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Beware Mila! Ashton Is a Playa!

Mila Kunis may need to stay far, far away from Ashton Kutcher if she is looking to find a guy to settle down with because I can tell you right now, this guy’s one-eyed is drinking Redbull, uncaged, uncontrollable and probably isn’t always wanting to cellophane itself.

Rumor has it that over the weekend, Ashton spent a little bit of time with Mila. You know…furniture shopping and a sushi dinner date. But according to InTouch Weekly, Mila isn’t the only woman Ashton was wining and dining with.

The mag is saying that not only did Kutch bring a mystery woman to a Passover event at the Kabbalah Centre in New York on April 12, he spent the next night getting cozy with a pair of blondes at Mister H, the bar at the Mondrian SoHo Hotel. It was then and there that Kutch decided to frolick with Mila.

A source said, “Ashton is single and feels he can date as many women as he wants.”

Dear Mr. Source, Ashton always thought he was single.

But even though there are many women his one-eye wants to engage with, because Kunis reached out to Ashton when the media was dogging his douchebaggery, he maybe…just maybe could get serious with the girl.

The source added, “Ashton’s always had a crush on her, but Mila had a serious boyfriend.”

It’s funny how SHE had a serious boyfriend and he didn’t do anything about it but when it came down to his marriage he could have given two craps about it. The “source” sounds like an idiot. I’m shaking my head right now, peeps.

Image via Wireimage

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