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Bangin': Taylor Swift’s New Hairstyle


It’s about freakin’ time Taylor Swift got herself a new hair style. I was hoping and praying this day would come sooner rather than later. I just didn’t know if home girl was just a bit too busy to do anything different with her mop rather than those spiral strings upon her head or if she just give a shiznit. After much begging and pleading and maybe a bit of hinting, Swift is now bangin’. Read more about Taylor Swift’s new hairstyle here.

Taylor Swift is officially bangin’! Yesterday in NYC, Swift was spotted out and about sporting a hairstyle other than curls which included stick straight hair and some fabulously blunt bangs.

Obviously home girl DID have time to get her hair did and we are glad. Doesn’t she look fabulous and not 13 years old?

According to a source, Taylor attended a star-studded VEVO party on Wednesday, where she wore a pretty beaded dress before her performance at the Jingle Ball. Finding time to have a little bit of fun Taylor and her friend Emma Stone had a dinner date with a trip to the candy store afterwards.

So, bitches…I want to know…are you digging Taylor Swift’s new hairstyle?

Is it blah or bangin’?

Images via Source: INFDaily.com

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