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CELEB SPOTTING: Reportedly Pregnant Jessica Biel in West Hollywood

The reportedly pregnant Jessica Biel was spotted out and about in West Hollywood!

On Monday, the actress was seen walking with a friend, seemingly from a workout. Jessica was rocking a puffer jacket (maybe to try to dispel the rumors or hide the bump?!), with some leggings, sneakers, and some fly green aviator sunglasses.

Neither Jessica nor her husband Justin Timberlake have officially announced if they are in fact expecting their first child, but these rumors have been circulating for a while now. It’s been said that the couple is keeping the news to themselves for now. If Jessica is indeed expecting, they’ll come out with the news when they’re ready. She looks good, regardless!

Image via ExposurePhotos.com

Janice Dickinson: From Supermodel to Wonder Woman


Anyone that knows Janice Dickinson knows that humility is not one of her strong suits. The former model has claimed forever and a day to be the world’s first supermodel and in her mind she is it. Let’s not argue with her about this because we’ll never win. What we can say is that this week, The Dickinson did save someone from a crime and it’s time to congratulate her.

It all went down in West Hollywood.

Janice, who was hovering outside of Abbey nightclub at 5:30 in the morning (don’t judge!) had to hop into her crime fighting vehicle and chase after a perp when one of the club’s go-go dancers had his bag full of Magic Mike accessories stolen from the sidewalk. Janice chased after the thief with er car, eventually cornering him in an alley we’re sure she knows very well. Eventually the cops came and arrested the man on robbery charges and of course Janice humbly said to the cameras when she returned to the club….?

“I’m a hero.”

All hail the supermodel of the world.

additional reporting: A. Neff King