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More than just celebrity gossip

Jay-Z Did NOT Get Clearance From Obama For Cuba Vacation


We know Jay-Z and Bey and tight with President Obama and the First Lady, but not THAT close apparently.

In a new rap released called “Open Letter”, Jay raps that he got the president’s permission to visit Cuba with his wife for their anniversary…but White House authorities are saying…NOT!

MTV.com reports,

During Thursday’s (April 11) daily presidential press briefing, it was the first time in memory that Obama administration spokesperson Jay Carney was asked to respond to a fresh hip-hop track.

After a reporter painstakingly recited such lyrics as “I turned Havana into Atlanta … Boy from the ‘hood, I got White House clearance. … Obama said ‘chill you gonna get me impeached,” Carney smiled and shot back what sounded like a prepared answer about Jay’s boasts.

“I guess nothing rhymes with Treasury,” said a smirking Carney, who denied that President Obama personally intervened in the anniversary trip
by music’s first couple because, well, it’s not his department. “It’s a song. The president’s not communicating with Jay-Z over this trip.”

Apparently American citizens are banned from visiting the Communist country on leisure UNLESS they’ve got clearance from a Treasury official.

Carney went onto say, “I am absolutely saying that the White House and the president on down had nothing to do with anybody’s personal, anybody’s travel to Cuba. That is something the Treasury handles.”

I guess if Bey and Jay want to go to Cuba, they go to Cuba. End of story.

Nene Leakes Gets $1 Million Deal For RHOA!

TAO New York 10th Anniversary Party

Nene Leakes has played it well. Girlfriend loves her some drama and the drama loves her! If you were questioning whether Leakes would come back to Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta for a season six, worry no more. Nene will be back as she has signed a whopping ONE million dollar deal to werk another season.

An insider told Radaronline.com, “NeNe is the one viewers watch. She knows that, Bravo knows that, and that’s why they gave her a raise. She likes being on the show. NeNe is really happy with ‘The New Normal’ and ‘Glee,’ where she can be a real actress, but she knows her bread and butter comes from Bravo and that’s why she’s coming back, ‘cause she can’t turn the money down!”

You can bet there are some drama queens on the show that are hating about now because of this big fat pay check for another season, but they know damn well that Nene is a fan fave.

The insider adds, “Everyone gets it, NeNe is the favorite, but they’re still jealous, of course. They wish they could earn what NeNe makes because they don’t think she would be nearly as popular without fighting with them.”

Well they need to bring the heat then or stay outta the kitchen!

Nene WERKS for that cash, y’all!

College Senior Asks Joe Jonas To Formal, Joe Responds With Counter Video


A beautiful brunette Pepperdine University senior named Shaina made a video (a pretty impressive video, I must add) that she loaded up on YouTube asking out Joe Jonas to her college formal (yeah apparently they have those)

and unfortunately Mr. Joe couldn’t make it to the dance, however he DID make a counter-video asking Shaina out to a concert on July 10th in Chicago. And he offered to fly her out.

In the video, Joe is sporting a Ricky Bobby-esque type outfit, lying on his side and sipping wine while he attempts to talk sexily to Shaina.

YouTube Saxophone Star (one of my favorite guys EVER) who plays “Careless Whisper” in random public places even makes an appearance in the video.

What do you think of Joe’s counter offer? Who would YOU ask out on a date via YouTube if you made one? I’ll tell you one thing right now, it WOULDN’T be Joe Jonas.

Rumer Willis Brings Her Boyfriend To Coachella


With the kick-off of Coachella this weekend in Indio, CA, Hollywoods hottest flocked to nearby Palm Springs for a weekend of live music and to check out some of the best parties surrounding the festival. While in town, stars such as Ryan Kwanten, Rumer Willis and beau Jayson Blair, Josh Henderson, Audrina Patridge, Fabrizio Moretti, Myles Hendrik and Danny and Chris Masterson stopped by The Hard Rock Music Lounge, an exclusive three-day retreat for artists, celebrities, tastemakers and VIPs attending the music festival.

At the Barefoot Refresh Pool, Barefoot kept guests cool with the debut of its new Refresh line of wine designed to be enjoyed on the rocks. While hanging out poolside, guests challenged one another to rounds of ping pong and sat back and relaxed in private Barefoot Refresh cabanas. Celebrities were also invited to sign the Barefoot Refresh surfboard, that will be donated to benefit the Surfrider Foundation at the end of the weekend.

Ryan Kwanten Signs the Barefoot Refresh Surfboard at The Hard Rock Hotel Music Lounge During Coachella

Fabrizio Moretti at the Hard Rock Hotel Music Lounge During Coachella
ne of the first to arrive was True Blood star, Ryan Kwanten, who signed his name on the nose of the surfboard and left a cute message below to keep your “toes on the nose.” Ryan told us after checking out the lounge he was headed to the festival to catch Alt-J’s set and was looking forward to having some free time to hang out all weekend.

Dallas’ Josh Henderson arrived via car service, but carried his own luggage. As he walked into the hotel, he bumped into Audrina Patridge in the lobby where they stopped for a quick hug. Always stylish Audrina, toted not one but three designer bags – a Louis Vuitton suitcase, Bottega Veneta bag and Chanel purse.

After hitting up a Las Vegas pool party just last weekend, Rumer Willis hung poolside again with beau Jayson Blair. Rumer rocked her new look, long blonde ombre hair, and stopped by to leave her mark with wishes of peace and love by signing the Barefoot Refresh surfboard.

Arriving solo was The Strokes’ drummer, Fabrizio Moretti. The musician was at the lounge to perform a DJ set with his side project, White Lights White Heat. Danny Masterson a.k.a DJ Mom Jeans also took the stage to entertain guests hanging by the pool.

CELEB SPOTTING: Carrie Diaries Star Gets Her Zoolander On


Carrie Diaries star, AnnaSophia Robb was spotted at Eventi, A Kimpton Hotel’s chic Eventi Suite in Chelsea for a photo shoot for Denver’s luxury magazine, 303.

She was at Eventi for 3-4 hours posing for the cover story for 303 Magazine.

Miss Robb is everywhere. Not only is she the cover for 303, she’s the cover for Seventeen magazine’s May cover as well and active in several charitable events as a positive role model for teens. Here’s hoping she stays far away from Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan and Taylor Swift.

It’s Time To Start Thinking About Mother’s Day!

It’s that time of year again to start thinking about mom or a mother figure in your life (heck, even Grandma counts!) who is worthy of a Mother’s Day gift other than our hugs, kisses or a nice card.

One of the more favorite Mother’s Day gifts is jewelry. You cannot go wrong with a piece of jewelry that the special woman in your life can wear that reminds her of you.

Primestyle.com is a jewelry company that carries their own merchandise as a true manufacturer. Primestyle.com was created to offer you a new way of shopping for the finest jewelry and diamonds that compliment your lifestyle. Their business philosophy offers you the widest selection of popular designs and best quality merchandise at the absolute lowest prices. Their factory was established in 2001 and we will continue to offer shipping locally and internationally.

One of the cool things about this company is they offer 100% customer guarantee so if for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product with no risk.

Let me tell you that necklace looks like perfection for someone I know!

Celebrity Birthdays April 13th 2013 Al Green is 67


Al Green is 67.

Caroline Rhea is 49.

Lyle Waggoner (“The Carol Burnett Show”) is 78.

Edward Fox is 76.

Paul Sorvino is 74.

Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane is 69.

Tony Dow (“Leave It to Beaver”) is 68.

Ron Perlman is 63.

William Sadler (“Wonderfalls,” ”Roswell”) is 63.

Peabo Bryson is 62.

Max Weinberg of the E Street Band (and “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”) is 62.

Jimmy Destri (Blondie) is 59.

Louis Johnson of The Brothers Johnson is 58.

Saundra Santiago (“Miami Vice”) is 56.

Joey Mazzola of Sponge is 52.

Page Hannah (TV’s “Fame”) is 49.

Lisa Umbarger (The Toadies) is 48.

Marc Ford (Black Crowes) is 47.

Ricky Schroder is 43.

Aaron Lewis of Staind is 41.

Lou Bega is 38.

Nellie McKay is 31.

Josh Duhamel Wants A Ride!


Transformers star, Josh Duhamel, came out to Universal Studios Hollywood this week to actually ride Transformers in 3D at the theme park. He even took some time out to pose with Megatron and Optimus Prime. Below is a video of Duhamel at the park and what he had to say about the thrilling ride based on the movie. Transformers: The Ride 3D opened last May and in the U.S., is exclusively at the Hollywood park.

Looking good Josh!


Photo credit: David Sprague for Universal Studios Hollywood

Gwyneth Paltrow Is NOT Perfect. She Smokes!


In an interview with Harpers Bazaar, Gwyneth Paltrow talks a whole lot about her family and the possibility of having another baby and how she and her husband Chris Martin are turning into very similar people. Blah. Blah. Yawn. Blah. One of the more interesting quotes from the interview is that fact that Goop isn’t as perfect and by the book as we all think she is.

Goop has revealed to the world that she likes to smoke! I can about imagine that this chick also loves to do the puff puff pass with Jay-Z and Bey too when they get together.

Check out what she says about her smoking habit and more of the interview here.

I just can’t see myself meshing with Goop. She is one of those people that I knew from high school who was always so prim and proper and everyone wanted to be them. Well I’ll tell you one thing, I wouldn’t want to be Goop, but I’d sure take her bank account and her man and not because I think he’s hot because I don’t.

PLASTIC SURGERY GONE WRONG: Liza Minnelli Got Her Face Did And It’s Crazy!


Ok, so we all know that Liza Minnelli is a legend. The entertainment industry has adored her for years and when she’s long gone, she’ll be talked about as well…especially if she keeps messing with her damn face!

Let me tell you, I expect celebrities to get plastic surgery when they get older. They want to continue to get good roles and to look appealing and sexy. But, when is too much plastic too much plastic? The answer…

When you start looking like Joan freakin’ Rivers!

And 67-year-old Liza Minnelli has dished out some big bucks to get her face to look like she just got done riding on a motorcycle while wearing too tight pigtails.

Check out her new face here.


Celebrity Birthdays April 12th 2013: Claire Danes is 34


Claire Danes is 34.

Herbie Hancock is 73.

John Kay of Steppenwolf is 69.

Ed O’Neill is 67.

Dan Lauria is 66.

David Letterman is 66.

David Cassidy is 63.

J.D. Nicholas of The Commodores is 61.

Pat Travers is 59.

Andy Garcia is 57.

Suzzanne Douglas (“The Parent ‘Hood”) is 56.

Vince Gill is 56.

Will Sergeant of Echo and the Bunnymen is 55.

Art Alexakis of Everclear is 51.

Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls is 49.

Nicholas Hexum of 311 is 43.

Nicholas Brendon (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) is 42.

Shannen Doherty is 42.

Guy Berryman of Coldplay is 35.

Jennifer Morrison is 34.

Brendon Urie of Panic at the Disco is 26.

Flavor Flav: It’s Time For Trial!


Flavor Flav knows what time it is! It’s time to go to court, y’all!

Apparently a judge in Vegas is saying that there is enough evidence to send the rapper to trial on TWO felony charges after the rapper threatened his longtime girlfriend’s 17-year-old son with a butcher knife back in October.

During an evidence hearing that was held on Wednesday, Flav did not testify, however the teen did and it was enough to get a trial. Boom.

And so, Mr. Flavor Flav will have to show up to court on April 18th for arraignment on felony charges of assault with a weapon AND child endangerment. I would say that chasing the teen around the house with a knife is indeed child endangerment. We’ll see what Flavor Flav enters as a plea.

Peeps are saying he’ll more than likely go the not guilty route because we know how it all goes down for superstars.

IF Flav gets convicted he could spend up to 12 years behind bars. That’s a whole lot of time!

Reebok Drops Rick Ross After Date Rape Rap Controversy


Reebok has dropped Rick Ross after a big date rape rap controversy that led to a petition AND a HUGE protest urging the shoe big dogs to do so.

And after the big fight, UltraViolet (a community of over 400,000 women and men, fighting to expand women’s rights and combat sexism everywhere) is beyond elated for the result.

“We are thrilled to hear that Reebok is joining the fight against rape culture and dropping Rick Ross. This is a huge victory for women, for the 526 survivors of rape who were brave enough to publicly confront rape culture, and for the nearly 100,000 UltraViolet members who have poured their hearts and time into this campaign. This sends a strong message that rapping about drugging and raping an unconscious woman is not only morally wrong, but has real consequences. After Steubenville, Americans expect and demand better. Thank you Reebok for taking a stand.”


Nearly 100,000 UltraViolet members signed a petition demanding Reebok drop Rick Ross, more than 10,000 called Reebok demanding action, more than 2,000 tweeted the company, and nearly 100 protested in front of Reebok’s NYC flagship just last week.

Charlie Sheen Talks About Working With Freckles On Anger Management Set


Charlie Sheen got to see first hand what it is like to work with always-late-hot-mess drama queen Lindsay Lohan on the set of Anger Management. And let me just say that MOST of the rumors about Freckles are true. So did she steal jewelry from the set? Was she late and unprepared? Did she show up with a hangover from hell?

Check out what Masheen says about our beloved Freckles here. You may be surprised! Or not…

SWAG GIVEAWAY: Celebrities Love Madame Alexander Dolls


Oh to be a kid again! Yes, it is obvious. What Miss Suri Cruise wants, Miss Suri Cruise gets. And this particular doll she is carrying around is a classic.

Madame Beatrice Alexander Behrman, the daughter of Russian immigrants, founded the Alexander Doll Company in 1923. Over the decades, her beautiful creations were inspired by unforgettable books and works of art, which is why both children and adults love these stunning handcrafted dolls. For 90 years (yes NINETY YEARS), these award-winning dolls have delighted generations of children and collectors alike.

Celebrities, both small and big, love Madame Alexander Dolls too! Counting among its fans the likes of Demi Moore, Barbra Streisand, Britney Spears, Kylie Jenner, Willow Smith, Coco Arquette and the Fanning family (which has a collection of over 80 dolls), these stars just can’t get enough of these wonderful dolls.

Madame Alexander’s dream was to foster happiness and imagination through beautiful creations, and 90 years after the founding of the Alexander Doll Company, it seems her dream could not get closer to reality.

Celebrity VIP Lounge is giving away a Fancy Nancy doll (see it here) to one lucky VIP’er! All you have to do is leave a comment in the comment section sharing your favorite fictional character from childhood.

A winner will be chosen at random by April 30th. Please use a valid email address in the comments section as well.

Good Luck!