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More than just celebrity gossip

REPORT: Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Charity Is A Fraud!


Well, for years Kareem Abdul Jabbar has been hailed as one of the best basketball players of all time and he is still well respected as a legend. Now that he is retired and has nothing but time to give, apparently he’s getting greedy.

According to TMZ, a lawsuit was filed against Jabbar and it is a messy one, especially considering the so-called charity he represents maybe isn’t even a charity at all!

So here’s the deal, Julien’s Auctions claims it struck a deal to sell Abdul-Jabbar’s big time memorabilia, including his championship rings, jerseys, everything that represents his basketball days.

Well, Deborah Morales, Kareem’s manager and longtime personal friend, negotiated with Julien’s and as part of the deal she supposedly got the auction house to donate $300,000 to Jabbar’s Skyhook Foundation charity.

Julien is saying that after they donated the cash, they would out that Skyhook wasn’t even a charity! Instead it went into somebody else’s pockets!

And so Julien’s is wanting that $300,000 back AND damages.

Oh snap! So I’m wondering if Jabbar knows all this and if he is in on this wiggity whackness? That’s messed up. AND, I wonder how many other people were scammed by this so-called charity and doesn’t yet know it?

I guess we’ll soon find out!

Celebrity Birthdays April 18th 2013 Conan O’Brien is 50


Conan O’Brien is 50.

Barbara Hale is 92.

Robert Hooks is 76.

Hayley Mills is 67.

James Woods is 66.

Rick Moranis is 60.

Eric Roberts is 57.

John James (“Dynasty”) is 57.

Jane Leeves is 52.

Eric McCormack is 50.

Maria Bello is 46.

Melissa Joan Hart is 37.

America Ferrera is 29.

Alia Shawkat (“Arrested Development”) is 24.

Jessica Simpson Is Having A Baby…


Boy or girl? Well there have always been rumors about what Jessica Simpson and her baby daddy Eric Johnson are going to be adding to their brood this time around, so what is the official word? Will 11 month old Maxwell have a little sister or a little brother?

In just a couple of weeks, Jessica Simpson could be popping out baby number two. Over the weekend, the singer turned fashion star celebrated along with friends, family and big sister Maxwell, the impending birth of her next little sweetie at a fun themed baby shower.

And she did reveal what she is going to be having officially…

For more on the baby shower and for Jessica Simpson’s sex of the baby, get more details from our friends at Allie Is Wired.com here.

Biffy Clyro Cancel Remaining North American Tour Dates


Biffy Clyro have today been forced to cut short their North American tour and return to the UK immediately; Simon Neil has been struggling with a serious respiratory problem on the shows, including two nights supporting Muse at Madison Square Garden on Monday and Tuesday of this week, and was advised by doctors that he was endangering his long term health if he chose to continue performing on this run. Thus, further dates with Muse across the US and Canada, plus a second weekend performance at the Coachella Festival this coming Saturday, have now been cancelled.

The band wish to express how sorry they are that they aren’t able to carry out the full run of shows, and hope to confirm a new run of North American shows shortly. All UK and European dates this Summer should, however, remain unaffected.

Biffy have been out on tour supporting their new double album Opposites, which gave the band their first ever UK No1 in early February. Since the release, the band have been on an almost uninterrupted run of arena shows including a triumphant UK tour that culminated at the O2 in London last week.

Lil Wayne Not Going Broke?


Rumors have been swirling that Lil Wayne is going to be homeless soon because he has yet to fulfill a $3.4 million judgment that has been placed against him. Not only that but he is said to be having to give up some of his fancy cars as well. Not gonna lie, but that is some BIG bucks even for a celebrity.

But according to Weezy, that money is pocket change to him and he’ll take care of it when he’s good and ready to.

Here’s the deal, Wayne had sued Quincy Jones III over a documentary that was done about his life and he was countersued and then lost. It got real messy once peeps knew that not only does Weezy have assets in California, but he also has some in Florida. Um yeah. So the courts were trying to get themselves some of those belongings as well.

Long story short, sources close to Wayne are saying not to worry about it. He’s supposedly worth $100 million by himself.

More than likely the rapper will just fork over the cash and be done with it. Sounds like a big headache if you ask me.

Rick Ross Really Wants Reebok Endorsement Deal Back!


Rick Ross knows he did wrong and now he’s wishing he would have kept his damn mouth shut! Ross was recently fired by Reebok for his date rape lyric from the song U.O.E.N.O.

So now that he got canned from the big brand after rocking the Reebok kicks for a hot minute, he’s realizing that $3.5 to $5 million (according to TMZ) he was getting for just wearing the shoes is going to be missed. Greatly.

And an apology wasn’t enough to get Reebok to budge.

Ross is said to be telling people that he was entitled to being forgiven by the corporation because he did so much for the brand, including bringing the classic kicks back in style in the land of hip hop.

“We are very disappointed he has yet to display an understanding of the seriousness of this issue or an appropriate level of remorse,” said a rep from Reebok.

You snooze you lose, bruh! Maybe he’ll think twice about that shiznit next time…if there is a next time.

Rihanna Pregnant With Chris Brown’s Baby!?


Is Rihanna pregnant, knocked up by Chris Brown? Oh lawd help us! You know those two are not ready to take care of a baby!

Rihanna sure has been sick a lot and has been forced to cancel FOUR tour stops in just two months. Yet she has been seen partying and getting cray with her homegirls and out with her man Breezy in between canceled tour stops. So what gives? Did she really have a throat infection or has Ri been up to doing the freak nasty sans protection?

Girlfriend was spotted leaving a medical center in Beverly Hills and TMZ caught it on camera. Go to their site to check out the paps get Ri as she leaves.

So what do you think? Is Ri preggers or has she just been partying too damn much?

Image via Twitter

Celebrity Birthdays April 17th 2013: Jennifer Garner is 41


Jennifer Garner is 41.

Olivia Hussey is 62.

Pete Shelley of The Buzzcocks is 58.

Sean Bean (“Lord of the Rings”) is 54.

Maynard James Keenan of Tool and of Puscifer is 49.

Lela Rochon is 49.

Liz Phair is 46.

Redman is 43.

Victoria Beckham of the Spice Girls is 39.

Rooney Mara (“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”) is 28.

Drake Releases Cheesy New Song “Girls Love Beyonce”


Since his rendezvous with Rihanna, Drake has put his love life aside to focus on the music, where many feel he should keep his nose. You want my opinion? Unfortunately, his new song titled “Girls Love Beyonce” isn’t his best and lacks originality. Ok…it sucks. Bad.

Sure he continues to drop singles from his upcoming album “Nothing Was the Same” but I am starting to hope he does release a song as good as his track with Minaj and/or Rihanna. I just can’t like Drake as a solo artist. It doesn’t work for me. He does his best, in my opinion, as the in the background-with-a-solo kind of guy.

In his new song, “Girls Love Beyonce”, he raps about his relationship woes, and uses a sample from one of Destiny’s Child’s songs that you may know.

Peep a listen to Drake’s “Girls Love Beyonce” below and then let me know what you think.

Kim Kardashian Cancels Out The Fried Chicken She Just Ate


Kim Kardashian just cancelled out the ice cream and fried chicken she probably just ate with a workout at the gym that probably took her four hours. Perhaps Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem haven’t yet called the star for that $4 million deal like Jessica Simpson and other high profile pregnant women received in order to lose weight on their behalf because girlfriend has been working out like a barracuda.

And so even though those gawd awful maternity ensembles Kimmy has been wearing lately look ridiculous and don’t do much for the figure she has now, perhaps she isn’t as big as we thought she was?

Check out new photos of Kim leaving a gym in Los Angeles here.

Beyonce Rocks Fake, Protruding Boobs At Tour Opener


Beyonce is talented. The girl can saaaaang her booty off. She’s gorgeous. She’s rich. She’s loved by many. Her family isn’t THAT messed up. Her man is also very successful and rich. He’s not cute by any means, but hey he’s Jay Freakin’ Z. She has a little girl who seems to be happy and healthy and could one day be our president. So why on earth would Bey try to snag headlines by donning fake breasts on stage during a concert?

Yeah, good question.


Beyonce opened up her Mrs. Carter Tour and apparently a gold sequin-encrusted bodysuit with a pair of trompe l’oeil breasts with protruding nipples was Bey’s headline grabber when she took the stage in Belgrade, Serbia. Yeah, fake protruding boobies in Serbia of ALL places!

Ok so it wasn’t all trashy or slutty and attention grabbing ensembles. Thank GAWD.

We hear the show was good as Bey performed many of her hits including, Run the World, Irreplaceable, Crazy In Love, Single Ladies and Halo. Unfortunately, there were no new tracks performed on stage at that tour stop.

Next up, Bey will take on the UK, France and Sweden before she hits the United States.

So what do you think? Is this boob flaunting extravaganza too trashy and desperate or is this totally okay with you because it is Bey?

Jason DeRulo Shows Off His New, Improved Neck In “The Other Side”


Jason Derulo is back after he broke his neck one year ago and he went ahead and tested his strength with a big hands-free headstand in his “The Other Side” video. You go boy!

Derulo was on the Ryan Seacrest radio show today and spoke about his new music and his recovery.

He said, “I wanted to go to the extreme… I wanted to do something that showed the strength of where I’ve come from… ‘What can I do to show that I am good, to show that I am on the next level and I’m ready to continue.’”

And yeah, sure it took some time for him to get back to doing his thing, but he was able to practice and get it right. And good for him! I’m so glad to see him back in the game. The guy is beyond talented and is hot as hell.

Even though the neck injury sucked, there was some good that came of it…including the love that he shares with singer Jordin Sparks.

He explains, “It just brought so many positive things, I wouldn’t change it for the world. It just took me to the next level. It made me more mature, it brought Jordin and I closer, it brought me closer to God, it brought me closer to my family.”

Well, good thing he broke his neck then!

Check out a sneak peek from his video “The Other Side” below.

Celebrity Birthdays April 16th 2013: Martin Lawrence is 48


Martin Lawrence is 48.

Bobby Vinton is 78.

Ellen Barkin is 59.

Jimmy Osmond is 50.

David Pirner of Soul Asylum is 49.

Jon Cryer is 48.

Peter Billingsley (“A Christmas Story”) is 42.

Lukas Haas is 37.

DAY 2: Kelly Rowland, Audrina Patridge, Adrienne Bailon Get It In At Coachella


During day two of Coachella, the weekend’s parties were in full swing in nearby Palm Springs with stars such as Kelly Rowland, Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Adrienne Bailon, Audrina Patridge and her boyfriend Corey Bohan, who soaked up the sun and took in performances by Tamara Sky, Kilo Kish, Venus X and Liza Thorn at the Women Who Rock Pool Party hosted at the Hard Rock Music Lounge, an exclusive three-day retreat for artists, celebrities, tastemakers and VIPs attending the music festival.


At the Barefoot Refresh Pool, Barefoot kept guests cool with the debut of its new Refresh line of wine designed to be enjoyed on the rocks. While hanging out poolside, guests challenged one another to rounds of ping pong and sat back and relaxed in private Barefoot Refresh cabanas. Celebrities were also invited to sign the Barefoot Refresh surfboard, that will be donated to benefit the Surfrider Foundation at the end of the weekend.

Kelly Rowland was on hand to host the Women Who Rock Pool Party and hung out poolside in a Barefoot Refresh cabana. Dressed in all white, the star told us that despite working in the music industry for years, this was actually her first Coachella and she couldn’t wait to take it all in.

Fellow singer, actress and fashionista Adrienne Bailon joined Kelly to hang out in the Barefoot Refresh cabana. Adrienne sipped Barefoot Refresh wine on the rocks and dished on Coachella dress code and her new side project, Fingertip Fetish nail polish.

Though they breezed though the party, TV co-stars Darren Criss and Chris Colfer stopped by to sign the Barefoot Refresh surfboard. Darren seemed to have catching some waves on his mind and hinted he was envious that the Barefoot Refresh surfboard wasn’t his own by signing above his name, “I wish I could surf on this board!” We’d hang ten with Darren any day.

Audrina Patridge came back by the Hard Rock Music Lounge for more fun on day two dressed in cut-off denim shorts and a black crop top. The reality star stopped to sign the Barefoot Refresh surfboard alongside BMX pro Corey Bohan. After stopping to leave her mark, the two ducked into a nearby photo booth. Later that afternoon Audrina’s former co-star and fashion designer Whitney Port arrived to check out the music lounge decked out in a similar black lace crop top and green printed shorts. Another reality-star fashionista, Brad Goreski, arrived late in the afternoon dressed in a light blue Lacoste polo and signed the Barefoot Refresh surfboard before heading into check out the festivities.

Poor, poor Taylor Swift! Life is HARD!


Kitten Face gets it. Life is hard! It’s hard being a millionaire. It’s hard travelling from city to city on the daily. It’s hard attending celebrity events and being waited on hand and foot. It’s hard living in the public eye and it’s hard to decide which celebrity douchebag you want to attempt to date next. I mean, it can’t be all THAT bad being T-Swift can it? Ok, whatever. It’s HARD, bitches!

In all fairness, I know it must be difficult to be watched like a hawk 24-7 by the media and whatnot but got damn, make wiser decisions, gurrrrl.

Our friends at Girlstalkinsmack.com report that Swift is venting but trying to keep it all in perspective. Her feelings allow her to write the music she does. Or something like that.

For more on Kitten Face’s interview and her woe is me life rant, go here.