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More than just celebrity gossip


Adele’s Verbal Slap to Chris Brown?

The question mark really should be removed from that title of this post, because we know Adele was not congratulating that bastard for anything, right?!

Adele and Chris Brown may have shared a moment or three at The Grammys, but I doubt any of them were tender. Look at the fear on her face as she poses with him… “Would he beat a new mother?” Oh, Adele! The things we must do when the paparazzi catch us off guard! Adele luckily had no mic on her when she appeared to be scolding the bad-boy R&B singer.

As Frank Ocean took to the stage to receive his award for Best Urban Contemporary Album, everyone in attendance stood up to congratulate the singer. Everyone that is, except for Chris Brown. It seems he is still holding a grudge after altercation only a week or so ago. Adele, seated only a few feet away, looked ready to roll reg_634.Adele.CBrown1.mh.021113 deep into Chris. The next time Adele, we have some advice for you. Just tell your people that you cannot pose with men that beat on women and flee before they start snappin’ away!!


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