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Celebrity VIP Lounge

Celebrity Gossip Heard All Over The Web

Katt Williams Arrested…Again!

I think we all should get used to photos of Katt looking like this.
Katt Williams gone and done it now. He has gone above and beyond White Girl Wasted syndrome and escalated to full on arrest. It’s not as if we didn’t see this one coming. Helen Keller, Stevie Wonder, and Ray Charles all saw this one heading for a train wreck!
This time, Williams was arrested for endangering four of his children. The police alongside the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services paid a visit to his home and found it full of guns and illegal drugs. They say this created a safety hazard for the kids.

Well, you don’t say!

The bond has been set at $100,000 and we are not sure if Katt has busted out yet, since he has a $4 million dollar lien against him currently. This just is not a good year for Katt. The bad part is that I don’t even think this is the top echelon of future crackery from Williams. There’s alot more where this is coming from! Let’s just hope he gets it all out before the new year begins. How much more damage can he do in 72 hours!!

Let LeAnn Be LeAnn!

And what we would be allowing her to be is a drunk hussy. Because that’s exactly what she was on X Factor the other night! Did anyone see that? It was like Valley of the Dolls on a gin & tonic spree! Now, LeAnn insists she was sober, but even Stevie Wonder could tell she was drunk as a skunk!

Simon Cowell was asked about whether or not he thought she was indeed hammered and he would not go right out admit that he thought she was drunk, but the proof was in the (spiked) pudding! He even wants her to be back on the show!

Do you really think Simon Cowell would miss an opportunity to broadcast a live episode of White Girl Wasted syndrome to millions of Americans? Of course not! And here were all were, thinking Britney would be the first person on that show to bring the crazy.

Leave it to LeAnn to bring it first.

And let me not forget that LeAnn spoiled poor little Carly Rose’s chances at winning the other night. Can you even call it a duet if only one person is coherent?! Oh Lord! I never thought I’d be saying this, but…

Team Britney!!

Amanda Bynes Get a Break

You know, for once – just ONCE…I’d like to see one of these Hollywood tricks in jail and serving the full sentence instead of two or three minutes because of overcrowding. I say make a special section for Hollywood celebrities. There’s enough of them in courthouses to fund this! Call it the Lohan Correctional Facility for Wayward Celebrities. Guess who just caught a break and won’t serve a second in jail?

Amanda Bynes!

To call her a celebrity is truly pushing it, but if we must call her something other than a White Girl Wasted Syndrome sufferer…but I digress.

Amanda has something that even Lindsay doesn’t have these days.

Cash! She used her residual checks from hit shows years past to buy her way out of jail, reaching a settlement with her hit-and-run victims, which convinced a judge to throw out criminal charges.

What kind of f*ckery is this?!

Let’s see how much money Bynes has, because she still has two more counts against her for driving on a suspended license.

I pray for the day both her and Lohan share a cell and a bar of soap!

Brooke Mueller Is Just Exhausted…

So exhausted that she almost didn’t wake up. While some of us call that an overdose, Brooke Mueller, the ex-wife of Mr. Crackie himself – Charlie Sheen, considers it a power nap of epic proportions. What to the f*ckin’ EVER! Charlie’s ex was rushed the an L.A. hospital last night after O.D.ing on drugs, according to media outlets.

According to her friends (and what kind of friends are these anyway?!), Brooke has been hitting the pipe hard the last few weeks. Now it looks like she will have to go to rehab again. This will be at least the 15th time she’s been in a treatment center. As an official member of the Forever White Girl Wasted Syndrome Club, surely Brooke should have a V.I.P. room adjacent to Lindsay Lohan’s? And in an update on the f*ckery, Mueller has issued a statement through her paid piece denying all these latest allegation. “As a precaution, Brooke was brought to a local hospital and discharged after an hour. She was diagnosed with exhaustion and dehydration and is now fine and resting at home. That’s it.”

OK, folks. If I ever get so exhausted that I have to be revived via ambulance, paramedics, an IV drip, and lightning bolts to my titty balls? Houston, we have a goddamn problem!!

Katt Williams: When Midgets Attack! (round #377)

It’s already bad enough they have to work at Target, but to be slapped by the customers to boot? Now I know I may make jokes about verbally slapping those afflicted with a touch ‘o ‘tard, but to actually physically lay one on someone’s face?

Well, that’s assault and I don’t know about you folks, but I like my clean rap sheet. But most of us, thankfully, are not as crazed and ignunt as the comedian Katt Williams.

It seems that Katt has been experiencing severe cases of White Girl Wasted syndrome lately. His cray cray cup poureth over. And while I was here in my hotel blowing chunks from Bali belly, Katt was being insane!

The police are investigating and no charges have been filed, but believe you me, there will be a check issued to a soon to be retired worker at Target.
And if Katt does not get arrested for this, what does that say to the rest of America? Can we just go around slapping people for whatever reason we want? If that’s the case…
Let me find my glove!

The Strawberry Snortcake Lies!

In further proof that White Girl Wasted syndrome never totally leaves her skanky ass side, LL Cool Jizz has been charged with yet another crime to add to her list longer than her IMDB credits. The Strawberry Snortcake lied – yes lied – to police officers about her car accident back in June and now they are formally charging her. If you cannot remember this incident, let me refresh your memory, since she has a new accident every other day.


In this sitch, Lohan told the po-po she was not behind the wheel of her Porsche when it hit an 18-wheeler. Well, as it turns out, she was. She simply switched seats with the passenger in her car and feigned innocence. The case has been examined, the incident will be filed as a misdemeanor and it could spell more trouble for the alleged actress, who must stand before Judge Sautner (the jewelry heist judge) and hear if this will affect her probation on that case.

But surely that cannot be all that went down, right?
The cops also found prescription pills in Lilo’s purse after the crash. The pills were scattered all over her trunk and she was almost charged with drug crimes. However, those charges were later dropped.


What is it going to take to put this freckled fucktress behind bars for good?
Another Lifetime movie?!

Sam Worthington, Arrested

What is up with these stars thinking they can act a damn fool and get away with it? In further proof that White Girl Wasted syndrome knows no color or gender, Aussie actor Sam Worthington has been arrested in Atlanta, and the details are about as sketchy as his acting.

This past Saturday, the Avatar star is accused of going back to his Oz roots, fighting in public. When refused entrance because he seemed too intoxicated for the doorman, the actor blew his top and had to eventually be subdued with pepper spray. Now now now, Sam. Everyone knows that in America, you need I.D. to get in anywhere. Even Lindsay Lohan has learned that lesson. Worthington slammed into the doorman not just once – but twice – and the doorman was not having it. Out came the pepper spray, down went the star, and soon he was handcuffed as the police rushed to the scene. There’s video of this fight lurking somewhere and he was charged with disorderly conduct.

Sam Worthington is in Atlanta shooting Ten with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Let’s hope he doesn’t get 5 to 10 for this latest round of physical f*ckery!

Lindsay Lohan: The Un-Hinged Ginge Has Something To Say

And apparently, she thinks the common folk out there actually want to hear what goes on in that tattered cranium of hers. According to reports, America’s favorite crackhead F-list actress Unhinged Ginge is having a sit down (legs un-crossed, beaver flashing more than likely) interview with the oldest journalist in the game, Barbara Walters.

It’s been years since the last time these two sat down for a tet-a-tet. If the rumors and speculation are true, Strawberry Snortcake will be sitting down with Walters in as little as a few weeks. More than likely, the interview will in part help to promote her new movie of the week, Liz & Dick. Expect Walters to go over the parallels between Lohan and Elizabeth Taylor’s life: teen stardom, the paparazzi, and addiction battles. I hope they don’t forget to ask Lohan about things that don’t parallel. Like flashing your va-jay-jay for Twitter, slapping your mama with a crack pipe, posing for jail house calendars, doing bumps with your Daddy, suffering from an incurable case of White Girl Wasted syndrome, et cetera.

Can’t you just wait for Liz & Dick?!