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Britney and Jason Trawick’s Date Night


Lynne Spears may slowly but surely be getting her dream to come true. It seems the more Brit Brit and Jason Trawick spend more time together, the happier everyone becomes. Awww. Read more about Britney and Jason Trawick’s date night after the jump.

So much for those split rumors! It seems the Cheetostar and her agent/manager boyfriend are still knockin’ boots. This weekend Brit and Jason enjoyed a romantical din din feast together at The Little Door in Los Angeles. So much for the end of an eight month fling! These two just may be made for each other.

For those who didn’t hear Mama Lynne’s rant earlier this week, well she had a lot to say about Jason Trawick. Mmmhmmm. So she likes Trawick. A lot. Mamasita even went as far to say that she would want her country hick daughter to marry Jason. Marry a THIRD time? Heck yeah because…shoot, why not, y’all?!

We got a little glimpse of Jason’s mannerisms as he held open the door for his little darlin’ with the whacked out weave, opened the car door for Brit AND drove the car.

That IS a good man, but is he the right one for Britney? I just hope Trawick didn’t tell Brit that her hair looked fab.

Photo Source: x17online.com

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