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Amanda Kicked from The Ritz!

With the clock ticking until Lindsay Lohan exiting rehab, Amanda Bynes knows that the only way to retain her newly, hard-earned title as ‘White Girl Wasted’ is to go all out and so her antics continue! What’s happening in the world of sheer lunacy with America’s new favorite crackhead? Well, someone just got booted out of the Ritz-Carlton in NYC and fitting the actress, she did it in singular style!

Bynes claims not to smoke the green sugar, but guess what smell was wafting out of her room, slapping all of the help as they cleaned the floor? Yes…that. Since Bynes wasted no time in verbally slapping the staff left and right (she told the desk attendant that she was “too ugly” to check her in and referred her to a plastic surgeon) they surely did not waste one moment kicking her blue-haired ass to the curb.

Amanda claimsamanda-bynes-blue-wig she was not kicked out, but left on her own terms, but we call bull crappy on this one! And Amanda, if you’re smoking the sticky icky, why are you denying it? Just get a medical marijuana card in L.A. Like everyone else!!!

Amanda Bynes: I Have An Eating Disorder

Lindsay Lohan may still (barely) be the official face of White Girl Wasted, but Amanda Bynes has made a case for the title in her own right the last few months. The formerly retired, newly crazy mini-starlet has had so many brushes with the law lately that even her legal team can’t keep up. So when she ran to her Twitter account recently to make an announcement, not everyone was signing on for what she had to say:
“I have an eating disorder so I have a hard time staying thin.”

To anyone that read that, they were probably like us, thinking…

Wrong disorder!

Amanda needs to go back to Amanda-Bynes-2013WebMD and put down that bottle of the sweet nectar before she surmises what is ailing her. Because although she may not be a size two, she most certainly is only marginally sane at this point and time.

We’re waiting for the admission from Team Bynes that she’s black. Maybe then Drake will “murder her vagina”.

Stay tuned…

Save a Heaux: An Open Letter to Amanda Bynes


You may have claimed to have retired from acting, but you certainly have not retired from drama. High drama. We’re not sure how high this drama is, but I would suggest you not to get a refill of that drug! As the new, slightly flushed face of WGW (White Girl Wasted), we’ve got to hand it to you. You’re going full throttle with the batsh*t cray cray!!

Move over Britney!

Papa’s got a brand new crackbag!

Bynes ran to her Twitter to tweet about her tw*t…

“I want Drake to murder my vagina,” she wrote.

That’s right, Amanda. Tell us how you really feel!

After video footage of Amanda being helped down the street by the paparazzi, that’s a sure sign that there is more f*ckery and madness to come! We’ve got a suggestion for you, Amanda.

Get a film crew to film this visual breakdown and collect a check!

It’s Heather Morris’ Turn, Apparently

Because White Girl Wasted syndrome has struck through a bevy of Hollywood’s C to D list starlets: Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Hayden Panettiere and now? Heather Morris, the ditzy blonde from Glee, has thrown her tresses into the circle too. This may be a mild case of WGW, but we all know how that leads to the gateway of full fledged f*ckery.

These days in Hollywood, it seems to me that if you are blonde (real or peroxide), under the age of 30, and have access to a car, you are this close to vehicular madness at each and every turn. If it’s not one of them flashing us with her un-pantied poon, driving over pedestrians, hit & runs, et cetera…I think it’s safe to say: if you’re in Hollywood?

Use the subway!

Heather Morris’ problem pales in comparison, but I prefer to cover this now, so when she becomes a full fledged member of the White Girl Wasted brigade, I can testify that I knew her way back when.

It seems that Heather doesn’t know what the word sidewalk means. Because she has been parking her car on it the last few nights and her neighbors are about to ring her bell…in more ways than one. An investigation into Morris’ driving records shows that she’s had five parking tickets since August.

Consider this foreshadowing, folks. She’s gonna blow any minute!!

James Franco and Ashley Benson Are Doin’ It!

And if they’re not, they need to start soon and make a believer outta me!

And forgive me for being perceptively snarky, but…. doesn’t Benson look like a pre-trashy Tara Reid? If she ends up being more like Tara than people are bargaining for, Franco better hit it and hit it hard now before the goods get wasted with the quickness. Because I know I am not the only one around here that remembers how quickly Tara’s stock plummeted. For those of you that have forgotten, Tara was basically holding the White Girl Wasted baton before Lindsay Lohan snatched it out of her hand around the mid-2000s. And this Ashley Benson may not be in her league yet, but she certainly needs to raise her name recognition, because I barely know who the hell this alleged actress is!

Here’s what Franco had to say about it all…
“I … hear that I’ve been dating Selena Gomez, Kristen Stewart and Ashley Benson. Hot damn, am I a lucky guy. I wish I had actually gotten closer than the 13th row of the theater in Toronto where Kristen gave her On the Road Q and A, but I didn’t. Not only did I not talk to her, I didn’t even go to SoHo House where I supposedly asked her out on a date.”


I’ve not heard anything about him and Selena Gomez (pedophile!) or Kristen Stewart (cheater!), so this makes him even seem more suspect. Make an honest whore skank starlet out of this girl, Franco! Up her profile, make her a star, and then dump her for another starlet!
Ah, Hollywood!

Bobbi Kristina Enters White Girl Wasted Territory

White Girl Wasted Week just got a little bit darker.

When did White Girl Wasted week begin? I cannot keep track for all the headlines blurring together in one dizzying array of ignunce. Lindsay, Amanda, and now Bobbi? Remember that White Girl Wasted syndrome knows no color and this has been further confirmed with the addition of Whitney Houston’s only child, Bobbi Kristina, who has finally made a return to the headlines after a few weeks away. This is further proof that you can never keep a crackie down for long and now Amanda Bynes may have to slide over to the left and let a new girl have her day in the sun.

Bobbi Kris was involved in a car accident in Georgia, annihilating the entire front of the black 2012 Camara, and leading to speculation that there is more to the story than what meets the eye. Early reports are that Bobbi was only a passenger in the car, but that the two were involved in a heated argument at the time of the crash. The accident is currently under investigation and Bobbi’s spokesperson has yet to release an official statement.

Well alright for Bobbi Kris bringing a little color to White Girl Wasted week! Now if only Lucy Liu or Sofia Vergara could get get trashed and arrested this week, I’d be over the moon!

Lindsay Lohan Enters Emergency Room

Doesn’t this photo of Lindsay Lohan trying her best to channel Liz Taylor make you yearn for the days of old Hollywood talent and grace?


and somewhere in a padded cell in New York City, Amanda Bynes is  wondering how she’s going to top her chief competitor in White Girl Wasted syndrome this week. Lindsay Lohan has upped her game in the last few days, as she was rushed to the emergency room. Reports are that she was suffering from lack of press a bad lung infection.

According to Lohan’s friends, the actress has been suffering from asthma and a case of ‘walking pneumonia’ the last two weeks and when things got escalated this week (ie: she needed to promote her new movie, Liz & Dick on Lifetime), she sought treatment at the hospital.

Mount Sinai Hospital took Lohan in, pumped her full of prescription pills antibiotics and released her not too long thereafter. Now Lohan is recovering in the sanctity of her hotel room.

This news comes quickly on the heels of the release of her new movie, which may or may not bring her back from the brink. Meanwhile, Amanda Bynes is plotting how to top this news by Wednesday.