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Did Britney Teach Channing Tatum Some Sexy Stripper Moves for Magic Mike?

My excitement for the upcoming stripper just got upped. Not because of all the nude male bodies, but because my girl Britney Spears is tied in to the naughtiness. Joe Manganiello says director Steven Soderbergh actually gives True Blood a run for its naughty money with some moves that are downright “Criminal”.

“There’s one moment in particular in Magic Mike that I think is going to blow some minds,” Manganiello told E! Online this weekend at Spike TV’s Scream Awards. “There are a lot of moments that are going to blow minds, but there’s one that goes further than True Blood.”

And the teasing didn’t end there…

“There’s one scene that’s going to stick out,” Manganiello said. “It’s really going to stick out.”

Loosely based on Channing Tatum‘s pre-Hollywood life working as a male stripper, Magic Mike stars Tatum along with Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer.

The guys were taught to dance by “Britney Spears’ choreography team,” Manganiello said. “I do have a deadly body roll right now, I’ll just say that,” he said, laughing. “I’ve got the top to bottom body roll going on.”

It’s sounding better and better every day, isn’t it? “The movie has this Animal House, Hangover kind of vibe,” Manganiello said. “We’re just a bunch of degenerate, drunken, drugged-up guys running around causing trouble. It’s fun.”

But Manganiello isn’t intimidated about filling the larger than life persona of his character, Big Dick Richie. “Big Dick Richie? That’s the reason to do it. There’s definitely a scene that will answer those questions,” he said. And yes, there will be skimpy theme costumes.

“Everybody kinda does their own thing,” he said. “Big sexy Kevin Nash has his Tarzan thing, I’ve got my fireman thing, Matt Bomer’s got a doctor thing going on, Adam Rodriguez does a Latino lover bit.”

This movie is sounding more and more like a scene cut out from Bridesmaids.

The stripping may not end on the big screen. Manganiello said, “We’re actually talking about doing all of our dance moves for a charity event.”

Now that’s what we call putting the “fun” in fundraising.

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