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James Franco’s Short Story About NOT Sleeping with Lilo is Ridiculous.

Just in case you missed it- James Franco has written a short story about how he did not sleep with Lindsay Lohan. This story was written for Vice magazine. Warning: once read, it cannot be unread.

The story, named “Bungalow 89” however, merges the actor’s reality with quite a few pop culture references. He also uses his imagination to tell a story of a “Hollywood guy” also named James that stars in a movie “Milk” and a “Hollywood girl” named Lindsay Lohan, coincidentally that sounds just like the real actress.

He wrote, “She was famous because she was a talented child actress, and now she’s famous because she gets into trouble”.

“She is damaged. For a while, after her high hellion days, she couldn’t get work because she couldn’t get insured… Her career suffered, and she started getting arrested (stealing, DUIs, car accidents, other things). But the arrests, even as they added up, were never going to be an emotional bottom for her, because she got just as much attention for them as she used to get for her film performances.”

He then went on in his short story to talk about how his character Lohan would “get money offers for her jailhouse memoirs,” among other things that have actually happened to Lohan.

“So how would she ever stop the craziness when the response to her work and the response to her life had converged into one? Two kinds of performance, in film and in life, had melted into one.”

During the story Lohan pays a visit to James’ hotel room where the two appreciate a J.D. Salinger bedtime story. The two also talk about her sexual conquests. But he decides out loud that he will not sleep with her.

Franco wrote, “Now we were lying in bed. I wasn’t going to f—k her. She had her head on my shoulder. She started to talk. I let her.”

What is even more impressive about the story that Franco has written is the amount of name dropping he does during the story. He uses several celebs in his story from Cher and Leonardo (DiCarprio) He even mentions director Gus Van Sant and photographer Terry Richardson.

Dear James Franco. STOP. JUST STOP.

Snoop Lion’s “Here Comes The King” Music Video, REINCARNATED in Theaters March 15th


Snoop Dogg is now a lion, y’all!

Noisey, VICE’s premier destination for online music coverage, today debuts the official music video for SNOOP LION’s “Here Comes The King,” off of his forthcoming album REINCARNATED. “Here Comes The King” is produced by Diplo and the Major Lazer production team, and co-written by Angela Hunte, who wrote Alicia Keys’s “Empire State of Mind.”

Accompanying SNOOP LION’s upcoming album is the REINCARNATED documentary, which hits theaters March 15th. Filmed during SNOOP LION’s recent trip to Jamaica, the documentary traces the making of the album and the controversial journey of a modern day icon in his spiritual awakening as SNOOP LION.

The highly anticipated feature-length documentary from VICE Films and Snoopadelic Films is directed by Andy Capper, and will premiere in the US at the SXSW Film Conference & Festival.

The film will then open in theaters in select cities on March 15th:

• Sunshine Cinemas – New York City
• Laemmle Monica and City Walk – Los Angeles
• Opera Plaza – San Francisco
• Century – Chicago
• Midtown Art Cinema – Atlanta
• O Cinema – Miami

Watch the official REINCARNATED trailer here: