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Giorgio Armani Criticizes Men Who “Dress Homosexual,” Hates Muscle Boys & Thinks Boob Jobs Are Gross—Get the Scoop!

Giorgio Armani

Tell us how you really feel, Giorgio Armani. (Or maybe not.)

The designer is coming under heat for a recent interview with London’s Sunday Times magazine in which he suggests that…

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Retired Marine Brian Brimager Pleads Not-Guilty In Brutal Murder Of Then-Girlfriend Yvonne Baldelli

Retired Marine Brian Brimager​ Charged For Murdering Girlfriend

Two years after the dismembered body of Yvonne Baldelli was discovered in the Panamanian jungle, her then-boyfriend and retired marine Brian Brimager has been charged with her murder.

Brimager, 37, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, Department of Justice officials released in a statement.

In 2011, Baldelli moved to Central America to be with Brimager, though her boyfriend soon rekindled an email relationship with the mother of his child, promising they would get back together. According to the case documents, His emails contained no mention of Baldelli.

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Brimager began physically abusing Baldelli, prosecuters allege, soon after she discovered his infidelity.

Based on their findings, prosecutors also believe Brimager killed Baldelli in 2011, just two days after Thanksgiving. Though the cause of death was not disclosed, evidence proved that Brimager searched online for the terms “washing mattress” and “washing mattress blood stain.”

In 2013​, Baldelli’s body was discovered in Costa Rica, where Brimager had traveled soon after her disappearance. Her remains were found in a bag on Isla Carenero near Bocas del Toro.

PHOTOS: Killer Moms! 15 Cold-Blooded Women Who Murdered Their Own Kids

The prosecution alleges that Brimager staged a multi-step cover up …read more

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DONE! Big Sean & Ariana Grande Call It QUITS + Ariana’s Dad Claims He DID Not Pop Off At Big Sean On Instagram

 photo biag2.jpg

Big Sean and Ariana Grande are dunzo! Find out the deets on their split and read what Ariana’s father had to say about an alleged Instagram scolding Big Sean’s inside….

 photo biag1.jpg

Another one bites the dust!

Big Sean and Ariana Grande have decided to break-up less than a year after they started dating. The two hooked up right before “cuffing season,” but, unfortunately for them, they didn’t make it through. Ariana confirmed the two were officially a couple in October 2014.

Both of their reps have confirmed their uncoupling to US magazine in a joint statement saying the two have called it quits but still remain good friends. The statement reads,

“They both deeply care for each other and remain close friends. We kindly ask that the media respect their wish for privacy regarding this personal matter at this time.”

 photo bggg.jpg

So what caused the two to head down Splitsville Lane? Well…according to their reps, it had everything to do with conflicting tour schedules.

“They made the decision to part ways because their conflicting touring schedules would keep them apart over the next year.”

Hmph. We can’t help but wonder if the straw that broke the …read more

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Bobbi Kristina Brown: Still in a Coma, Still on Life Support, Family Says

Bobbi Kristina

It’s been almost three months since Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious in the bathtub of her Atlanta-area home and her prognosis remains grim.

Over the weekend, Bobby Brown gave fans a reason to be hopeful when he stated that Bobbi Kristina is “awake” and watching over him.

That was followed by a Facebook message in which her aunt, Tina Brown, claimed that Bobbi has been removed from life support.

Sadly, it now looks as though Bobby was speaking figuratively, and Tina was simply misinformed, as sources close to the family tell TMZ that there has been no improvement in Bobbi’s condition.

“She’s in the exact same condition she was in when she went into the facility,” says one insider.

Anonymous family members have confirmed the news to People magazine, and several sources stated that they’re confused as to why Tina Brown chose to spread false information on social media.

The decision to remove Bobbi Kristina from life support has been delayed several times, and friends of the family say Bobby Brown is still hoping for a miracle.

Sources claim she currently exhibits “minimal” signs of brain activity, such as the occasional eye blink.

Several medical experts familiar with the situation have stated that it’s …read more

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‘The Last Few Weeks Have Been Hell': ‘RHONJ’ Star & Cancer Survivor Amber Marchese Undergoing Surgery IMMEDIATELY To Remove Lump In Breast, Have It Examined

Amber Marchese Breast Cancer Scare

Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Amber Marchese says she’s undergoing a surgery Monday to eliminate a growth that could be cancerous.

The Bravo star, who is a cancer survivor, said on her Facebook page that she discovered the growth (in the same breast that she previously was diagnosed with cancer in) during movie night with her husband Jim on April 3.

“I lifted my arms over my head, touched the side of my breast (I am not sure what made me do that) and there it was,” the reality star wrote. “A small pea-sized, somewhat bean-shaped, lump.”

PHOTOS: Yolanda Foster’s Battle Against Lyme Disease

Marchese said her “last few weeks have been hell,” — “in complete anxiety, fear, and stress” — and that “the only thing on [her] mind [has been] that lump and [her] uncertain future.”

The outspoken Garden State beauty said that following the procedure, the lump will be “biopsied” to check for cancer.

Marchese admitted she’s been wrestling with her emotions after discovering the growth, as her initial discovery swept her “right back into the agony one faces when they could possibly face death.”

PHOTOS: ‘You Gotta Lie!’ Teresa And Joe …read more

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Emilia Clarke had gun training for Terminator role

Actress EMILIA CLARKE learned how to use a gun for her role in new movie TERMINATOR GENISYS. …read more

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Chat show cleared over Fifty Shades live bondage

Bosses behind a TV show which aired a live bondage trial inspired by FIFTY SHADES OF GREY will not be punished for broadcasting the clip. …read more

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Kelly Brook brands David McIntosh romance toxic

Model/actress KELLY BROOK has taken a bitter swipe at her ex-fiance DAVID MCINTOSH, branding their romance “unhealthy and toxic” and comparing him to an excitable puppy. …read more

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Blake Lively: ‘I was intimidated by real life hero Harrison Ford’

BLAKE LIVELY felt intimidated by veteran action star HARRISON FORD when he arrived at their movie set in his own helicopter, just months before his horrific plane crash. …read more

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Air Jordan 7 Barcelona

When brand-new colorways find their way onto Nike’s iconic Jordan silhouettes, there is a large window of opportunity for things to fall flat. Well, that didn’t happen this time and the company’s tribute to the 1992 Barcelona Dream Team will certainly be lauded as one of this year’s hottest releases.

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…read more

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Rihanna Bikini Photos Are the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Rihanna Hawaii Photo

After last week’s Rihanna cocaine controversy, it makes sense that RiRi would want to escape to an island paradise, spark a blunt or 12, and just chill.

Fortunately for us, Bad Gal RiRi is doing more than just celebrating 4/20 during her vacation. She’s also posing for bikini pics and sharing them with her 17 million Instagram followers.

Rihanna is in Hawaii for the wedding of her friend and longtime assistant Jennifer Rosales.

The ceremony takes place today, and we’re guessing Ri will put on some slightly more appropriate attire, but who knows?

This is a girl who’s known for smoking weed and being naked all the time. If you invite her to your wedding on 4/20, you have to know anything can happen.

We have no way of knowing who’s snapping the pics, but we hope it’s not the bride-to-be.

We imagine being Rihanna’s blunt roller assistant is a pretty easy job, but everyone deserves the occasional vacation, even if their job consists of getting high with their boss and picking the right Emojis for her Instagram captions.

Anyway, it’s Monday, and there’s a good chance you’re rotting away under a neon light, surrounded by cubicle walls and motivational posters, but at …read more

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Big Sean and Ariana Grande Break Up, Remain ‘Close Friends’

Another hip-hop couple bites the dust. Big Sean and Ariana Grande are no longer walking down lover’s lane. The couple announced their breakup on Monday (April 20), releasing a joint statement to reveals the news

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4/20: A Tribute to Celebrity Stoners Who Love the Sticky-Icky-Icky!

It’s 4/20, mannn!!!!! Four. Twenty. Whether you’re high on life these days or prefer to get high on … other stuff, the 20th day of April is the day for you.

Why? Do we really need to explain? Let’s allow these folks to do it for us …

A de facto tribute to all things marijuana, this is more than just your average Monday. We know more than a handful of stars who’ll be celebrating today.

While there are definitely more than 20 celebrity stoners who make the cut and we could have listed here, this seems like as good a place as any to start.

Plus we need to make this live before 4:20 p.m. For obvious reasons.

So, while they roll up a joint and look up a good crack dip recipe – not what it sounds like … maybe a rocky road brownies recipe would be better, you can do the same.

Or at least live vicariously through them and flip through this slideshow. We’re not advocating using illegal substances at work or school. No, of course not.

…read more

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Don’t Love Me Harder: Ariana Grande & Big Sean Split After 8 Months Due To ‘Conflicting Touring Schedules’

Big Sean & Ariana Grande Breakup Details

It’s over!

Ariana Grande and Big Sean have called it quits after eight months of dating, their reps confirm to Us Weekly.

In a joint statement, the former loverbirds’ reps share, “They both deeply care for each other and remain close friends. We kindly ask that the media respect their wish for privacy regarding this personal matter at this time.”

Sources close to the performing duo claim that the couple ended their relationship on good terms.

PHOTOS: 20 Actresses Who Split From Their Partner After Winning An Oscar

“They made the decision to part ways because their conflicting touring schedules would keep them apart over the next year,” one insider said.

Grande and Sean have appeared on stage together on multiple occasions since announcing their relationship in October 2014.

While they remain private on the subject, both artists shared cryptic messages on Twitter that seemed to be pointed at one another.

PHOTOS: The 15 Most Shocking Splits Of Reality Television Couples

“Just know I love u and I care for ya,” the rapper wrote in early April.

Just know I love u and I care for ya

— Big Sean (@BigSean) April 4, 2015

On Thursday, Grande seemed to reply to his …read more

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Rumer Willis on How Dancing With the Stars Has Changed Her Body

Rumer Willis

DWTS does a body good!

One of Dancing With the Stars’ frontrunners, Rumer Willis hasn’t been shy about baring her rockin’ bod in the ballroom, and why should she be? Have you…

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