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Wintour vs. Gaga: When Egos Collide.

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Anna Wintour, Lady Gaga feud?

Vogue Magazine Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour is not one to keep her opinion to herself. And Lady Gaga is known for her out there style antics. So it’s not a stretch to imagine to two may not be friendly to one another. What may be more surprising than anything is that there are a few people out there that aren’t stuck up Lady Gaga’s butt.

There seem to be a lot of claims surfacing amidst the upcoming release of Lady Gaga’s biography, Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga, by author Maureen Callahan.

According to the bio, Gaga performed at Wintour’s Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala in May, and the two didn’t exactly hit it off.

“She [Gaga] sort of had a meltdown before she went on and as it was described to me, Anna was really none too pleased with her” says Callahan in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.

“Anna wasn’t impressed. She thought that she was just sort of behaving like a childish diva and not the professional who was about to perform for her peers; these incredibly famous designers and celebrities. She sequestered herself in the back room for a good hour. She was an hour late to perform and I also heard that she had been demanding things. She went to Anna at the last minute and was saying, ‘I’d like it to be this way.'” adds Callahan.

Callahan goes on to say, “Anna just said no. I don’t think she’s used to hearing that very often. When you’re dealing with two egos like that, it gets interested.”

Jimmy Fallon asked Wintour about the incident in September and she said, “She [Gaga] was communing with God and she was praying in the back, waiting for God to tell her it was alright to actually go on stage.”

Callahan’s Gaga bio was released today and you can read about all the details of her run in with Anna Wintour and other Gaga dramaz in all its glory.

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