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Amanda and Ryan: Guess we’ll “never know”….

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Amanda Seyfried, Ryan Phillippe dating?

Are they or aren’t they- that’s the question on the mind of all of us wondering if Amanda Seyfried is dating Ryan Phillippe? Sunday morning, Amanda was completely giddy after being spotted after presumably spending all night with Ryan. So what did the actress have to say in reference to the question after being busted doing the walk of shame?

Yes, the “new couple” only made their first public appearance Saturday Night at Kate Hudson’s Halloween bash, and given the fact that she didn’t leave his place until the next morning, I’m guessing the two had a very good time. *ahem*

Complete with morning hair and an oversized Banana Republic T-shirt, Amanda completed her walk of shame, with no shame to be found. When approached by X17online, who asked if she was indeed dating the father of two, Amanda simply responded, “You never know!”

Okay, okay- the question was completely loaded given the circumstances, and the answer obvious, so I’m going to give Amanda the benefit of the doubt and guess that her response was meant to be cheeky. In which case, bravo.

Apart from that, I’m taking it as a yes.

X17 also managed to see Ryan that same morning, but he wasn’t quite as giddy or moving with as much gusto. I’m thinking that 12 year age difference may play a part.

Check out the video HERE at X17online.com.

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