sting operation involving multiple shootings and drug trafficking, according to reports.

The indictment is sealed and the specific charges were not disclosed.

However, it is part of a long-term investigation conducted by the NYPD and a special narcotics prosecutor, so whatever they found out, it does not sound good.

According to law enforcement, Bobby Shmurda was under surveillance by police and was arrested while he sat in a car outside a New York recording studio.

Shmurda, whose real name is Ackquille Pollard, was taken into custody by investigators. More than 12 others have also been shared in the sting thus far.

He is scheduled to be formally arraigned on Thursday.

Shumurda, 20, was also arrested in October for smoking a joint with some friends while double parked on a Brooklyn street, and in June for possession of a weapon.

Story developing …

Waka Flocka Flame was arrested at the Atlanta airport for packing heat. That’ll do it every time.

…read more

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[Video] Nicki Minaj Breaks Down While Talking About Her Ex Safaree And Not Being Able To Function Without Him

Nicki Minaj on Angie Martinez

We already know who Nicki Minaj is. She’s the tough, rap diva from Queens, NY who spits just as hard as the dudes and takes no BS. But who is Onika Maraj? As the 32-year-old revealed on Angie Martinez, she’s a vulnerable woman going through a complicated and public breakup with a man she can’t function without.

The “Bed of Lies” rapper has been putting on a brave face for the cameras while promoting The Pinkprint. But after days of hiding her emotions about her breakup with Safaree “SB” Samuels and keeping it cute, Nicki tore down her armor and got genuine on Power 105.1’s Angie Martinez show.

In the surprisingly revealing interview, Nicki couldn’t keep it all together as she broke down talking about the man she’s had in her life for the past 15 years. She admitted Safaree wasn’t just “some dude off the street” but her best friend and day one. She even went as far as to say she didn’t know how she was going to function without him in her life now. She also painted an alternative universe where if she wasn’t famous, she would’ve been Mrs. Samuels and …read more

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Bobby Shmurda & GS9 Members Leave Precinct Handcuffed Together After Gang, Drug Sting [VIDEO]

Bobby Shmurda and members of the GS9 crew were caught on camera handcuffed together, as they were leaving a New York City police precinct following a drug and gang sting.

Continue reading…

…read more

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Nike LeBron 12 ‘Data’ Gets New Release Date

Nike’s latest LeBron release is planned in an absolute onslaught of colorways and if you’ve been saving the date for each drop, it’s time to update your calendar. The Nike LeBron 12 ‘Data’ just got a bump and it’s going to be in stores even earlier than anticipated.

Continue reading…

…read more

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