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More than just celebrity gossip

Celebrity Birthdays January 20th: Stacey Dash is 46


Stacey Dash is 46.

Slim Whitman is 89.

Arte Johnson is 84.

David Lynch is 67.

Paul Stanley of Kiss is 61.

Bill Maher is 57.

Lorenzo Lamas is 55.

James Denton (“Desperate Housewives”) is 50.

Rainn Wilson (“The Office”) is 47.

Skeet Ulrich (“Scream”) is 43.

Questlove of The Roots is 42.

Brantley Gilbert is 28.

FASHION FIND: Street Saint Cosmetics, Eco-friendly And Chic Line Captures Celebrity Attention

Photo - Street Saint Products

Tired of the cold winter months? Prepare for spring and summer with tips from makeup designer, model, entrepreneur and fashion designer, Renee Esebag, owner of Street Saint® cosmetics. The high-end, eco-friendly make-up line doubles as a skin care aid; providing excellent anti-oxidant and anti-aging factors, using only the best vitamins, minerals, ingredients, and at the same time is filled with rich antioxidants that produce a nourished, soothing, hydrating and replenished look, superior to all other cosmetic lines. Street Saint® cosmetics are made in the U.S.A. and are a vital essence for every woman, offering a “Beauty on the Go™” Make-Up Kit, Party Make-Up Palette, Mineral Foundation, Loose Mineral Powder and Liquid Eyeliner Pen.

· Get a natural looking flush by applying a hot pink pigment like Street Saint’s® Party Make-Up Pallet blush color in “Almost” ($45). Get blushified!!

· Radiate your eye’s and make them pop with a sultry silvery-gray shade on your lids. Use Street Saint’s® Party Make-Up Pallet ($45), eye color “Shimmer” and Street Saint’s® “Beauty on the Go” Make-Up Pallet’s black smokey eye color, “True” in the crease of your eyelid creating a “wing” with the “liner” brush that even makeup dummies can do with ease. Kit includes five eye-shadows, one blush, one lip shade, along with seven black handle talkon, pony synthetic brushes that are presented in a beautifully crafted, recyclable, fashionable croc, travel size bag ($102).

· Say goodbye to winter and cure dry skin giving yourself a dewy, glistening look – apply Street Saint’s® Mineral Foundation ($30). This Mineral Foundation is actually good for your skin and contains Vitamin E, linden and green tea; all are rich with antioxidants, restoring skin.

· Midnight blue and navy eyes are all the rage for spring and summer and replace the jet-black smokey eye. Brighten up the whites of your eyes and sashay into next season with Street Saint’s® Party Make-Up Pallet ($45), color – “Lovely.”

· Get a healthy-looking bronzed skin my applying Street Saint’s® “Beauty on the Go” ($102) bronzing shade in “Almost” all over your face and neck (don’t forget to blend it into your neck to get a natural look with no lines).

· Apply a gold shade with earth tone hughes to your eyelids to get a shimmering eye that pops and screams spring! Try Street Saint’s® “Beauty on the Go” eye pigments in “Flirty,” “Shimmer” and “Sheer” (kit $102).

Let me tell you, this makeup is the real deal…definitely worth the dollars.

Already Street Saint® cosmetics has gained the celebrity following of Amber Dixon (actress), Estella Warren (actress and model), Emina Cumulaj (supermodel), Nicole Murphy (VH1’s “Hollywood Exes”), Jessica Canseco (actress, model, VH1’s “Hollywood Exes”), Stacey Jackson (UK singer) and Shashana Rosen (Laker Girl).

Check out Street Saint cosmetics here.

Josh Hopkins and Courteney Cox Dating?


Actor Josh Hopkins makes an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday, January 17th. Ellen asks Josh about the rumors that he and “Cougar Town” co-star, Courteney Cox are dating and yeah, he plays the big denial card. Check out the highlights and the video below.


Ellen: Hey,let’s talk about this rumor. You know Courteney is a friend of mine but there is a rumor that you and Courteney Cox are dating?

Josh: Um, that is unfortunately just a rumor. She will tell you, we are such good friends. I love her so much, that I would never ruin it by dating her (laughs.) We’ve actually been on two vacations together. My poor father though. My Father in Kentucky, you know I’m 42 years old and have never been married nor even engaged. So my father wants this to be real so badly. So I feel bad even telling him. Sorry Dad…

Ellen: So you’re hanging out with her as just friends but there’s picture of y’all all the time so everybody just assumes. But you’re just friends.

Josh: We are…

Ellen: So it means you’re single. That is the good news.

Josh: Yes….

I don’t know what to think about this. It seems as if when peeps pull the denial card, they usually ARE dating or at least doing a little somethin’ something. Cripes, you can’t just be friends as a male and female when you are hanging out in Hollywood…unless the guy is your hairstylist or your gay bestie. This guy either has no clue or he is just a really bad liar.

Chris Kluwe Knows There Are Gays in the NFL and Wants Them To Come OUT!


CHRIS KLUWE of the Minnesota Vikings makes an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday, January 18th. Ellen talks with Chris about why there are no “out” players in NFL and how he hopes that can change…


Ellen: There are no out players in you know, football, basketball, baseball. You know national leagues. There are gay players. There’s just no out players.

Chris: Right.

Ellen: First of all, my question is, do you see a shift in the way people are looking and thinking about that and why aren’t there any out players?

Chris: I see the shift in the fact that as older people die..(laughing) the younger people who were brought up to be more tolerant and accepting. They’re kind of replacing those people….When I first came in the league you could tell that the 8 and 9 years vets. You know, they grew up in the 80’s or early 90’s and that was part of the accepted culture of the time. You could call someone gay and it deemed an acceptable insult. Now were brought up, kids are brought up they’re taught that it’s not ok to call someone gay because that’s who they are. It shouldn’t be an insult. That’s a person. I think you’re seeing that now in the NFL because the kids that are coming out of college that’s how they’ve been raised so there is that shift happening.

Ellen: Obviously if someone was out…do you think they would immediately be picked on? Because there is trash talk any way on the field, right?

Chris: Right.

Ellen: Somebody’s really going to come after you. Are they worried about getting hurt? Are they worried about getting kicked out of the league?

Chris: I think it’s more a distraction issue in that it’s so hard to make it to the NFL. It’s maybe 1% of 1% of everyone that plays high school football will even have a chance at the NFL. So it’s one of those things that you look at it and maybe I can put up with this for 4 years, 5 years make my money and then once I’m done I can be who I really am. But hopefully the stuff that Brendon’s doing. The guys like Scott Fujita and Connor Barwin of the Houston Texans that I am helping out is to create environment where one day a player will feel, I can be who I am.

Ellen: Yeah.

Chris: I don’t have to hide who I am and it won’t affect my football playing. Because I am here to play football.

Ellen: Well, that’s the case with most people who are scared to come out what ever the profession is. I think they think, well, when I’m done with my job I’ll do it. Which doesn’t help anybody especially kids that are feeling alone living some place thinking I don’t have any role models.

Chris: Right, exactly.

Ellen: But I know it’s hard for people to do that….

Photo Credit:Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

CELEB SPOTTING: Julie Benz Gets Her Hair Did For Defiance


DEXTER star Julie Benz leads SyFy’s brand new drama, DEFIANCE—premiering April 15th alongside Grant Bowler. In anticipation of her latest role, Julie has been attending numerous red carpet events including the Golden Globes building buzz for her latest role. Over the weekend she visited the Jonathan & George Salon in Beverly Hills to try out a brand new red carpet look.

Looking good, lady!

GET THE LOOK: Miranda Kerr At the Golden Globes

14th Annual Warner Bros. And InStyle Golden Globe Awards After Party - Arrivals

The Golden Globes is not only just about the awards. It’s the glamorous fashion, both ensembles and fresh faces on the red carpet that we adore and let me tell you, Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr looked right at home on the red carpet at the Golden Globes.

We were able to get some inside tips on how to get Kerr’s showstopping look. Follow these easy steps from Celebrity Makeup Artist Lisa Storey.

Prep skin with VS PRO Airbrush FX Bronzing Primer for a natural, all-over glow. Check that out here.

Lightly dust VS PRO Flawless FX Translucent Finishing Powder over entire face for a flawless finish.

For touchups, dab VS PRO Anti-Shine FX Oil-Free Mattifier on high-shine areas, like the center of the forehead, nose and chin.

Before applying eye shadow, prep lids with VS PRO Lasting FX Eye Shadow Primer to create a smooth and long-lasting base.

Hide dark shadows under eyes with VS PRO Camouflage FX Universal Concealer Palette. Apply VS PRO Light FX HD Eye Brightening Pen around the entire eye area and blend up into cheekbones to lighten and brighten dark shadows and conceal fine lines.

Using VS Makeup Eye Shadow Quad in Eye Contact, apply the lid color all over lids, blending up into the crease and out towards the outer corner of the eye. Use the same color under the bottom lashes. Apply the highlight color under the brow bone and add a touch to the inner corners to open the eyes.

Define upper and lower lashlines with VS Precision Liquid Liner in tk, exaggerating the outer edges for an eye-opening effect.

Using VS Brow Pencil and Brush Duo in Brunette, fill in brows for extra definition.

Finish with two coats of VS Makeup Volume Lift Mascara in Black.

Apply VS Makeup Luminous Mineral Blush Duo in Meet Up to apples of cheeks for a sexy flush.

Prep lips with VS PRO Pout FX Lip Primer and Definer. Complete the red carpet look with a swipe of VS Makeup Color Drama Lipstick in Intensity.

Absolutely gorgeous!

The Band Perry Is On A Roll: “Better Dig Two” Sells Over 700,000


As anticipation builds for their Republic Nashville release on April 2, The Band Perry, reaches two major RIAA sales accolades. The sophomore project’s lead single, “Better Dig Two,” has been certified GOLD – selling over 700,000 – and marks their fastest-rising single to date at Country radio, Top 10-and-climbing. Additionally, “You Lie” – from their platinum-plus-selling, self-titled debut album – has now sold over one million copies, achieving PLATINUM status. WOW!

Throughout the spring, the family band will perform as special guests on Rascal Flatts’ CHANGED TOUR. Their new show, which gives fans a preview of the upcoming music, will make stops this weekend in Sioux City, IA (1/17); Tulsa, OK (1/18) and Wichita, KS (1/19).

Congratulations, you guys! I am sure fans will be counting down the days for this new album to make its official debut.

Mark Wahlberg Shows Off His Ingrown Toenail


Star of “Broken City,” MARK WAHLBERG makes and appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday, January 17th. Mark chats with Ellen about his busy schedule, working on his Mom’s new reality show and how he injured his toe…and then he shows off his toe. Apparently his feet don’t stink.

Check out the highlights of the interview below.


Mark: It’s a very lively crowd here. It woke me up. I’ve had a long day

Ellen: What have you been doing?

Mark: I just flew in from Boston. I flew in from a snowstorm

Ellen: Really, today?

Mark: Yeah. We were in Boston last night. New York yesterday during the day. We were doing publicity for “Broken City” and we had a fundraiser at a restaurant “Wahlburgers” and my mom is now filming a reality show that we sold to the history channel about building a family business.

Ellen: Oh wow

Mark: So we went there to do that and then I jumped on a plane this morning and there was 2 1/2 inches of snow and it was very bumpy and I had to have half my toenail removed.

Ellen: Why?

Mark: The thing’s just growing the wrong way. So I had a problem before and the guy Mickey O’ Keefe who played himself in “The Fighter”?

Ellen: Yes

Mark: He’s a police officer? Well his daughter in-law, thank god is a podiatrist came so she came and cut half my toenail off.

Ellen: Wait, ok so I’m still in the snow. Did this happen on the plane?

Mark: It happened before I got on the plane.

Ellen: Before you got on the plane? So are you shot up with pain stuff or?

Mark: It’s worn off now.

Ellen: So now you’re in pain?

Mark: Yes. I’m feeling it…But the energy is making me feel better…I apologize; I know that was a random story.

Ellen: I love random stories. I don’t like to stay on the straight and narrow. Can we see it?

Mark: Do you wanna see it? It’s wrapped up. You don’t believe me?

Ellen: I believe you. Was it an ingrown toenail?

Mark: Yes

Ellen: It was the Big toe?

Mark: Yes. That’s the medical term.

Ellen: I still don’t know if I believe you. I think you have that on there…

Mark: I never go without socks.

Ellen: But why?

Mark: I just don’t.

Ellen: You have good feet. You have really good feet.

Mark: Because I always wear socks.

Ellen: Let it air out…. That’s good. Let it rest, it needs to rest. [Mark puts feel up] Can I get you a drink?

Celebrity Birthdays: Betty White is 91


Betty White is 91.

Actor James Earl Jones is 82.

Talk-show host Maury Povich is 74.

Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor is 65.

Sheila Hutchinson of The Emotions is 60.

Steve Earle is 58.

Steve Harvey is 56.

Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles is 54.

Jim Carrey is 51.

Joshua Malina (“The West Wing”) is 47.

Naveen Andrews (“Lost”) is 44.

Kid Rock is 42.

Zooey Deschanel (“New Girl”) is 33.

DJ Calvin Harris is 29.

Jennifer Lopez Throws In Her Two Cents On Judges Panel



Jennifer Lopez makes an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday, January 16th. Ellen chats with Jennifer about running into her ex-boyfriends, P.Diddy and Ben Affleck at the Golden Globes. Talk about awkward! She also gives her opinion on the new judges on the American Idol panel. Sort of. Check out the highlights below.


Ellen: And you’re there at the awards and you’re going to run into everyone in Hollywood. Including people that you possibly dated before, right?

Jennifer: Right.

Ellen: Is that awkward? Is that weird to be in the room….

Jennifer: No, because I see them a lot.

Ellen: Oh, you do?

Jennifer: Yeah, because we’re in the same business. We run in the same circles

Ellen: So it’s not like you haven’t seen Diddy in a long time?

Jennifer: No, I’ve seen him.

Ellen: You must have been so proud, I saw you stand up for Ben (Affleck.)

Jennifer: Yes, I did.

Jennifer: It was a great movie. And, we got you know, a lot of like..they were really hard on us in the press when we dated back in the day. On movies and things like that. So it was a nice moment. It was a nice to see him have that moment. I was really happy for him.

Ellen: Yeah, they really were. That was not fair. And, you have done very, very well and he’s done very well.

Jennifer: Thank you

Ellen: And, both of you deserve it.

Jennifer: Thank you so much


Jennifer: I am going to miss it, I love what I am doing but I am going to miss it? I just had a good time. I love the people there, Randy, Ryan, Steven, Nigel everybody behind the scenes …everybody. It was a nice little family.

Ellen: Well, you never know. Maybe you’ll be back,

Jennifer: I don’t know

Ellen: I’d like to see you back because I think you’re really, really good.

Jennifer: Thank you

Ellen: It’s going to be interesting this year between Nicki and Mariah…Nicki was here the other day and I think that’s going to be interesting to watch, to say the least.

Jennifer: Right, I don’t know.

Ellen: No comment?

Jennifer: I think I shall not.

Ellen: Smart.


Ellen: When you’re on tour like that with Casper. Is that hard to be on tour with someone ….to be with them much? That many hours a day?

Jennifer: No, it really wasn’t. It was actually great because I was away from home for so long so to have that support was actually a nice thing. It was a nice thing.

Ellen: And the babies were there, you said?

Jennifer: The babies were there. My mom was there, my cousin was there. I just took the whole family and just left for months. But it was nice….

Leann Rimes Talks Infidelity and Suicide


Leann Rimes at least acknowledges she’s a hot mess and I can appreciate that! According to ET Online, Leann is worried about her man Eddie Cibrian cheating on her especially since he cheated on his wife with her. Legit worry.

In an interview Nancy O’Dell, Rimes reveals info about her upcoming album and her bout in rehab.

About her new album Spitfire, the songs she wrote actually were written before all the drama. Leann said, “What Have I Done is one of the first songs that I wrote for the record, before anything was actually starting to happen. It was written about a friend of mine, but I didn’t realize I was writing it for myself at the time… It was my subconscious talking and I didn’t know yet.”

And get this, her then husband Dean Sheremet had heard the troubling track and should have gotten some sort of clue that Leann was ready to leave him. She explains, “He actually heard the song when I wrote it and, actually, he knew what it was about before I did. He knew I was feeling feelings. I’m not sure what those were that he knew. It’s a very complicated situation.”

And yes, she does worry about Eddie straying from her. She said, “I would be ignorant to say, and everyone else would think I am a liar if I didn’t say yes, and I have at times. Speaking for him, I would actually say that’s creeped into his [mind]…I think we’ve been very honest and open with that to each other and our conversations about it have only made me understand how much he actually cares, as much as I do, about being faithful to each other.”

Venus Williams Rocks EleVen Fashion at Australian Open


The Australian Open starts this week and year after year fans of fashion and the sports are curious to know what Venus will be wearing because girlfriend always looks fierce (yes, even while sweating up a storm!)

At the Australian Open 2013 starting January 14, Venus Williams will be wearing the Cross Court Floral dress from the 2013 collection of EleVen By Venus Williams. The dress, described as a floral watercolor design in aqua, peach, cream, and white with thin black contrast binding at the bust, waistline, and sleeves giving it special detailing, will be added to the current collection available at local retailers, tennis shops, and online at EleVenByVenus.com.

Um hello! I want one! GORGEOUS!

Photo credit – LSPR

Adriana Lima and Erin Heatherton Want To Pump You UP

Victoria's Secret Angels Kick Off a Healthy & Fit New Year with Victoria's Secret Sport

Victoria's Secret Angels Kick Off a Healthy & Fit New Year with Victoria's Secret Sport

Victoria's Secret Angels Kick Off a Healthy & Fit New Year with Victoria's Secret Sport

New Year, New You, OWN IT! Victoria’s Secret launched new styles and colors from their sport collection, VSX, to help you feel good while committing to a more active and healthier lifestyle in 2013.

Today in NYC, angels Erin Heatherton and Adriana Lima appeared at the ultimate Victoria’s Secret Herald Square store and shared secrets to their fitness success. The VS Sport collection featured anything and everything you need to look sexy and stylish while working out. From sports bras that featured the same Victoria’s Secret bra technology, fabrics, and support levels, to the ALL-NEW Standout Pant, there’s an item that will work for any exercise.

Victoria’s Secret fans told us how they plan to OWN IT in 2013 by sharing their fitness commitment for a chance to win a $1000 VSX Shopping Spree.

Nicki Minaj Tries To Explain Mariah Carey Feud


American Idol Judge” NICKI MINAJ makes an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday, January 15th. Ellen talks with Nicki about adjusting to her new role on “American Idol” and getting used to the work schedule. And, Nicki opens up about her rumored feud with fellow judge, Mariah Carey. Plus, Ellen gives Nicki a gift of “BFF” necklaces for her and Mariah to try and patch things up.


Nicki: All of them ( fellow judges) always like to take breaks, pees breaks and eat breaks. I’m always like I don’t want to take breaks. If I take a break, I’m not going to want to come back so they literally go and pee and stuff and I sit there like…(shaking her leg)

Ellen: Really? You’re the one keeping everybody on time?

Nicki: Yes.

Ellen: That’s a shocker…

Nicki: Well, no. Not in the morning.

Ellen: Ok.

Nicki: Once, I’m already there I don’t want to move…


Ellen: Let’s talk about what everybody was talking about during the audition rounds. You and Mariah had a little bickering situation.

Nicki: What?

Ellen: Yeah, we have footage if you would like me to remind you. So what happened there? I kind of think I know what happened but what happened with you and Mariah?

Nicki: I don’t know. It was just to big old divas, I guess. I was just like sitting there. and I guess before I went in there I heard all the stuff that was being said but I didn’t believe it. I heard them saying Mariah doesn’t want you on the panel but I was like, no. I am friends with Mariah. I was like arguing people down. Like, don’t believe everything you read, you’re crazy. And so I went there and I started to feel a bit of the shade. And I just kind of over compensated by being crazier. And I don’t think that really…

Ellen: That didn’t work?

Nicki: No.

Ellen: She didn’t like the crazier?

Nicki: No.

Ellen: You thought, I’ll make you sorry. I’ll show you.

Nicki: Kind of, not like that…If you know someone maybe doesn’t like you. It’s kind of like, now you’re gonna like really go in and show hey, because it’s like a defense mechanism. You know what I mean? It’s really that. You’re feelings are hurt and you can’t believe it so you kind of just compensate with being crazy.

Ellen: Right, poor Keith Urban it in between you two. The sweetest guy in the world. So now how are you all getting along?

Nicki: We’re fine. I cannot hold a grudge against Mariah Carey. What people don’t understand is that I’ve looked up to her for so many years. Since she came out, “Vision of Love” all that. Me and my Mother would sing her songs like all day and all night. So I don’t know if she’s gotten over it but I have. I mean, I’m over there cracking up laughing, having fun and if she’s still holding a grudge. I don’t know. Like I don’t care.

Ellen: And, what do you think the live shows are going to be like?

Nicki:…You know what I’m not looking forward to live shows.

Ellen: Why is that?…Come on Nicki, let it out.

Nicki: I cannot trust myself.

Ellen: In what way?

Nicki: Just like if there’s a slick comment being made… I just want it to go well. It’s about the contestants. We have a lot of great talent and I don’t want anyone on the panel to say something to crazy because then I don’t want to look like a crazy psycho again. I am not really a crazy psycho you guys, Seriously, please, no. I swear…No, I am serious. I am really not…

Ellen: I don’t think you’re a crazy psycho. I think you are a very passionate, creative person. And I think you have some many different facades of your personality. And, I think some personalities are wilder than other personalities.

Nicki: Yeah

Ellen:And, that wild personality that you have can get out of control. And the calmer one goes in the back and goes; I’m not going to stop that girl. And that girl is out there, right?

Nicki: Right, that’s what happens…

Ellen: …It’s going to be good TV not matter what. It’s live and it’s good. If goes well great and if it doesn’t better.

Did you see that peeps? I just did a big fat eyeroll and y’all know why.

Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Further Proof Megan Fox Is Better Seen and Not Heard


Megan Fox is about you all to forget how she got famous…her looks and her sassy mouth. In an interview (and cover shoot) with Esquire magazine the actress (?) clarifies that comment she made when she compared Lindsay Lohan to Marilyn Monroe.

She continues to dig a hole as she talks about Lindsay Lohan as though she were already dead. Or is she?

“In the newly released article that I did for Esquire, there is a reference that is made to Lindsay Lohan that I would like to clarify before it snowballs into something silly. The journalist and I were discussing why I was removing my Marilyn Monroe tattoo, especially since in his opinion, Marilyn was such a powerful and iconic figure for women. I attempted to draw parallels between Lindsay and Marilyn in order to illustrate my point that while Marilyn may be an icon now, sadly she was not respected and taken seriously while she was still living,” she added.

Fox continued, “Both women were gifted actresses, whose natural talent was lost amongst the chaos and incessant media scrutiny surrounding their lifestyles and their difficulties adhering to studio schedules etc. I intended for this to be a factual comparison of two women with similar experiences in Hollywood. Unfortunately it turned into me offering up what is really much more of an uneducated opinion. It was most definitely not my intention to criticize or degrade Lindsay. I would never want her to feel bullied, as she does not deserve that. I was not always speaking eloquently during this interview and this miscommunication is my fault.”

For those of you who didn’t get the prior memo of Lilo backlash, in the initial interview, Fox was quoted as saying, “I started reading about her and realized that her life was incredibly difficult. It’s like when you visualize something for your future. I didn’t want to visualize something so negative. She wasn’t powerful at the time. She was sort of like Lindsay. She was an actress who wasn’t reliable, who almost wasn’t insurable…She had all the potential in the world, and it was squandered. I’m not interested in following those footsteps.”

Despite how idiotic Fox may sound, this interview isn’t going to change the fact that the girl is amazingly gorgeous and that Lindsay Lohan probably absolutely ADORES Fox just for putting her name and Marilyn’s in the same sentence.