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Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Is REAL


Kim Kardashian’s post baby bikini body graces the cover of this week’s US Weekly, “Extra’s” Terri Seymour caught up with Kim at The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment breakfast where she updated Terri on her weight loss, baby North, and her wedding plans.

Via our friends at Extra:

Kim had not seen the pics of her in a white triangle two-piece on the beach in Miami until “Extra” showed her the photo. Kim saying she and some friends were on the beach and ran back inside when they saw the paparazzi, “I have about 10 (pounds) to go.”

Kim saying six weeks after she had baby Nori she started Atkins, “I‘m not a dieter, it’s so hard for me to change the way that I eat and I don’t do it now all the time, but it’s changed the way that I eat, so now I eat at night time, no carbs and I try to incorporate a lower carb diet than I did before and I try to work out five times a week.”

Kim loving being a mother saying her favorite time with Nori is in the mornings, “She’s laughing so hard now, just to see her little smile…My favorite time with her is morning time, I try to let her stay in her pj’s as long as possible.”

As far as whether she and Kanye will get married in 2014 at the Palace of Versailles, Kim saying nothing has been decided yet, “We keep on trying to have the conversation, but we haven’t had the time, we really don’t have a date or a location…Europe is not confirmed, we want some where far far away, but we don’t know where.”

In other words, Kim just wants to throw the big middle finger up and out at the world. Take that, critics. She’s skinny now.

An Open Letter to Kim Kardashian

Dear Kim Kardashian:


You’ve done it again!481108_370963593030774_547192529_n

Sending a bad message to your legion of fans. And although this magazine cover is allegedly not approved by you, where is your denial? Hmmm? Nowhere to be seen. Because in the world of all things Kardashian, any press is good press. So here’s some more, trick-a-licks! I don’t even know where to start sometimes with your triflin’ ass(es), but to save us all some time (and web storage space), let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

First, you become famous by making and then selling a sex tape, which your mother pimps out, instantly making you famous for nothing more than your asses (and ‘liquid DNA’). And what happens next? Other girls with even less talent (and ass) begin releasing sex tapes by the truckload in the hopes that they too can grab a few dollars for themselves. And in this age of mediocrity that we presently live in it has worked for more than a fair share of these skuzzy skanks.

Job well done, Kim.

And the latest in your trifecta of fuckery? Because naming your child North West is definitely in the top 3, but I digress…

You go into hiding for a few weeks after giving birth to this future pimped out Hollywood ho stroll child, and then plop your ass onto the cover of the highest bidding magazine to let everyone know how you lost 50 pounds in 40 days. Now, some people out there may be applauding your ass(es) for recovering your only true prized possession so quickly, but we’re not one of those people. And why?

Because losing 50 pounds in 40 days is not only not healthy, it is yet again sending the wrong message to girls and young women that, for whatever reason, idolize your ass(es). Not only are you a vapid famewhore, but you are a buffoon of epic proportions to even come out with a statement like that. If anything, you should have just said you’ve lost weight and feel great, instead of putting numbers out there that any medical physician of merit would say is unhealthy. Now, we are all sure a bit of liposuction, Photoshop, and urine as a diuretic probably had a hand in all of this, but that’s besides the point. We’re calling you out on this one, Kimmy K and you have been warned!

One Direction Member Zayn Malik Anorexic?


Hey it can happen to the best of us and especially to those who live in the spotlight and under a microscope on the daily. But a celebrity male to have an eating disorder? Yes, it can happen (and could very well be happening right before our eyes)! Rumors are floating around that One Direction boyband member Zayn Malik is losing weight rapidly as a result of an eating disorder!

An insider close to the singer claims that Zayn began eating very healthy and working out regularly recently to try and get in shape for the band’s tour, but now he may have taken things too far.

Check out a recent photo of Zayn looking eerily thin via our friends at Girls Talkin Smack here.


Christina Aguilera Is Skinny Again


She recently announced she is coming back to The Voice as a judge but along with that, Christina Aguilera has also been busy up in the gym and putting down the jelly-filled donuts from what it looks like.

She’s been large and in charge. She’s had ample bosom. She’s been up and down with her weight but now it looks as if she is serious about getting back to the old Xtina. Xtina took to her Twitter account to show off her hot new bod.

She tweeted, “On set shooting music video with @Alexoficial for #HoyTengoGanasDeTi”
She looks fantastic!

And yep, girlfriend looks DAMN good! Although, we loved Chrissy when she was curvaceous too!!!

Check out her new physique via our friends at Earsucker

Celebrity Moms Struggle To Take Off The Weight After Birth Too


Except Gisele Bundchen, of course…who probably nibbled on lettuce and worked out six hours every day until the weight shed.

After popping out a baby it is hard to lose that weight. But can you imagine how hard and stressful it must be for a celebrity mother who needs to get down to where they were in order to get a job on a film or back in that swimsuit for a modeling gig? Well, yeah it would suck. Having an unlimited amount of money for trainers and nannies to care for your little ones make it a whole hell of a lot easier for celebs. Other than for Gisele Bundchen who makes it look so easy, there are some celebrity mothers out there who found it to be a HUGE struggle to get back the bod they once had.

Check out five stars who found it very difficult to take off the baby weight here via our friends at Girls Talkin Smack.

Rob Kardashian: Charged

The one Kardashian that doesn’t work, Rob Kardashian, has been charged with battery and theft. This is the most action and publicity he has ever received, so let’s see if Mama Kris Jenner can spin this into a check for the klan!

According to reports, the only son of Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian, Sr. is accused robkardashianof beating a member of the paparazzi back in March because the photog snapped him up as he left a West Hollywood gym with no shirt on. That photographer knew what he was doing. The magazines would have had a field day exposing those breasts on the front of their pages. Rob, aware of his breasticles, grabbed the pap and snatched out the incriminating evidence. The photographer sued for robbery and assault and now he wants a check!

Two counts against him? Will he serve any jail time?

Not likely, but this is fun!

additional reporting: A. Neff

Chaz Drops An Olsen Twin


Chaz Bono, the transgendered child of Hollywood icon Cher, has gone through quite the transformation in the last few years. From overweight woman to overweight man and now to nearly svelte, dare we say hot…stud?

Someone hush our mouths!

But, the proof is in the diet pudding because Chaz has finally made the connection and dropped the excess weight that has riddled his body for years. If Chaz keeps this up, she will be able to get any hot girl that she wants. What do you think, VIPers? Is Chaz on the cusp of hotness or what?

What say ye?!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Kim KardASSian: The Saga Continues

You know, even before Kimye happened, Kardashian was always chided and joked about for her backside. But these days, now that’s she’s with child and it looks like she’s carrying a litter of chirrenz in her ass(es)? It’s getting vicious! And since we’re basically the mean kids that threw wet, rolled up pieces of paper at the good kids in high school, we’re jumping on the bandwagon!

Everyone knows that the Kardashians love a magazine cover any chance they can get, but if you were to see the covers these days, the paparazzi can barely fit Kim and her 17 asses all on the cover! It’s time to expand the front page to a double wide pull-out because with a few months to go, she’s only going to get bigger!


Current estimates place her at 200 pounds and the rumors are flying that Kanye is going to drop her like a dump truck if she doesn’t unload the weight immediately. He shouldn’t worry about that. Kimmy K’s gonna have all that poundage lipo’ed away before you can say OctoMom. This is the perfect example of when a breech birth means more than meets the eye!

Christina Aguilera Has Finally Gotten The Memo


Although we do not personally find Christina Aguilera fat by any means, it must be noted that when you are one of the world’s biggest poptrix, you have to decide: am I Adele or am I a skinny pop star? And for the last few years, Xtina has been telling everyone that it doesn’t matter that she’s not as skinny as her ‘Dirrty‘ days, she’s still hot. But the fact of the matter is that with the way she dresses, her clothes are too small for her asses. Her latest CD Lotus has flopped, she’s not on The Voice this season, and her world tour must sell to vindicate her new product. So, Christina has finally relented and done what she claimed she would never do…

D I E T.

There are reports that she has lost about 25 pounds, although Christina herself has not confirmed any of her weight loss with a statement. She’s currently training under fitness guru Tee Sorge and there is definitely a difference in her body, but if she wants to get into Rihanna shape, she’s gonna have to work it O U T! Because as we all know, vocal talent alone is not enough these days. You must look slightly starved and strung out. For everything else?

Add AutoTune.

Tami Roman Shows Off Post Weight Loss Bikini Bod


It’s HERE! Tami Roman’s OK! Magazine interview (on newsstands now) where she reveals for the first time her new svelte body in a white bikini after losing 35 pounds total on NV Clinical!

Fabulous and a busy mom in her 40’s, Basketball Wives star, Tami Roman, who recently quit smoking, didn’t exercise regularly and her metabolism slowed down drastically. Tami realized that she needed a healthy boost in weight loss and not a quick fix.

As the newest spokesperson for NV Clinical, Tami couldn’t fathom the thought of being able to wear a swimsuit again and would actually get anxiety! She now admits, “Since using NV, losing weight and actually realizing that I can wear a bikini, I plan to take a special trip with my daughters this summer,” says Roman. “I have now realized that I’m 42 and fabulous and will definitely feel more empowered walking on the beach and not covering up!”

Besides starring on VH1¹s highest reality show, Basketball Wives Miami, Tami is also a seasoned actress and will star in the new original comedy series, Belle’s, premiering on January 21st.

Jessica Simpson Flaunts 60 Lb Weight Loss







Jessica Simpson is slimming down and getting her sexy back! A little more than six months after the birth of her daughter Maxwell Drew in May, the singer has lost more than 60 lbs, getting back to healthy!

Casually dressed in denim and a hot pink blazer, Jessica flaunted her slim figure this weekend at an event for her fashion line, the Jessica Simpson Collection. Definitely a huge difference from some months ago!


Two days before, she posted a sneak peek on Twitter of her commercial she shot for Weight Watchers, her newest endorsement.

Jessica has admitted that getting back into shape after giving birth wasn’t easy at all. “My body is not bouncing back like a supermodel,” she said back in September. “I’m just your everyday woman who is trying to feel good and be healthy for her daughter, her fiancé and herself.”

So glad that Jessica is getting healthier! She looks incredible, and the weight loss will definitely give her the energy to keep up with little Maxwell!

Images via Time/Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Jessica Simpson Can do What She Wants, Weight Watchers Doesn’t Care!

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Katie Holmes Losing Dangerous Amount Of Weight Since Cruise Split

You can about imagine the stress that Katie Holmes is going through now that she is finally getting away from mad man Tom Cruise. Sure she may feel a sense of relief because the guy isn’t controlling her every move as we all thought he did, but finally picking up and leaving someone isn’t always easy no matter WHO they are.

In the In Touch Weekly‘s July 23 2012 issue the mag focuses on Katie Holmes‘ weight loss, protruding bones and sunken in cheeks.

According to the mag,

Her cart was filled with fruits and vegetables, but as Katie Holmes shopped with her 6-year-old daughter, Suri, at a Whole Foods in NYC on July 8, the actress looked in desperate need of heartier fare. “She’s lost a lot of weight,” says an observer, adding that fellow patrons couldn’t help but notice Katie’s rail-thin arms, prominent collarbones and gaunt, exhausted-looking face. “She obviously has been under a lot of strain.”

Well no doubt. And you KNOW damn well that Tom didn’t give her her placenta in this whole divorce. At least if she had that she would have a little meat on those bones! Greedy, greedy Tom.

Lisa Lampanelli Talks Weight Loss on Bethenny

The always hilarious Lisa Lampanelli stopped by Bethenny Frankel’s talk show and opened up about her recent surgery and weight loss (of over 50 lbs!)! Read what she had to say below!

Continue Reading >>

It’s not about the $4 million Paycheck, you guys!

She may be getting paid $4 million to lose weight via Weight Watchers, but despite all the reports of said pressure she is feeling to take off the poundage Jessica Simpson has something to say. She ain’t feelin’ it!

In Touch Weekly recently reported that Mama Simps is “stressed and overwhelmed” by this Weight Watchers deal to lose 50 pounds in 5 months, but she says it’s not that.

She took to her Twitter to clear the air, “Just so everyone knows…Weight Watchers hasn’t put ANY pressure on me! I’m trying to be as healthy as I can for myself and I feel great.”

It’s just that the $4 million paycheck helped her get her ass out the kitchen and off to the gym.

She recently told People magazine, “It would be nice to feel comfortable in a bikini, but that’s not my goal. I just want to fit into jeans!”

Don’t we all, girlfriend?! Well, despite everyone getting up in Jessica’s grill about getting back to her pre-pregnancy size (which was WHAT again?), she does have one girl in her corner. Jennifer Hudson told ABCNews.com that she thinks J Simps will achieve her goal. “I think she will do awesome. She’s a pro. She’s knows what she’s doing, for sure,” she said.