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Bridget Moynahan isn’t just one of Tom Brady’s baby mamas.

In case you didn’t know or briefly forgot, Bridget Moynahan is not just one of Tom Brady’s baby mamas. She’s also an actress. The gorgeous brunette recently chatted it up with Parade Magazine to dish on her little boy, her new show Blue Bloods and who she would have REALLY liked to play during her Sex and the City days.

We’ve got highlights of the interview below.

“Sarah Jessica Parker’s role was so complex. I don’t think I would’ve been as comfortable playing Samantha. There’s no way I could’ve put my family through (all the nudity). They would’ve had to move out of Massachusetts to the outer ridges of Alaska.”

“A lot of those shows focus on people getting 15 minutes of fame for all the wrong reasons, and it’s not a great influence on kids,” she says. “I was in Washington recently doing a reading program for the National Education Association, and a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills was there [Adrienne Maloof]. A lot of the kids— 7, 8 years old—knew who she was and watch her program. I was shocked. That’s very mature material for young kids.”

Check out the full interview at Parade.com.

Photo via Parade

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