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Assault Charges? More Like Wardrobe Malfunction…

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Adam Lambert, assault charges

If you follow Adam Lambert on Twitter you may have noticed a few paparazzi related tweets yesterday, the first one reading “Eew paparazzi killed my peaceful afternoon on the beach #howisthisok?”

Lambert then posted a link to pictures of his run in with the photogs, and even apologized for that gawd awful hat and getup he was wearing. Apparently, he was in disguise- I wouldn’t call his disguise a total fail since I can’t say I’d have recognized him, but it wasn’t good enough to fool everyone.

Now it looks like the altercation has resulted in a police report and assault charges. Oopsie.

According to TMZ, the paparazzo pictured in the photos with Lambert filed a report with the Miami Beach Police late last night, accusing the pop star of misdemeanor battery.  Only there’s a little discrepancy in the report and the photographs of the incident.

The victim claims Adam grabbed his backpack “where the camera was placed” and then proceeded to wrestle him down “forcefully.”  All well and good except that the pictures show the photog with his camera in hand- not in his backpack.

The police report also makes note that there were no “bruises or lacerations” sustained in the ordeal.

Lambert continues to tweet about it all, noting that no punches were thrown and that he is only guilty of embarrassment.

Hopefully the State’s Attorney agrees because if convicted Adam could face a year of jail time and a $1,000 fine.

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