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Grant Lyle – So There


Have a listen to Grant Lyle and immediately, one thinks of those great rock and blues singers where no last name is necessary.




The singer/songwriter brings his considerable skills to the table and on his latest CD, 2012’s So There. Unlike some musicians, Lyle is not afraid to let the music do all of the talking. He opens with ‘Impressions’, a track that is solely him playing his guitar, allowing the notes to paint a picture instead of layering it with his vocals. In this way, he showcases his prowess as a master musician that many others would be smart to incorporate into their own performances.

One of the stand-out tracks is ‘Let It Out’ that could probably be considered his bluesiest of the playlist and will have listeners swaying with the beat before they know what has hit them. And although many will try to compare him to the greats mentioned above, Grant Lyle shows that not only is he as good as those famous monikers, but he is just as talented in his own right. With several albums under his belt and accolades from some of the most prestigious organizations in the industry, Lyle has logged countless hours on the road as well as television appearances worldwide. The native Canadian is well known in his country for a reason. He can deliver the goods and this CD proves that his blues span on the airwaves is no fluke.

For listeners that prefer the sounds of 80s blues without the over-production that plagues most albums these days and drowns out the actual singer, So There shows that no matter what additives and preservatives you lay over the sounds, at the end of the day, it always comes back to the music.


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