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RHOA’s Kandi Burruss Reveals She’s Undergoing In-Vitro—and Takes a Stand for Kim Richards

Kandi Burress, Kim Richards

Kandi Burruss of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is serious about having a baby with her hubby, Todd Tucker.

“We have started the process of in-vitro,” Kandi tells E! News…

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Dr. Oz Addresses the Haters Petitioning To Get Him Fired

Dr. Oz addresses the group that wants to see him fired from Columbia University.

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Mila Kunis Being Sued For Allegedly Stealing A Chicken When She Was A Child

The alleged chicken kidnapping occurred back when Mila was 7 years old and still living in Ukraine before she and her parents moved to the united states in 1991.

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Lindsay Lohan Posts Incorrect Arabic Quote On Instagram

Lindsay Lohan made another mistake on Instagram. The Hollywood actress posted a quote in Arabic that she thought said, “You are beautiful,” but soon realized it actually meant, “You are a donkey.”

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Blake Lively Embarrasses Herself in Front of President Obama, Asks Him to Leave Ryan Reynolds a Second Voicemail

Blake Lively, Late Night With Seth Meyers

Blake Lively didn’t take much away from her etiquette classes.

The Age of Adaline actress appeared on NBC’s Late Night Thursday, where she explained why she had been working on…

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Trapped In A Lie: Bruce Jenner Still Living As A Man In Public Because He Fears Backlash — His Double Life Exposed

Bruce Jenner Double Life

Bruce Jenner has been wearing women’s clothes at home for weeks now, and even has new breast implants to fill them out. But in public, he’s still wearing items from his old masculine wardrobe, and RadarOnline.com has learned the reality star isn’t ready to go public with his new look because he fears backlash from fans.

​As Bruce’s blockbuster interview with Diane Sawyer on Friday night approaches, “He has been getting very nervous because he is afraid of backlash from his fans,” an insider told Radar.

“Bruce has been wearing women’s clothes and lingerie at home almost full-time now, with sons Brandon and Brody visiting and not having any problem with their dad’s changing appearance.”

In fact, as Radar reported, he was photographed wearing a long striped dress on his balcony this week. Bruce may sue the photographer and/or the paper that published them, the New York Daily News.

PHOTOS: Long Locks, Luscious Lips & Shaved Legs: Bruce Jenner’s 11 Top TRANSformative Moments

But the few times that Bruce has gone out in public, he has been spotted wearing his usual outfit staples of jeans, golf shirts, and long sleeved jackets or sweatshirts.

The source explained, “This is a very, …read more

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Nick Jonas Sells His Hollywood Hills Mansion For $3.4 Million — See Inside!

Nick Jonas Sells Hollywood Hills Mansion

Feeling “jealous” of Nick JonasHollywood Hills mansion? It could’ve been yours! The pop singer sold his pad for a whopping $3.4 million – see inside!

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Decision Time! Judge To Rule In Michael Jackson Sex Abuse Case Brought By Wade Robson

Michael Jackson Wade Robson Sex Victim

A judge is ready to rule if Michael Jackson’s alleged sex abuse victim, Wade Robson, will be allowed to proceed with a late creditor’s claim against the late singer’s estate, RadarOnline.com has learned.

Robson’s attorneys battled it out in court Tuesday, arguing that the claim should be allowed to proceed, even though it was filed four years after Jackson’s death. They say that it wasn’t until Robson began therapy that the choreographer realized he was allegedly molested by Jackson. Robson had been a star witness for Jackson during the 2005 molestation trial in Santa Maria, and testified the singer had never sexually abused him.

Maryann Marzano, one of Robson’s attorney’s, said her client believed the alleged sexual activity was consensual because Jackson had brainwashed him.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson’s Secret Pain: Never-Before-Seen Drawings Illustrate Anxiety, Depression & Insecurity, Art Therapist Claims

Meanwhile lawyers for Jackson’s estate argued the claim shouldn’t be allowed to proceed because it was filed after the deadline. Even if Judge Mitchell Beckloff allows the creditor’s claim to proceed, the estate said it would be rejected, forcing the case into civil court.

Robson has previously said in legal documents he had been sexually abused by …read more

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Struggling Starlet! Actress Teri Garr’s Frightening Multiple Sclerosis Ordeal — Her Pain Revealed In 12 Photos

Terri Garr Multiple Sclerosis

Teri Garr, an Academy Award nominated actress that was once the considered to be the funniest lady in show business, is dealing with a not-so-funny battle with multiple sclerosis and will mostly be confined to a wheel-chair for the rest of her life. Click through these 12 terrifying photos exclusive to RadarOnline.com to see how the brave actress is coping with the awful illness.

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Dorinda’s Heartbreak: ‘RHONY’ Star Medley’s Husband Died Of Tragic Disease — Her Secret Sadness Revealed

Real Housewives New York Dorinda Medley Husband Death

Real Housewives of New York City newbie Dorinda Medley is hiding a devastating secret from fans: Her second husband Richard died tragically, and RadarOnline.com has all the details.

Dorinda’s husband Richard was a respected financial analyst and former speechwriter for Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, Geraldine Ferraro, before he passed away in 2011 from liver failure.

Only 60-years-old at the time of his death, Richard had been hospitalized at New York Presbyterian Medical Center before his death — which was devastating for Dorinda.

PHOTOS: What Happened Here? Celebrity Deaths That Remain A Mystery

“Richard was the love of Dorinda’s life, and his death hit her very, very hard,” an insider told Radar. “Even though Dorinda has since begun dating another man, Richard will always be the love of her life.”

Prior to Dorinda’s marriage to Richard, she had been married to another man in England for nearly a decade and had one daughter, Hannah, 21.

Dorinda and Richard were married for almost six years after she moved back to New York City.

PHOTOS: 30 Tragic Reality TV Stars Who Died Too Soon

The couple had been very active on the charity circuit, and had were very generous contributors to …read more

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Marriage Meltdown! Kerry Washington & Hubby Nnamdi Are Reportedly ‘Couples Therapy’ — He’s ‘Threatened’ By Her Success

Kerry Washington Marriage Troubles

Cutie Kerry Washington has yet to celebrate her second wedding anniversary, but she’s already facing a marriage “Scandal!”

RadarOnline has learned that the 38-year-old beauty and husband, retired NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha, are in “couples therapy.”

A close source revealed: “The root of the problem is that Nnamdi feels threatened by Kerry’s success.”

PHOTOS: Style Radar: Kerry Washington

Asomugha, 33, has been out of the spotlight since leaving the NFL, while Washington – who plays a Capitol Hill “fixer” on the hit ABC series Scandal – is one of the hottest names in Hollywood.

“Nnamdi’s bitter because he feels he should be the breadwinner,” added the source.

Now the Django Unchained actress is trying to save the marriage with professional help, and she’s getting reassurance from another Hollywood name, according to sources.

PHOTOS: The Worst Tattoos In The NFL

“Kerry’s close friends with Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s urged Kerry and Nnamdi to tackle their issues head on,” a pal said. “She’s hoping couples counseling can help them overcome their problems before things reach the point of no return.”​

Of course, Paltrow may not be of any help considering the actress just officially “uncoupled” from estranged hubby Chris Martin.

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Elizabeth Berkley Posts Showgirls Throwback Pic, Muses on “Authentic” Moment

Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls

Besides being a member of the Saved By the Bell cast, Elizabeth Berkley is best known for portraying stripper Nomi Malone in the 1995 film Showgirls.

Two decades later, the NC-17 masterpiece has become a cult classic, a movie so terrible and unintentionally hilarious that it ironically won a legion of fans.

Berkley paid homage this week with an epic throwback pic of herself in character, while musing on a rare moment of authenticity during the filming:

Elizabeth says she could see a bit of herself in Nomi at this moment:

“This was a rare moment during the filming of #showgirls where the director let the camera run and captured my authentic longing for my own dream to be a performer.”

“In turn he captured #nomi’s longing, while watching the star of the show, Crystal,” Berkley captioned a shot of her character watching Gina Gershon’s performance.

“I like this moment because it was a tiny moment in a scene where I wasn’t being pupeteered to mimic exact direction that was ultimately extreme and cartoon-ish.”

Deep stuff. Though she does acknowledge “I do love, and am grateful you guys love the #camp of it all!! #cultfilm #camp #comedy #film #movies #showgirls”

It’s true that Showgirls set the bar …read more

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Game of Thrones Piracy Hits All-Time High

Dany in Trouble

Think it’s difficult to keep the citizens of Meereen in line?

Try getting people to watch your show in a legal manner!

Despite the presence of HBO Now – premium cable’s first stand-along streaming service that doesn’t require one to subscribe to HBO – a new report indicates that more viewers then ever before are pirating episodes of Game of Thrones.

According to TorrentFreak (via Entertainment Weekly), Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1 was downloaded illegally over 13 million times, setting a record for the beloved drama.

A bulk of those downloads (10 percent) came from within United States, more than any other country (with France, Brazil, China, Russia, UK, India, Canada, Australia and Spain also high on the list).

By one estimate, these acts resulted in $44 million in lost U.S. revenue for the Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere alone.

Game of Thrones is (by far) the most pirated series on television, making us wonder what sort of ratings it would pull in if people actually watched the show legally.

The season 5 opener garnered a record 8 million live viewers on HBO.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3 airs this Sunday at 9/8c.

View Slideshow: Game …read more

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Kim Kardashian Executive Produces Mental Health Documentary: Watch the Promo!

Kim Kardashian, Out in NYC

It pains us to write this, but: good on you, Kim Kardashian!

The reality star has finally found something to do with her fame that doesn’t include reading scripted lines on E! or waist training on Instagram.

Kim is an executive producer of #RedFlag, a documentary on HLN that focuses on how social media can be employed as a tool to help identify and assist people with mental illnesses.

“I am blessed to be surrounded by family and friends that are loving and nurturing,” Kardashian said in a statement.

“But not everyone has that kind of support. 25 percent of adults in America will suffer from a mental illness in their lifetime, and many of them turn to social media to vent their depression, loneliness, and isolation.”

The documentary, which is also produced by Dr. Drew Pinsky, shines a spotlight on the tales of two young folks suffering from mental illness, both of whom used social media to express their pain.

It will premiere on May 5 at 9/8c and you can check out a promo for #RedFlag here:

This is the second time in a matter of days that Kardashian has received positive press.

She also covers a Power …read more

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Leah Messer: Going to Rehab For Mental Health Issues?

Leah Messer Sad

Leah Messer has been facing rehab rumors for months now, but it’s looking increasingly likely that a major mental breakdown could be the catalyst.

The troubled Teen Mom 2 star, who turns 23 on Friday, is reportedly headed for rehab early next week. The only questions are why, and for what.

“She’s going to rehab the week of April 27,” a family insider said.

“Her family is begging her to hold it together until then.”

The struggling mother of three, who is also going through what looks to be a divorce from Jeremy Calvert, has long battled prescription painkillers.

Reality star Leah will allegedly tell fans she’s leaving West Virginia for an intensive therapy program in the coming days, though she has yet to do so.

Messer’s mother Dawn Spears took to Facebook on Monday to deny that her daughter is addicted to drugs in a statement that is telling and yet not.

“TRUE FANS listen up. Leah is NOT going to rehab lol. This is Momma Dawn and I 100% ASSURE you that Leah is NOT going to a DRUG REHAB.”

Her report to Leah’s TRUE FANS continued as such:

“Lots of LOVE to the true fans. …read more

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