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Christina Aguilera Has Finally Gotten The Memo


Although we do not personally find Christina Aguilera fat by any means, it must be noted that when you are one of the world’s biggest poptrix, you have to decide: am I Adele or am I a skinny pop star? And for the last few years, Xtina has been telling everyone that it doesn’t matter that she’s not as skinny as her ‘Dirrty‘ days, she’s still hot. But the fact of the matter is that with the way she dresses, her clothes are too small for her asses. Her latest CD Lotus has flopped, she’s not on The Voice this season, and her world tour must sell to vindicate her new product. So, Christina has finally relented and done what she claimed she would never do…

D I E T.

There are reports that she has lost about 25 pounds, although Christina herself has not confirmed any of her weight loss with a statement. She’s currently training under fitness guru Tee Sorge and there is definitely a difference in her body, but if she wants to get into Rihanna shape, she’s gonna have to work it O U T! Because as we all know, vocal talent alone is not enough these days. You must look slightly starved and strung out. For everything else?

Add AutoTune.

Christina Aguilera’s Hefty Paycheck?

If you are one of those people that have been calling Christina Aguilera out for her stint on Rubenesque Row, then here’s some news that may have you headed for the buffet at The Sizzler any minute now. It seems that people have been paying attention to the pounds that surround the pipe, because Aguilera has just been offered $3 million dollars to cash in on her chunk.

According to sources, TheBigandTheBeautiful.com has contacted Christina with an offer that she possibly cannot refuse. They are asking that she become the official face on the website for big and beautiful women. Now, I know what some of you are thinking. Once you remove X-Tina’s weaves, ten gallons of MAACO make-up, and five buckets of spray tanner, there’s only about 100 pounds of person left. But we’ve obviously been fooled!

The website is produced by none other than America’s Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson. Coincidentally, she was also the first plus-sized model to win the show. Thompson claims that the site is “specifically designed for women with curves”. With her combination of looks, asses, and charisma, if I were on Team Aguilera, I would be looking to find out where on the dotted line to sign. But for Xtina to accept this offer, she has to come forward once and for all as a fatty, and does anyone think she’s gonna admit to that? X-Tina ain’t that broke! Methinks she’ll pass on the dough.