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Cougar Games: The Wedding

In further proof that cougars are taking over the world, Sam Taylor-Wood married her exceptionally younger piece on Thursday, and with this news, Demi Moore better bring her A-game if she is going to re-take her crown as Grand Cougar.

Remember when the news first hit that these two were dating and everyone went “ewww ewww”? Well, they’ve proved us wrong! It is love! So keep those Mary Kay LeTourneau jokes to yourselves because this is the real deal.

Further proof of that? The two already have two children and have been together since 2009. Sam is 23 years older than Aaron Johnson, so she definitely deserves the cougar crown for right now.

As far as I am concerned, if Sam can pull in some barely legal peen and retain it for over three years, she surely has her own version of a steeltrap thundercat and who are we to deny the powers of her sugar walls?!

Congrats to the couple and may they be fruitful and multiply even more!

Details On Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves’ Secret Texas Wedding!

It could be a big fat hee-haw wedding this weekend, y’all! Rumor has it that Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves are getting married THIS weekend in Texas.

All I have to say is it is about freakin’ time. Camila has earned her gold-digging stripes
onaughey and his fiancée Camila Alves are reportedly getting married this weekend, so reports E! Online exclusively.

He proposed to his baby mama of two back during Christmas and now could be the time they officially become man and wife. Awwwww.

E! Online is reporting that they are planning to tie the knot in Matthew’s home state of Texas with only about 24 people invited to the affair.

We probably won’t hear a lot about the nuptials as employees involved in the event have been required to sign nondisclosure agreements.

We are hearing though that Camila is set to be honored at a luncheon in Beverly Hills for the Step Up Women’s Network, but word on the street is she will NOT be there physically.

It’s all about the wedding! And for that I say, good going Camila! You earned it!

I wonder if Matthew will go topless?

Ginger Nuptials Alert!

The most important ginge in the Universe right now (sorry Lindsay Lohan) Cynthia Nixon, and her hot ginge-in-crime, Christine Marinoni hitched up and snatched on to one another over the weekend.


I’ve been waiting years to utter that line! I knew these two would walk down an aisle more significant than one in Home Depot one day and that day finally came! Somewhere in a rehab clinic far, far away, Samantha Ronston is breathing a sigh of relief!


After being together for over three years, countless red carpet appearances, and too many carpet-drapes jokes to count, the power lesbians made it official and Cynthia Nixon kept it extremely lipstick-ish, wearing a custom made dress by designer Carolina Herrera.


I am all for gay marriage and I see these two living together in wedded bliss for eternity. I think it has been scientifically proven that when couples share the same color palette, the relationship lasts longer. And if they don’t, just imagine all the salacious details we would learn during their break-up?


Do the carpets and drapes really match? Maybe we will find out!


Mark Zuckerberg – Status: Married

If you see women on the streets walking a bit slower today, crying as they walk past 5th Avenue, or moan when they log into their Facebook accounts in the next few days, it is probably because they have just found out that Mark Zuckerberg is off the market and it’s time to find another man to crown the top gold-digger’s dream.

For now, the title and prize goes to Priscilla Chan, who has been with the Facebook founder for nearly a decade. If it took him that long to say yes to her ass, surely she deserves all the checks that are coming her way. Of course, a true gold-digger will want to pop out some chirrenz ASAP to ensure a lifetime of cash flow.

My hat goes off to Priscilla, who has had to endure over a third of her life to get a billionaire, but now that she has the ring, she can change her Facebook status to…


Kris Jenner Wants Kim To Marry Kanye West!

Holy cripes. If Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get married, I’m going to flip. Seriously. She said she wasn’t going to get married for a long time if ever, but she supposedly was going to keep her future relationships private. As you can see, those dollars signs get in the way of everything. And if Mama Kris has anything to say about Kim getting married again, you KNOW damn well it is going to happen.

Here’s some interesting info we got from our friends at Radaronline:

“Kris Jenner is ecstatic that Kim is dating Kanye, she can see their celebrity stock and wealth rising by the day,” a source close to the Kardashians tells RadarOnline.com. “She is pushing hard for Kim to get her claws into Kanye and would love it if he proposed. She has already told Kim that if they make it down the aisle they are going to do it on camera again — there’s just too much money to be made for Kris to allow this to be done privately.

“You would think most moms would be keen for their daughter to take it slow, especially seeing as Kim’s divorce still isn’t finalized from the last fiasco. But, Kris just marks Kris Humphries down as a major mistake to be forgotten and is eager for Kim to move on to bigger and better things, which, she believes, Kanye definitely is.”

If Kim can get Kanye to marry her, not only will she have an effing huge wedding ring, she will make damn sure that he is so hypnotized by that booty that he will forget about a gold-digging prenup. If Kris Jenner could marry Ye herself, she would!

Kings of Leon Star Off the Market!

Jared Followill’s girlfriend Martha Patterson is officially marrying into the Kings of Leon family and breaking millions of hearts who thought their chance with Jared was still in existence. Boo hoo.

Martha and Jared just started dating at the beginning of this year and in April Followill popped the question to his model girlfriend. Wow, talk about not wasting any time! After proposing with a 4-carat cushion-cut diamond ring, you can bet your booty that she said ‘yes’!

A rep for the star confirmed the news to JustJared.com and hinted at some exciting news via Twitter saying, “Big news coming tomorrow! (It’s not a sextape…….yet)”. Everybody asking if I’m pregnant: I’m not the type who will wait the mandatory 8-12 weeks to tell you. As soon I see a + (on a pregnancy kit), I’m tweeting it.”

Followill used to date Joe Jonas’ ex Ashley Greene, while Patterson was swapping spit with…wait for it…Joe Jonas. Talk about swapping juices!

At any rate, congratulations you two!

Drew Barrymore Wedding Day Revealed!

Drew Barrymore may be getting married in a summer wedding! Reports are swirling that the actress will walk down the aisle with her fiance Wil Kopelman on June 2nd, 2012 at HER Montecito, California mansion.

E! Online is reporting that the actress and her art consultant husband-to-be celebrated their impeding nuptials at an intimate wedding shower in Los Angeles on Saturday and now the pair will exchange vows in June.

A friend of the couple tells the website, “She wants it to be very personal and intimate. She wants to do it right and be surrounded by family and friends.”

And the reason for the seemingly quickie wedding is because Drew is knocked up with her first child. The source adds, “She wants to get married before her bump gets too big, but it’s important to her to marry before she gives birth. Drew and Will have spent a lot of time talking to his family about ways to make the ceremony special. Will is such an incredible man for her. They adore (each other) and are always together. He’s a good guy and he’s going to be a great father.”

Here’s hoping this union lasts longer than Drew’s previous marriages to Jeremy Thomas and Tom Green, which both lasted less than a year.

Halle Berry Is a Liar…

Remember a few years ago when Halle Berry vowed never to walk down the aisle again? Well, fast forward to 2012 and it seems that the Oscar winner has changed her tune. This news isn’t exactly new since her husband to be, Olivier Martinez, confirmed the engagement some weeks ago. What is news is that Berry herself is now speaking out about the pending nuptials.

“Who knew I’d get engaged again?” she said recently, during her first red carpet appearance since Martinez popped the question.

“I swore it off, right? Never say never, people!”

I know I am not alone here when I say that Halle Berry is one of those women that should just leave well enough alone and stay alone. There is no need to put a ring on that. There’s something slightly not right about her that would make me not want to marry her. Of course, those that do marry her are blinded by her beauty initially, but then the cray cray makes itself known and divorce proceedings occur soon thereafter. And has anyone else noticed that all the men Halle hooks up with start to lose their looks? She is literally sucking the hot out of them! Nahla’s daddy got away just in the nick of time!

Olivier Martinez better watch his back…and mirror!

Jim Carrey May Be Marrying His Russian Woman

Could Jim Carrey be getting married sometime soon? Rumor has it that the funny man is planning to marry his Russian girlfriend Anastasia Vitkina and it may happen pretty damn soon. And apparently he made this decision when he celebrated his 50th birthday in January.

Lucky for her, right? Um, yeah.

A source said that, “Jim is going to propose! He’s absolutely crazy about Anastasia and couldn’t be happier.” I guess Vitkina is “really smart” and “what he likes best about her is her sense of humor. She makes him laugh – Jenny would drive him to tears. Jim confessed to Anastasia, ‘It’s not always easy being with me in more ways than one’. But he added, ‘I promise to make it worth your while’.”

Well she better have something..because I’m pretty damn sure that she isn’t the sexiest woman he could get. Granted, Jim isn’t exactly a prize in the looks department either but something about his alluring sense of humor and his bank roll would have any regular gold digger chick saying “yes, please”!

Jim has been married twice before, to Comedy Store waitress Melissa Womer and Lauren Holly.

So perhaps the third times the charm?

Jennifer Lopez Talks Marrying Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez may be in love with Casper Smart but believe me, she’s not ready to get married again…just yet. Apparently yesterday via Twitter Roberto Cavalli posted that he was asked to make a wedding dress for her upcoming nuptials to Casper Smart.

The message read, “Today, Jennifer Lopez. Call me (sic)… She ask me. To create a special dress. For her next wedding! Which colour… Do you advise me?”

But J.Lo is saying that some doucheburger hacked his account. In a post on her website, she writes, “Here’s the truth now: Roberto Cavalli’s Twitter account was hacked. The rumor is not true.”

So now, because of that “hack” job, she’s going to be using her website for squashing rumors. She adds, “I decided there needs to be a place… where you can get the truth. Using this site as my way to connect, I’ll share the reality of my life right here, and make sure you never have to wonder about what is or isn’t real. What I tell you is the truth, everything else is just talk. Thanks for supporting and always believing in me.”

I’m not sure why someone would hack Roberto Cavalli’s Twitter page but I guess stranger things have happened.

Dick Van Dyke Is Married

Dick Van Dyke marries longtime girlfriend Arlene Silver.

Somewhere up in heaven in inappropriate white lingerie, Anna Nicole Smith is looking down and smiling approvingly from ear to ear.

In a stunning move that will have true gold-diggers questioning their commitment to the game, actor Dick Van Dyke (coincidentally, the perfect porn star name) married his girlfriend of the past six years, Arlene Silver. As a makeup artist, perhaps she is able to apply enough MAC on the both of them that they can meet halfway with each of them looking as if they are in their 60s?

Because Dick Van Dyke is old, people. Not Janice Dickinson old, not John McCain old, not even Clint Eastwood old. Dick Van Dyke has all of them beat. At 86, I’m wondering why he didn’t marry her sooner? It’s not like time is on his side! There are not even enough months in the year to term this romance, because “May-December” does not do this 46 year age gap justice. Looks like Arlene has been at play in the fields of the octogenarians!
If Dick is working, perhaps there’s a baby Dyke in their future!

Brandy: Wedding Bells?

It looks like the R&B singer has finally got her man. According to Star Magazine, Brandy is soon to tie the knot to music producer Ryan Presson. The two were recently spotted together in Las Vegas over New Year’s. The two have been together for two years and a wedding is in the immediate future.

We wish Brandy all the luck in the world with this latest producer. She certainly has not had luck with them in the past. Brandy’s first marriage to a producer ended in divorce shortly after the birth of their child. The pregnancy instantly changed her pop image as a good girl. Think Britney Spears but with more melanin and vocal talent. Since her divorce, Brandy has been running around after a check man for years. We know that Thea money has dried up! Don’t be embarassed!

It is a recession!

Aretha Franklin Calls Off Wedding

Looks like no wedding for the Queen of Soul any time soon.  Just a few short weeks after announcing their engagement, Aretha Franklin and her fiance William ‘Willie’ Wilkerson have called off their wedding, which was supposed to take place this summer. According to PEOPLE, Aretha released a statement today:

“Regretfully, To Our Friends and Supporters: Will and I have decided we were moving a little too fast, and there were a number of things that had not been thought through thoroughly,” she said.

“There will be no wedding at this time. We will not comment on it any further because of the very personal and sensitive nature of it. We appreciate all of the many well wishes from friends.” The statement was signed “Aretha and Will.”

This is not necessarily saying that they’re over, or that there will never be a wedding. However, with the rate celeb marriages and relationships are failing, maybe people are starting to give weddings a second thought.  Yeah, Aretha’s pushing 70, but yet and still, you don’t want to have to go through any messy proceedings over a rushed marriage (*Cough* Kim and Kris). Here’s hoping everything goes well with them!

Brandi Glanville Married Darin Harvey in Vegas wedding

or not?

Here’s straight white people once again ruining the sanctity of marriage. Brandi Glanville and MMA manager Darin Harvey got married in a quickie wedding over the weekend.

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Sinead Is Having a Bad Year!

For the last ten years, I have barely heard anything about Sinead O’Connor, yet it seems like the past few days, all I seem to hear and see in the news are stories about her. I guess when you divorce your husband before the honeymoon, a somber side is necessary.

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