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Ain’t NOTHING Fresh About This Start

Most new years signify a fresh start, new beginnings, and on to something bigger and better.

Again, Rihanna did not get the message!

Hollywood’s most raggedy tragic tired famous back and forth couple, Ri-ho-ho and Chris Brown, were spotted again this year. Nothing but death can keep these two apart apparently! Their Instagram messages have already told us they’re together again as an item, but that was all smoke and mirrors ‘could they be?’ shadiness. This time? NO blankets, no covers, no grainy ass pictures with us wondering if it was Rihanna or Rita Ora.
They were out front and center in the daylight!

This time, the two managed to go the extra mile and were even vertical, snapped up by the paparazzi buying up some sustenance and some Icees. Good thinking, Rihanna. So when Chris Brown whops you upside the head, you can immediately cool the sting with that cold beverage!
Ri-Ri was snapped up wearing a sweater from Black Pyramid, which is Chris Brown’s clothing line.

The only thing missing from this scenario is the cane, because it looks like to us that Chris Brown is pimpin’ Rihanna out!

Triston – who has written 854 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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