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DWTS judge Carrie Ann made out with Madonna.

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Carrie Ann Inaba admits kissing Madonna
Who can forget the infamous MTV music award kiss? You remember…the one between Madonna, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera. Of course poor Christina was pushed aside after it was apparent that the Britney and Madonna kiss was longer and that much hotter. To this day people still talk about that kiss. Nothing has topped it yet, but now there is another person that talks about making out with Madonna before Britney or Christina became household names.

Dancing With The Stars judge, Carrie Ann Inaba talked with Access Hollywood on Wednesday about her make out sessions witha href=”http://www.accesshollywood.com/carrie-ann-inabas-madonna-make-out_article_39581″> Madonna.Carrie Ann was a back up dancer for Madonna in 1993. She talks about one night when her boyfriend was in the audience watching her. She stated that Madonna also had a friend there that night too, and claims that before she knew it Madonna was making out with her on stage.

Needless to say, Carrie Ann’s boyfriend was not too happy. Carrie told Access Hollywood that she confronted Madonna after the concert. She said that Madonna told her that it was just acting, but Carrie didn’t feel like it was because they never rehearsed it. She told Madonna, “If you want to kiss me you have to come to my room and knock on my door and ask me.” Doesn’t sound like Carrie Ann was truly upset about it if you ask me. I think she just wanted to calm her boyfriend down. Especially since she admitted that it wasn’t the last time that she kissed Madonna. The two kissed again while playing truth or dare on the last night of the tour. A final goodbye kiss maybe?

My only question is: Why are we just now hearing about this? To be honest, I am not surprised about Carrie Ann’s revelation. I mean we all know that Madonna has always been a sexual person. She never hid the fact that she enjoyed sex with both men and women.

But why wait until now to talk about how you made out with Madonna? I truly don’t believe that finding out about Carrie Ann and Madonna is going to upstage the kiss between Britney and Madonna.

What do you think, and are you shocked to find out about Carrie Ann and Madonna?

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