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Zoe Saldana Talks Children, What Makes A Man Sexy And Her Sci-Fi Career

14 Cover

Zoe Saldana flashes a radiant smile on the cover of the September issue of Cosmopolitan for Latinas, on newsstands nationwide August 12th. The Guardians of the Galaxy star poses in a Julien MacDonald dress and speaks to the magazine about her children with husband Marco Perego, what makes a man sexy, and how she feels about her sci-fi career.

Via Cosmopolitan for Latinas:

On whether her children with husband Marco Perego will learn to speak Spanish:
“Of course [our children] will speak the languages that we speak; my sisters and I grew up learning French and speaking English and Spanish, and because of that, we’re able to understand Italian and Portuguese. But I’m going to have to make a conscious effort to speak Spanish to my children, because I speak Spanglish.”

On loving her age:
“At 35, you make better choices in men or partners, divorce people and situations that are not right for you, and learn to say ‘no’ with a smile.”

On what makes a man sexy:
“A man who has a natural respect for women – I don’t want a man who worships me: Stay away from those. Worshipping doesn’t count as really seeing me. I like men who work with women, are challenged by women, learn from women.”

14 Zoe Saldana 2

14 Zoe Saldana 3

On the most essential quality for a good sex life:
“To be uninhibited. I’m not talking about bringing in a third person or watching porn all night: That’s what leads people to believe they are amazing in bed when they’re the worst ever. Pornography is not sex education – it’s the opposite! Don’t allow insecurities to close you off. Be creative.”

On how being Latina affects her relationships:
“It’s one of the biggest factors about me: the fire, the passion, the “in your face” quality. I’m not going to say, ‘Whatever you want, whatever you say.’ I’ll say, ‘You know what I think? I feel this.’”

On debating whether or not to accept her now famous role in Avatar:
“When you’re younger and offered a part like that, you will have a moment of vanity, like, ‘Nobody’s gonna see my face.’ And at that moment you have to ask yourself, am I a celebrity? Or am I an artist?”

Credit: Alexei Hay

Zoe Saldaña Talks Relationships and Dream Roles in Marie Claire

Zoe Saldaña stunned on the cover of the August issue of Marie Claire, which is set to hit newsstands on July 22. In her feature interview, the Guardians of the Galaxy star opened up about her family, her husband, her thoughts on love and relationships, and her dream roles for her career.

Check out some of the highlights below!

On her relationship with husband Marco Perego: “I don’t do the ABCs. I do what my heart says, what my heart feels. So from the moment I met my husband, we were together. We knew.”

On the biggest thing she’s learned about relationships: “Not to settle. If you’re not happy with a person, leave. And wait until you find that one person who makes you feel good about yourself every single day and is not expecting you to change, but to grow.”

On disrespect: “I have been in relationships where a man has disrespected me, and I don’t need to be friends with that man anymore. I don’t want to be the one going, ‘I’m cool, because I’m friends with all my exes.’ There’s a reason why you’re called an ex. I crossed you off my list. Moving on. You cross a line, you need to know that you’re going to walk this earth knowing that there’s an individual who has no respect for you.”

On dream roles: “I would love to play Nefertiti or Cleopatra or the Queen of Sheba. We preserve more male history than we do female. We have to preserve it. No more complaining. We have to do it.”

On growing up in Dominican Republic: “I had many female bullies growing up who wanted us to be submissive and to follow and to kiss ass, and that’s the last thing any Saldana will ever do, honestly.”

Needless to say, from this short tidbit, readers can see that Zoe is definitely not the one to play with! She offered some wise advice in terms of relationships, as well. She’s not only a talented actress, but a strong person, who will speak her mind as she feels. Kudos to her for snagging this cover!

Image via Marie Claire

Zoe Saldana Talks Controversial Nina Simone Role in Monarch Magazine

Zoe Saldana recently snagged the cover of Monarch magazine, looking gorgeous! The actress, who landed the role of the late jazz artist Nina Simone, talked to the mag about the controversy behind her getting the role, how she feels about always having to define, and, in a sense, defending her race and culture, and how she prepared for it.

Check out the highlights of the interview below!

Playing the late, great Nina Simone, what inspired you to do a project like this? 
Nina was a true genius and an iconic artist. It was a dream job for me. It’s one of the scariest projects I’ve ever been involved with because it was about an iconic figure, and there were so many political [issues] around it from the beginning; but I really wanted it to be a love song to Nina Simone and I wanted it to just come from a place of absolute love. I loved the complexity of Nina and her beauty that she expressed with her music. I wanted to do right by her and knew it would be challenging. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing opportunity to play a true legend.

How did you prepare for the role?
I did a lot of research to prepare for Nina. I took piano lessons, voice lessons, worked with a dialect coach, and I really invested months of just doing research about Nina – her background, her story, her life. My research ranged from reading books about Nina, listening to her music, watching footage of her.

How did the controversy about you playing Nina affect you?
The Nina Simone story needed to be told, and I’m really blessed that I did it. I’m human. I wish I was made of steel and so certain things wouldn’t affect me. So it did affect me but I couldn’t let that deter me from doing what I needed to do. Just like everybody else I feel very strongly about Nina Simone, and that [this] was a story that needed to be told. I do believe that if everybody had more information about how this all came to be, it might help; but then again, I’m not here to get the acceptance of everyone – I’m here to be an artist first. Hopefully people will enjoy the film and I helped shed some light on this amazing iconic

Do you feel like your heritage and ethnicity is always questioned?

I find it uncomfortable to have to speak about my identity all of the time, when in reality it’s not something that drives me or wakes me up out of bed every day. I didn’t grow up in a household where I was categorized by my mother. I was just Zoe and I could have and be anything that I ever wanted to do … and every human being is the same as you. So to all of a sudden leave your household and have people always ask you, “What are you? What are you?” is the most uncomfortable question sometimes and it’s literally the most repetitive question. Because I can’t wait to be in a world where people are sized by their soul and how much they can contribute as individuals and not what they look like … I feel like as a race, that’s a minute problem against the problems we face just as women versus men, in a world that’s more geared and designed to cater towards the male species.

You can read more of the interview here!

Though Zoe has received A LOT of backlash for getting this role (many believed she wasn’t dark enough to play the role), I know that she is very talented and has the potential to pull this off. Plenty of actresses have done it before anyway. Angela Bassett looked nothing like Tina Turner, and look how well that turned out! I’m going to rule out judgement until I see the finished product.

Zoe Saldana Has An Obsession With Her Chest


Zoe Saldana is amazingly gorgeous but she is not completely happy with herself. There is one thing that she REALLY wants and it is attainable…with a little bit of money and a little bit of pain.

In an interview with the February issue of Lucky Magazine, the 35-year-old actress revealed that she has an obsession with the size of her chest. She wants bigger breasts!

Saldana said, “You always want what you don’t have. My whole life I’ve been obsessed with breasts. I love them. I don’t like fake things, but I wouldn’t mind buying myself a pair before I die.”

And just so we all know, she wanted to make it clear that it wasn’t because her man Marco Perego wants her to get bigger breasts.


She explains, “A man likes a woman as she is. You know when you meet a real man from the way he talks about a woman. ‘You just go, “Wow, you’re a man.”‘

In 2011 during an interview for Lifetime, Saldana also spoke about her breast size. She said that if “an old man was having a midlife crisis and can buy a Porsche and date a 17-year-old, I can buy myself a pair and be the sexiest soccer mom you’ve ever seen.”

She also said, “There’s nobody on this earth who can tell you that what you’re feeling is wrong. They can tell you it’s different to what they’re feeling. That said, I’m okay with people trying to do whatever it is they need to do to feel better.”

In other words, don’t be surprised if the next time you see Zoe she has a bigger chest.

Zoe Saldana Secretly Married!

Which only goes to prove that anyone can keep their love lives out of the press if they truly want to. So for all those celebrities that say it’s impossible, here’s exhibit A!

Saldana, who was briefly dated Bradley Cooper married artist Marco Perego this summer in a small ceremony involving only their closest friends and family, we are now discovering. Saldana and Perego exchanged nuptials in London.

Saldana already had been quoted as wanting to start a family soon and if she doesn’t have some of the cutest babies in Hollywood with this man, that right there could be a justifiable reason to divorce him.

Congratulations to the couple and Bradley Cooper has lost out big time!!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Zoe Saldana Is Androgynous

zoeUm, excuse me?

Yet another Hollywood starlet claiming to like the lady parts is nothing new, but this certainly answers a lot of questions as to whys he was with Bradley Cooper. Because at the end of the day…many of those days it could have been as if he was not even really there?

Zoe Saldana has dated more than her fair share of actors, but recently, by way of Allure magazine, the Star Trek actress basically outed herself as a friend of Ellen, Portia, and Jane…

“If I have something good in front of me, it doesn’t matter if it’s a person or a pair of shoes,” she says. “I’m not going to test something else. It’s insecure and it’s immature.”

Well said, Zoe. Well said. But then again, what man OR woman would say no if something as hot as Saldana was standing in front of them?!

Additional reporting: A. Neff King

Bradley Cooper’s Latest Beard Contract Comes to an End

If you haven’t seen the two of them together in the last couple of months, it is because Zoe Saldana is no fool. Her contract obviously did NOT include the peak holiday season.

That’s extra!

And with Zoe’s star continually on the rise, Bradley Cooper must be looking back to his last contract with Renee Zellwegger and thinking that was a steal! I mean, you just can’t ask Zoe to peddle her wares for bargain basement prices anymore. She’s a Star Trick Trek girl now! She’s the Avatar chick! If you want quality, you’ve got to pay! After Katie Holmes’ debacle, every girl with a nice pair of tittyballs and a half-way decent career is not going to be cheap to get to sign on the dotted line!

Allegedly, the two became an item while filming their bomb, The Words, and the romance spilled over like sour milk throughout the rest of 2012. But who was convinced that these two were a pair? Anyone? Anybody?

I thought not.

That *other* Bradley and Zoe are even more believable!
Now watch Zoe go back to a bonafide relationship as Bradley looks for another starlet to cajole.

CELEB SPOTTING: Zoe Saldana hangs at the Cafe Gratitude in Los Angeles

After Zoe Saldana’s elderly woman rescue on Wednesday, it appears as if Saldana was not too shaken. Zoe was spotted at the Cafe Gratitude in Los Angeles on Thursday, January 19th getting her eat on. Come on, this visit to a restaurant of such a name has to be a coincidence, right?

For those of you unfamiliar with Saldana’s real action hero powers, after witnessing a car accident in Culver City, California, Zoe rushed to help out the old woman who got herself into the accident.

An eyewitness said, “Zoe witnessed the accident and was so quick to help. She immediately got on the phone with 911 and seemed very concerned. While waiting for help to arrive, Zoe returned to the woman’s car and picked up the woman’s handbag and sweater. Zoe was very caring and sweet to the woman.”

Just a day in the life of an on and off screen super hero.

Zoe Saldana is wearing the a+ro Farrah Sweater in red.

Photos via National Photo Group

REPORT: Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper ARE dating

Well we all know what happens when Bradley Cooper works with an attractive female on the set of a movie. Yep, that’s right. He falls in love with them. Cooper’s latest (probably fauxmance) girl on his arm is his The Words co-star Zoe Saldana.

So could this be a real romance or is it just another one of those showmances that tend to happen right around a movie release? Yeah, somehow those magically happen.

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Quote of the Day: Zoe Saldana

“We started the whole world tour and you’re expelling so much energy, so that by the time the awards season was over my body just needed to relax. It was kind of like shutting down. It was such an emotional thing and I do know that everybody from, like, the director, the producer and the rest of the cast went away with their families afterwards and they kind of hid for a while because you needed to refuel. There was no nervous breakdown. It was just a beautiful journey that exhausted me.”

Zoe Saldana, on rumors that she had a breakdown after filming Avatar

Michael Vartan’s wife has his lips on lock!

Note to future Michael Vartan co-stars. He doesn’t kiss on the mouth. Well, he doesn’t kiss YOU on the mouth. His lips, mouth and tongue are reserved for his wife. And that’s final!

True story.

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