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Angelina Jolie Participates in UN World Refugee Day

Angelina Jolie Like, Cares and Stuff

Angelina Jolie had a watershed moment the other night and it is further proof that she is human and not some embalmed mannequin as previously thought.

Why is Angie Jo always getting such flack for her endeavors? When she is not out stealing men with her steeltrap thundercat, or adopting the kids that you threw in a ditch, she is using all her star power for a greater good!

What is Jennifer Aniston doing? She’s making another romantic comedy in which she pretends yet again she is 35 and looking for a man to make her feel complete. How’s that for life imitating art? Or she’s clinging on to Justin Theroux and begging him not to leave her before he knocks her up. Even then, she’d be five chirrenz behind Angelina, but I digress…

At the premiere of her movie In the Land of Blood and Honey in Sarajevo, Angelina Jolie proved that her forehead in fact DOES move when she broke down in tears describing the plight of people in Syria.

Even crying, Jolie looks hot.

Life is not fair!

Image via Getty Images

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