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MTV’s teen mom Amber charged with 2 felonies.

Amber Portwood is the most talked about teen mom from MTV’s hit show Teen Mom. And unfortunately, Amber, Gary Shirley, and little Leah will not be getting out of the headlines anytime soon. Amber is in deep doo doo with two felony charges against her! We’ve got the deets below!

US Weekly reports that Amber has been charged with 2 felony counts, and 1 misdemeanor count of domestic violence and battery. This all stems from an episode that aired of the hit show 7 weeks ago. In this episode Amber repeatedly hits, chokes, and shoves Gary in the presence of their daughter Leah. Given that the incident took place in front of a child, the Anderson Police Department took this incident very seriously.

Amber has not been arrested yet, but a warrant could be issued very soon. If she is found guilty the teen mama could serve up to 3 years in jail!

In addition, she could also be facing around $10,000 in fines. Yikes!

It does not take a rocket scientist to know that if you allow cameras in your house to tape you, then it is going to be seen by other people. IT IS ON FILM!!

What do you think about this incident? Do you think that something should have been done before now?

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