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Annie Leibovitz’s Obama Family Portrait: Where’s Bo?


She’s photographed some pretty controversial and prominent photos. Miley Cyrus naked-under-a-sheet photo? Yep, Annie Leibovitz shot it. The Demi Moore naked pregnancy photo. Annie Leibovitz shot it. In a more non controversial photo, Annie Leibovitz spent some quality time at the White House to photograph the nation’s first African American Presidential family. The Obama Family Portrait. Yep, Annie Leibovitz shot it.

Sure Ms. Leibovitz has been in the news for some pretty controversial headlines as of late, but it’s time to move on. The famed photographer was THE photographer to shoot the official Obama family portrait. Lucky beotch! And today the photo was unveiled via the White House’s Flickr account.

However…this isn’t the first photo for the White House that Leibovitz has worked on. In January, she shot a major portfolio for Vanity Fair of Obama and his staff. Now while this photo is pretty non controversial, I must beg to differ. I’m a little offended that Bo, the White House Portuguese water dog, was not included in the shot. How unfair! If the Obamas wonder why Bo starts dropping poo poo all over, they should not be surprised! Here’s to Bo’s photo shoot of his very own! Woof, woof!

Official White House Photo by Annie Leibovitz

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