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Betsey Johnson Goes Pink for Breast Cancer

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Betsey Johnson says Think Pink!

This October, breast cancer survivor and cartwheel-turning fashion designer Betsey Johnson has teamed up with Yoplait, one of the biggest supporters of Breast Cancer funding, to kick-off Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This brand new campaign will be taken place throughout October and is aiming to celebrate the inherent style and substance of New York women and to reward them with an estimated 50,000 free cups yogurt.

As you may already know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  You will be noticing pink ribbons appearing on people in the streets, pink clothing in shopping stores everywhere, and on athletes (like those hot NFL boys!).

It’s all about being aware of this common disease that affects thousands of women every year.  According to the Susan G. Komen Organization, it is estimated that there will be 230,480 new female cases of breast cancer and 39,520 female breast cancer deaths in 2011.

When the designer was diagnosed with breast cancer she refused to tell anyone other than her daughter Lulu. She was convinced that the news would destroy her career.

“When I was first diagnosed I made my daughter swear over my dead body that she would not tell. After my surgery we had to escape, we had to lie. I kept it completely private — we were coming out of the HIV/AIDS stigma for so many years and for me it sort of overlapped,” she said in an interview. “The biggest fear I had was that people were going to worry about my business, my health and whether I was going to live or die. Back then people didn’t think about getting through it and going on to live, in some ways, even more powerful lives.”

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