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Celebrity VIP Lounge

More than just celebrity gossip

Cameron Diaz Talks Being Fully Nude For A Film

Marie Claire_Nov 2014_Cameron Diaz 1

Cameron Diaz appears on the cover of Marie Claire’s November issue (on newsstands October 21). In the interview for the magazine, the actress talks about her role in Annie, going fully nude for a film and having kids. Check out the highlights below.

Via Marie Claire:

On her role in Annie: “It’s not very often you get to do a musical. Even though I was terrified of doing it, I kind of had to. The two things I’m most terrified of are heights and singing in front of people. I’ve jumped out of airplanes and scaled sides of cliffs – not to get over my fears, but to address them. I just felt like this is something that needed to be addressed. I cried uncontrollably. Everybody was so supportive and having fun with it because I was so pathetic, but the only way to get through scary things is to have a sense of humor about it.”

On appearing fully nude for a film: “People have seen my butt. I’ve shown the top of my butt, the bottom of my butt. I’m not opposed to doing nudity, as long as it’s part of the story. I’ll do whatever has to get done if it’s the right thing.”

On having children: “We live in a society where everyone has kids, so they want other people to have kids. There is this culture that says celebrities are supposed to be just like us, so people think, ‘I have children, why doesn’t she?’ But I’m not going to do something because it’s expected. If a family happens, then it happens. If children come to me, then I would do that, but I’m not someone who feels like she has to do something because it’s expected.”

Michael Tompson/Marie Claire

Nick Cannon Turns 34, Celebrates At Drai’s Nightclub By Working


Turning 34 never looked as good as it did last night when superstar actor, DJ, comedian, rapper, record producer and entrepreneur Nick Cannon celebrated his birthday with a special DJ set at Drai’s Nightclub – Las Vegas’ top new nightlife destination located on the rooftop of The Cromwell, the first stand-alone boutique hotel on the Strip.

Cannon arrived at Drai’s with friends, looking stylish in an all black ensemble complete with an edgy detailed leather jacket and a set of heavy chains around his neck. He was in high spirits as he posed for photos and interacted with the crowd of fans who were ready to celebrate the multi-talented star’s birthday.


Inside Drai’s, the group sat at one of the venue’s most exclusive tables located on stage next to the DJ booth. As word of Cannon’s arrival began to buzz throughout the club, it was clear that Drai’s wasn’t emptying out any time soon. When he took to the turntable, the crowd erupted in applause and everyone soon found themselves under command of Cannon’s masterful musicality for the rest of the night. He spun a mixture of new and old hip hop, continually increasing the crowd’s momentum with the start of each new track. At one point, Cannon got so caught up in the music that jumped on top of the DJ booth to show off his dance moves and the entire club cheered him on.


All eyes were on Cannon as a magnificent three-tiered birthday cake made its way through the club and into the DJ booth. Surprised by the monstrous dessert, he took a few moments to appreciate the gesture before getting back to his set. For the remainder of the evening, Cannon was a constant source of energy for everyone who came to party with him 11 stories above the Strip.


At the end of his set, Cannon began to thank everyone for coming out to celebrate when the entire club started to cheer as a show of their own appreciation for the entertainment luminary. He assembled his group for a round of drinks at their VIP table before calling it a wrap and heading to his Parlour Suite at The Cromwell to end what was indisputably an “only in Vegas” kind of night.

Pharrell Williams Loves Black Women, Hates Race Issues

Via Ebony:

Pharrell Williams gives one of his most provocative interviews on topics ranging from women to racism, in the November issue of EBONY magazine.

In honor of the annual Men’s issue, the producer and co-judge on the NBC hit series, The Voice, speaks candidly about how the tragic death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. impacted him as a Black man, husband and father. Williams’ shares:

“I don’t talk about race since it takes a very open mind to hear my view, because my view is the sky view. But I’m very troubled by what happened in Ferguson, Mo.”

“When things like that happen, we need to be a united cell. We need connective tissue to be linked by spirit and spirituality.”

“For every individual who gets killed, someone should build a school or teach a child. We really need to balance things with positivity”

Williams also hits on personal controversy. The Virginia native addresses the rumors surrounding his bias against Black women, which sparked when the cover for his latest album, Girl, showcased only non-Black females.

“I love Black women,” says Williams. “If you don’t think I love Black women, then you don’t understand me.” He continues to add, “I have obsessed over Black women since the days of Jayne Kennedy, Beverly Peele and Roshumba Williams. Those are the women I daydreamed about growing up.”

The issue also explores several other profound, discussion-worthy topics. EBONY magazine’s special report, “Dirty Little Secret,” features a riveting expose on the sex trafficking industry, how it affects young Black girls, and how readers can get involved as chronicled in the last installment of the Saving Our Girls series.

“You’re being raped, you’re being beaten and you’ve been kidnapped,” said Keisha Head as she shares her story with at-risk girls and those who have been trafficked. “Every night, a different horrific thing is happening and you’re escaping with your life,” she added. Head now works with organizations such as youthSpark, which seeks to end sex trafficking.

Additional features include a “men’s only” roundtable on relationships and intimacy; EBONY magazine’s Men Who Lead series, which highlights successful men who are small business owners; and EBONY magazine’s 20 biggest moments in sports. EBONY also offers an array of life skill articles on how to plan for family and friends as they visit for the holidays.

For more, readers can find the November issue of EBONY on newsstands October 14th.

Channing Tatum Says He’s With His Wife Because She Is Sexy

We all know Channing Tatum is sexy and it’s obvious there are many women out there who are hardcore jealous of his wife Jenna Dewan. So what does Tatum have to say about his wife, her love scenes and their first real kiss? Quotes from Redbook below if you so dare decide you’d like to cry a little bit more because you never got to fulfill your dreams.

Via Redbook:

Channing Tatum on how weird it is to watch his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s love scenes:
“Yeah, of course. I mean, she’s a very sexy individual which is obviously why I’m with her…there are many reasons! But that is definitely very high on the list. She watches when I do love scenes too, and we’ve had to kind of find our way with it. She’ll cover my eyes and I’ll cover hers. It’s all in good fun.”

On deciding who changes daughter Everly’s diaper via dance battle:
“Dance battles do sort of happen, to be honest. When we wake up in the morning, we put on music, and while Everly’s eating we dance and it just starts to get stupid. Changing the baby is an intermission – but our daughter hates getting her diaper changed, so it’s almost like a break-dancing battle to get it on her. As soon as you lay her down, she’s bridging out of it and doing some jujitsu windmill. It’s pretty intense.”

On this first real kiss with Jenna on the set of Step Up:
“We were basically together on the movie. It’s interesting now, because we can watch it and see; we can go, ‘Oh, wow, that was actually our first real kiss.’ As soon as the movie wrapped, we went back to LA and were together, and together ever since – never broken up. That’s nine years.”

That’s a freakin’ century in the celebrity world! Wowsers.

Rapper T.I. Talks Sex On The Beach, Fatherhood And Marriage

Rapper T.I. may get down and dirty on the mic with collaborators like Nelly, 2 Chainz, and Eminem, but, as Mickey Rapkin learns in the November issue of ELLE, the unexpected family man is really all about the love. Mickey Rapkin chats with Rapper T.I. about sex on the beach, fatherhood, marriage, and much more in this month’s Cherchez La Femme.

Via Elle:

T.I. on his definition of “mediocre ho” in the song “No Mediocre”:
“Sometimes it’s a fashion thing. Sometimes it’s the attitude thing. I think women are born on a pedestal, and the only thing that can remove them is a lack of respect for themselves.”

T.I. on sex on the beach which he raps about in the song “No Mediocre”:
“I’ve had sex on a beach. Not exactly in Bermuda. It was more of a metaphor…You gotta have your utensils together, you know what I’m saying? A towel, a blanket—come prepared for the elements. It’s the kind of thing you do once, say you’ve done it, and then say, “Okay, okay, it’s enough. Let’s go somewhere else.”

T.I. on the hardest part about having teenage daughters:
“Knowing when to allow a little room for maturing and when to step in and put your foot down and discipline.”

T.I. on his time in prison and the lesson he learned from it about women and relationships:
“I saw so many guys worrying about their women and what they’re doing and all that shit. They end up making their time so much harder on themselves. You don’t know where they’re at, so there’s no use worrying yourself about it.”

To read the full Q&A with T.I., head over to ELLE.com here or check it out on the digital newsstand, and at newsstands nationwide on October 21st.

*All quotes have been excerpted from ELLE’s November issue*

Image via Getty Images

Ed Sheeran Compares Love To Cheesecake


Ed Sheeran is one of our favorite redheads. He doesn’t only write amazing love songs – he gives the best love advice too. Before embarking on his worldwide arena tour, Ed took a break to share his top tips to finding a perfect match.

Via Seventeen:

Ed Sheeran on how love is like cheesecake:
“Sometimes I wish I could go back and give my 17-year-old self love advice. I’d tell myself: ‘Ease into things slowly.’ If you have a piece of cheesecake, you don’t want to scarf it all down at once; you want to enjoy it. The same goes for love – don’t rush. Take time to figure out what you need in a relationship.”

It’s okay to be a little freaked out!
“I call this scared love. It sounds bad, but it’s not. I think we all get into situations where we’re terrified about letting ourselves fall in love because we don’t want to get hurt. But when you’re already friends and trust that person, that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach is healthy. It means that there is something there – a deeper connection – that might be worth it. You just have to let yourself make the fall.”

Sheeran on the importance of being yourself:
“Quirks might seem weird when you’re young, but they make you stand out when you’re older and that’s an important thing.”

VIP EXCLUSIVE: TMZ Sued for Defamation By Country Music Star Sara Evan’s Ex Husband!

Craig Schelske

Oh oh! TMZ could find themselves in deep doo doo!

Craig Schelske, the former husband of country music star Sara Evans is suing TMZ for defamation. According to Mr. Schelske TMZ maliciously disseminated false and damaging statements in a nationally broadcast segment which claimed that he was unfaithful to his wife of 14 years.

The 12 page lawsuit alleges that during a June 2014 broadcast, TMZ stated as fact that Mr. Schelske “took a hundred photographs of himself having sex with other people. That’s how [Sara Evans] found out.” According to the lawsuit, while TMZ made this pronouncement, one of the individuals on the show appears to knowingly look at a smart phone, suggesting that they had these photographs in their possession. Then, it was declared: “Yeah. That’s pretty good proof.”

“The proclamation made by TMZ left its viewers with the unmistakable belief that Mr. Schelske was unfaithful to his wife of 14 years, and that Sara Evans had discovered his infidelity when she found a hundred photographs of him having sex with other people. These statements made by TMZ on the June 17, 2014 broadcast, were and are unequivocally false. And, if TMZ had done any investigation, they would have seen, in their own previous articles that the photo allegations were false,” said Jason P. Fowler with the R. Rex Parris law firm.

Check out the OFFICIAL complaint here!

Schelske Complaint FINAL

“TMZ clearly understood the difference between reporting facts and allegations, but instead chose to sensationalize the story at Mr. Schelske’s expense. It is unfortunate when a powerful media outlet places more value in quickly publishing a story than thoroughly investigating that story before destroying someone’s life” added Fowler.

Before filing the lawsuit, Mr. Schelske gave TMZ the opportunity to retract the false statements about him and TMZ refused. Mr. Schelske is seeking compensatory damages, general damages, special damages (for loss of reputation) in an amount to be proved at trial,” concluded Fowler.

So what do you think? Does Schelske have a chance up against TMZ’s Harvey Levin?

Brad Pitt Talks About What It Is Like To Call Angelina Jolie His Wife

Via Extra

“Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli caught up with Brad Pitt while the star was promoting his new World War II film “Fury” in Washington D.C. Brad opened up to Jerry about life as a newlywed, what it’s like to call Angelina Jolie his wife, and more.

When asked, “Is it still weird for you to hear ‘wife’? Pitt revealed, “No, it’s actually you know it was something we thought we’d do for the kids and family but certainly walked away with, it means something, it’s not just a piece of paper. I thought we were as deep as you could get with six kids. And it upped the ante.”

And on shooting “By The Sea in Malta” in Malta with wife Angelina, who wrote the film’s script, Brad shared, “It’s a completely dysfunctional honeymoon, it’s an elegant kind of European sparse story that she has written about a dysfunctional couple. Really it’s about grief, it’s about a couple dealing with grief, and it’s quite beautiful and interesting. And yes this is our honeymoon. It’s not a bad place to be, I’ll tell you that.”

Speaking of honeymoons, as for pal George Clooney’s wedding, Brad did not attend and when asked if he thought Clooney was mad, Brad shared, “I don’t think so.” Brad added, “I sent him a gift early. I’m all right. I’m covered.”

“Fury” premieres in theaters nationwide tomorrow, October 17th.

Even though he is married, I still love him (but not in a creepy kind of way anymore), even though he will never love me back. Sigh. Those fantasies are dunzo.

SCREAM ON CUE NOW: One Direction Is On the Cover of Seventeen’s Hot Guy Issue


Your favorite boy band—aka the BIGGEST boy band in the world—is on the cover of Seventeen’s November Hot Guy issue!

From the day they were discovered on X-Factor and formed One Direction, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam have taken the music world by storm, breaking records and kickstarting the whole fangirling phenomenon. Before 1D got into the biz, no other fan base was as loyal or as viral. #Directioner set the stage for other huge fandoms to come, like #Swifters, #Arianators, #Lovatics, and #Selanators. Every single album they’ve put out has debuted at number one, and their next one, Four, is bound to do the same. That’s impressive, and that’s why Seventeen thinks that 1D is arguably the most powerful boy band in history (not to mention the cutest!).

On being featured on the cover of Seventeen’s Hot Guy Issue, 1D’s Niall Horan said, “Our fans mean the world to us and we want to thank them for supporting us unconditionally on this crazy, amazing ride!”

Learn more about the guys’ wild success—and how Seventeen readers can win a trip to Universal Orlando to see them perform!—when the November issue hits stands on October 21st.

I’m not going to lie, they are cutie patooties and I do like one or two (okay, maybe even 3 or 4) One Direction songs.

CELEB SPOTTING: Lance Bass, Christina Hendricks, Whitney Port Attend 6th Annual Club Tacori Event


Tuesday night, California based, Tacori, celebrated the sixth annual Club Tacori event, where they launched their premiere Gentlemen’s jewelry collection. Tacori, an established leader in bridal jewelry, also dazzled guests with new stunning engagement ring designs as well as showcased their new woman’s fashion jewelry collection, “Sonoma Mist.”



Guests enjoyed a live musical performance, beats by DJ Daisy O’Dell, California cuisine dinner from Top Chef Chris Crary of HYDE Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails, sweet treats from Dylan’s Candy Bar and more!

Celebrities in attendance included: Christina Hendricks, Lance Bass, Michael Turchin, Whitney Port, Janel Parrish, Christa B. Allen, Colin Egglesfield, Bellamy Young, Amanda Righetti, Julie Benz, Betsy Brandt, Sherri Saum.

Photos via: CharleyGallay

Amanda Bynes Hospitalized On Psychiatric Hold!

For quite some time now Amanda Bynes has been a hot mess.

But it was this recent video of Bynes out shopping (and attempted shoplifting) that had me at, “WTF, GET this girl some help!”

And finally Bynes has been put into a hospital, but for how long?

According to TMZ, Amanda thought a car service was taking her to The London Hotel where her parents and their attorney were going to meet her. In fact the parents had made arrangements with the car service to take her to a Pasadena hospital instead … where their lawyer, Tamar Arminak, was waiting with doctors.

TMZ reports doctors placed her on a 5150 psychiatric hold, where she will be held for 72 hours. That hold can be extended for 14 days, and we’re told during that time there will be a move to get another conservatorship.

This poor girl. Hopefully she gets the help that she needs.

Hilary Duff Responds To Aaron Carter’s Declarations Of Love

Aaron Carter has not been shy about his feelings for his teenage crush Hilary Duff. He’s been tweeting up a storm and constantly talking about the newly separated Duff.

He tweeted back in March the following message, “Don’t be that stupid douche that loses the love of your life forever.. Like me,” adding, “I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to better myself to get back to her. I don’t care what ANY of you think.”

And then it wasn’t even a month later that Aaron told Entertainment Tonight, “I’m not gonna give up on Hilary… ever.”

Now finally Hilary was put on the spot by Andy Cohen about Aaron’s love declarations and she isn’t really thrilled. She said, “Ugh, I don’t know… It was so many years ago. I literally haven’t seen him… so, it’s uncomfortable.” Cohen then noted, “He’s just feeling you on Twitter publicly,” to which Duff replied, “It’s nice to be felt.”

In other words, she’s honored, but a love fest reunion probably will NOT happen. But, in this crazy world of celebrity, you just never do know.

Hip Hop’s Bone Thugs N Harmony Launch Their Own TV Channel


Bone Thugs N Harmony fans, here’s your ideal music situation.

Bone Thugs N Harmony, who MTV calls “the most melodic hip hop group of all time,” announces their triumphant return to the spotlight with all five original members appearing in a major pay-per-view benefit show, the launch of their own fully dedicated Internet TV channel on FilmOn Networks, the creation of a new production company, and a slate of community awareness and development projects in their hometown of Cleveland.

In conjunction with the launch of their Internet TV channel, Bone Thugs N Harmony will perform a live pay-per-view show from the Cleveland Performance Arts Center on Oct. 16. The show, presented by Ladderhouse International, will be broadcast on ETV.com, the new interactive platform from FilmOn Networks, with a portion of proceeds going to the Cleveland non-profit Roots of American Music and Bone Thugs Cares Foundation. Bone Thugs N Harmony’s original members will collaborate for the first time with a live orchestra to make this a one of a kind event for both concert attendees and the pay-per-view online audience.

Bone Thugs TV, will feature original content online at bonethugstv.com and will be distributed globally as part of Greek billionaire Alki David’s FilmOn Networks. The channel joins FilmOn’s massive content offering that 40 million plus unique users enjoy every month. The channel will air live concert footage, interviews, celebrity guest appearances, and behind the scenes footage from upcoming events.

““I’m excited to work with Ladderhouse in bringing Bone Thugs N Harmony to our new ETV.com platform,”” says David. “”The platform was designed to put power and monetization abilities in the hands of artists, athletes and celebrities who can create one of a kind events and raise money for their charities with ease.””

Guess Who Stripped Down To Their Undies To Run?


It’s APOLO OHNO, y’all! And we are totally okay with this!

Last night, world-champion speed skating legend Apolo Ohno and Jen Ator, Women’s Health fitness director, donned a pair of tighty-whities for the Underpants Run in Kona. The run is part of Apolo’s training and recovery journey for the BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK campaign that will culminate at the world’s most grueling endurance race: the IRONMAN World Championship triathlon – a 140.6-mile swim-bike-run event in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on Saturday, October 11th.

Apolo began training for the IRONMAN World Championship triathlon in April, and has captured his transformational journey in an eight-episode online documentary series, Mission Apolo: BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK.


Green Day To Be Inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

You better believe Green Day fans are screaming at the top of their lungs, “It’s about freakin’ time!”

Green Day are among the 2015 nominees up for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it was recently announced.

The 2015 inductees are chosen by a secret ballot of over 600 individual voters consisting of all past inductees of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, musicians, historians, critics and members of the music industry. To be eligible for nomination, an individual artist or band must have released its first single or album at least 25 years prior to the year of nomination. Green Day becomes eligible for the first time this year with the April 1989 release of their debut EP 1,000 Hours.

“Wow! Time flies. It’s hard to believe it’ll be 25 years since we released some of our first music,” says Armstrong. “We are honored to be considered for inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along with many of our heroes.”

Green Day have attended the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony twice, the first time in 2002 when they performed as part of The Ramones’ induction. In 2012, they opened the show with a performance of “Letterbomb” and vocalist/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong helped induct Guns N’ Roses.

This year, Green Day, which is Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt, and drummer Tré Cool, are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their 1994 breakout album Dookie, which is the band’s best-selling album, having sold more than 20 million copies worldwide and earning Green Day its first Grammy® Award for Best Alternative Music Performance and Diamond Award from the RIAA. In addition, the band’s landmark album American Idiot celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Released on September 20th, 2004, American Idiot debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard chart, spawned five hit singles, earned seven Grammy® nominations (winning two, including Best Rock Album), and raised the bar for modern rock and roll.

Green Day were kids from working-class backgrounds who came of age in the underground punk scene in Berkeley, California. Even though they had released two records prior (1039 / Smoothed Out Slappy Hours and Kerplunk), they announced their arrival with Dookie. Over the years, Green Day has continued to top the charts with their subsequent studio albums, which in addition to those mentioned above, include Insomniac, Nimrod, Warning, 21st Century Breakdown, Green Day ¡Uno!, Green Day ¡Dos!, and Green Day ¡Tré! They are one of the world’s best-selling groups of all time, having sold more than 75 million albums and singles worldwide.