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Glee’s Chris Colfer Hacked But Isn’t Alone

When Glee‘s Chris Colfer’s Twitter account was hacked fans went crazy. Why? Because the hacker tweeted that Colfer would be leaving Glee and that was hit with a big, resounding, NOPE, from Twitter-land, which then carried over to internet-land as a whole.

His manager has sense released a statement that he will indeed be returning for the final season of the show on Fox. The actor has already signed a contract so that he can complete season six. The actor, on a mid-Atlantic flight, was unable to update Twitter due to lack of Wi-Fi.

Studio 20th Century Fox Television also released a statement letting fans and viewers know that he will be on the next season of Glee. “We’ve been alerted that Chris Colfer’s Twitter account has been hacked. Rumors of his dismissal from Glee could not be further from the truth. We love Chris and look forward to working with him again this season.” The offending tweet has since been removed.

But apparently, Colfer wasnt’ the only Glee star whose Twitter account was hacked. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lea Michele’s account was also hacked, tweeting a pregnancy announcement. Lea’s publicist confirmed that the tweet was due to a hack.

Colfer himself returned to his Twitter account to renounce the previous tweet, something he wasn’t able to do at first due to his lack of internet access.

colfer tweet


And there you have it. Chris will be back. Lea is maybe not pregnant (hey, the publicist said she’d been hacked. I didn’t hear a pregnancy renunciation.) All is right with the world.

Jason Biggs Responds to Twitter Controversy About ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Eric Hill

We all know that Jason Biggs is a bit of a prankster, cripes I’d even call him a bit of a comedian.

Via Extra TV:

“Orange Is The New Black” star Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen joined “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at Universal Studios Hollywood. Jason who is known for tweeting humorous commentaries while watching programs like “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” responding to recent headlines about his tweets regarding deceased “The Bachelorette” contestant Eric Hill.
The latest season of “The Bachelorette” kicked off on Monday night. During the broadcast, Biggs took to Twitter to write, “Crazy rule change – instead of voting off the contestants, this season #TheBachelorette gets to kill them off.”

He then added, “Here’s what I can tell you without watching – 8 of the 20 guys are in the closet, all of them work out, and 2 can do simple division. And 19 of them are still alive. #TooSoon.”
Jason making it clear he was joking, “I tweet The Bachelor, Bachelorette, and then it’s just fun to wake up on Tuesday mornings and see what articles are written about what tweet I wrote…Like the people are quote unquote up in arms about or Jason Biggs is under fire, and I’m like how am I under fire.”

Jason and his wife both very active on Twitter and it is all in good fun, “”We are joking, we don’t take anything too seriously, nothing is off limits.”

Ke$ha Sends Message From Rehab

She may be in rehab trying to get better, but Kesha wanted to make sure she got a message out to all of her fans.


The pop star last tweeted on New Year’s Day, but just on Tuesday the pop star supposedly had someone who calls him or herself as Kesha’s friend write a heartfelt message on the pop star’s Twitter account.

Kesha is currently receiving treatment for an eating disorder at a facility near Chicago, with her mom saying Ke$ha thought about killing herself over her body issues.

Here’s hoping that she is on the path to recovery! From what it sounds like from her tweets, she is still a ball of energy.

Get well, girl!

Has Miley Dumped Her Man?

A flashback photo from when Miley actually looked clean and STD free!

Ah, memories.

And now back to business. Has Miley Cyrus dumped her man?

Or vice versa?

Because everyone knows the most adult way to let everyone know about the status of your relationship is through Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, Miley Cyrus didn’t try to break new ground and announce it in an interview or through a spokesperson.


The Queen of the Twerk, has decided to let us have our own bit of blurred lines to read between by un-following her fiance Liam Hemsworth on Twitter. News of their imminent breakup has been reaching a feverish pitch of late, so this is not exactly so shocking. What we at VIP really want to know is who dumped whom?

We say Liam saw Miley’s crotchal units on Mr. Thicke and then flew the coop!

It’s probably for the best anyway. Does the world really need to see a child with her beaver teeth and his giant forehead? And for those that say Miley is too young to be birthin’ babies, let us remind you which side of the swamp she’s from.

Yeah, the same side that Britney bathed in.

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Chris Brown Goes Off On Twitter About Community Service Sentence










Chris Brown is pissed off, and had to let the world know! The singer took to Twitter last night, venting about the verdict at his last court hearing, which requires  him to complete an additional 1,000 hours of community service!

Earlier this summer, his probation was revoked when he was accused of that hit-and-run, but the case was dismissed. His probation was reinstated AFTER he agree to do the service! Prosecutors already allege that Chris never did his original 1,000 hours in the first place. It was unfair and dumb, yes. And Chris got on Twitter and Team Breezy and everybody else know how he felt about it!

rs_560x415-130822185437-1024.CBrown.ms.082213_copyMoments before, Chris also sent out some tweets toward rappers, though not naming anyone. “Most of the rap n—– make me sick! All political! It’s hip hop. All that gangsta s— y’all talk in y’all records…Boof!” Another tweet said, “Grow some balls and y’all not being fashionable wit y’all grandmother’s curtains on. Any problems… See my “by myself'”

I like Chris. I really, really do, but somebody needs to take his phone away from him for good. I understand needing to vent, but on Twitter yet again? Christopher, it’s time to grow up. When you do stuff like this, the only people who really sympathize with you are your stans. Maybe that’s what you want, but if you’re oh so mad about the system, how about you get involved to  try to change it? Twitter rants that you KNOW are only going to draw negative attention to yourself isn’t going to do anything! If anything that makes people hate you even more.

I checked this morning, and surprisingly, no one from Chris’ team has made him delete the tweets yet. Normally they’re on top of this stuff, because no one ever knows what’s liable to fly out of this guy’s mouth! Chris, I respect you as an artist, but I need you to get it together. Do this service, and try to move forward with your life as best as you can. Probation is up next year around this time, so try to just stay under the radar, including with your tweets!

Images via Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images / Twitter

Amanda Seyfried Receives The Ultimate Diss


While Lindsay Lohan parties what’s left of her life away on another continent, a real actress is being mistaken for her in the United States. And somewhere, Emma Stone is breathing a sigh of relief that this time it is not her.

Amanda Seyfriend, who co-starred with Lindsay Lohan the last time she was relevant in Mean Girls, ran to her Twitter account to let everyone know about the ultimate diss she received after landing in New Jersey.

I just got mistaken for a Ms. Lohan at Newark Airport.

Now, we could go out on a limb and say they might have meant Lindsay’s mother Dina, but Amanda’s nostrils are nowhere near that broad and flared. For someone being slapped with a case of mistaken identity, Amanda sure took the flap well. There are no stars on the planet that want to be confused for The Strawberry Snortcake!

Jamie Lynn Spears Engaged

How old is she now, 19, 20? Isn’t she a little late to the marriage game considering the part of the country she comes from? Well, Jamie Lynn is not going to be bothered with what everyone else in the trailer park thinks about her. She’s getting hitched, y’all! She ran to her Twitter3225 account to announce the news, flashing her new bauble.

A fact checker has confirmed to us that Jamie Lynn is 21, mother to 4-year old Maddie and is engaged to 30-year old Jamie Watson. This will be her first time going all the way…marriage wise anyway. She was previously engaged to babydaddy Casey Aldridge, but everyone knows that was just to keep up her good girl image.

That plan didn’t go so well.

And now that Jamie Lynn is about to be properly married, expect her to be knocked up with tons of chirrenz real soon, just like a good southern mama should. And if she takes his last name, she will be known as Jamie Watson too!

Additional reporting: A. Neff King

Celebrities React To Lance Armstrong’s Oprah Interview


We all have our own feelings, opinions and rants about Lance Armstrong recently admitting that he DID dope up while he was cycling and yes, while we WON his seven Tour de France titles, but what did the celebrities think? Some celebrities took to Twitter to express their thoughts. Check out a few very interesting (and some humorous) tweets.

Jimmy Fallon
Thank you, Lance Armstrong, for sitting down with Oprah last night. I missed the interview, but I heard it was dope. #ThankYouNoteFriday

Dane Cook
The Lance Armstrong confession should’ve ended with him pedaling away on a tiny bike with training wheels. You know.. symbolism.

Steve Martin
Bad day: Spent it on a 787 Dreamliner with Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o’s ex girlfriend.

Lena Dunham@lenadunham
Despite the latest news my father will not stop using Lance Armstrong as an adjective for strength and determination.

josh groban
I’m just bummed I wasn’t asked to sing on this episode. #Oprah

Rashida Jones
Great day for liars! They are dominating the news today. #CongratsUSA

matthew perry
I always want to make sure Oprah is on MY side.

Serena Williams
Wow. Watching @Oprah interview. Just WOW

Rita Wilson
CHEAT ( noun) A person who behaves dishonestly in order to gain an advantage. Lance left out the “behaves dishonestly” part, right?

Jack Osbourne
Honestly I don’t care that Lance doped. He gave people hope and that’s more important then anything. So what if he lied. #livestrong

Albert Brooks
Would love to see Lance Armstrong and Barry Bonds do The Odd Couple on Broadway.

Wow….. Oprah comes out very strong!

Anderson Cooper
“It didn’t feel wrong” He didn’t feel bad. He didn’t feel he was cheating.

Michael Ian Black
If Oprah’s smart, she’ll have James Frey come out and give Lance a hug.

Piers Morgan
The fact @lancearmstrong admits he had to look up what the word ‘cheat’ means, says all you need to know about the man. #LiveWrong

Tom Arnold
A lot of sports journalists were questioning if Oprah had what it takes to thoroughly interview Lance Armstrong. The woman is shredding him.

What do YOU think of Lance Armstrong admitting to Oprah that he did in fact lie about jumping on the dope train?

And well…in case you missed it…

Kat Von Diseased Is Like, Fianced, and Stuff!

Lord, what a day in nuptial f*ckery! What fresh hell have we fell into, folks? When plastic tricks and dirty, overly tattooed skanks are getting proposed to, perhaps we normal, clean, STD-free human beings are doing something wrong?

In further news I shall file under Extreme Foolishness and Explicit F*ckery, Kat von D(oo doo) is getting engaged again! I know you’re thinking it, and yet again I will say it!

Who?! Why?! How?!

Just looking at her makes me want to shower in Clorox, but apparently, there’s a man out there blessed with the sense of sight that loves it! Who is this fool man, you ask?


He even ran to Twitter and twatted about it too:
“I can’t wait for Christmas so…. Katherine Von Drachenberg, will you marry me? Changing the diamond to a black diamond FYI. Sorry for the jpg…they’ll finish the actual ring soon
I hope. I love u :D”

Of course she had to respond via Twitter: “Mi corazon!!! Thank you all for the lovely congratulations! Please excuse me while I go squeeze the hell out of my fiancé! ❤”
We should actually be applauding since this reduces the amount of cases the CDC has to treat, right?
Congrats to the skanky couple! Now excuse me while I go douse my eyes with penicillin!

Justin Bieber’s Manager Scooter Braun Freaks Out On Twitter Over Grammy Snub

Well we shared earlier the 2013 Grammy Award nominations earlier today and well, you knew damn well that there would be some snubs. We just didn’t know there would be peeps freaking the eff out.

Enter Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber’s manager.

And yes, you guessed it, the Biebs got snubbed.

So what does Mr. Scooter do? Takes to his Twitter, of course!

Braun tweeted, “I just plain DISAGREE. The kid deserved it. Grammy board u blew it on this one. this time he deserved to be recognized and I dont really have any kind nice positive things to say about a decision i dont agree with.”

He went on to add, “”to all those nominated…you do deserve it. You worked hard and u earned it. Just feel like so did JB.”

Jay-Z, Kanye West, Fun. Mumford & Sons and Frank Ocean all led the way with six nominations.

Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Slams Taylor Swift Via Twitter

I guess Eminem’s daughter Hailie Mathers is about that age now (she’s sixteen) where she will start running her mouth because she can. She’s Eminem’s daughter for pete’s sake! Miss Hailie decided to lash out at Kitten Face via Twitter nonetheless basically calling her a whore.

Now, I don’t necessarily know that I would go that far when describing T-Swift. But Hailie went there but I honestly feel it is because she is a tad irritated that Swift landed herself Harry Styles from One Direction. Because yeah…Harry is supposed to be hers!

Via her Twitter account, Hailie tweeted, “Dear @taylorswift13, please stop whoring around with every guy you see. We all know you’re only doing it so you can make another album.”

She goes on, “If @taylorswift13 is really dating the love of my life Harry_Styles i will not be happy. I am never, ever, everrrrr, listening to your music againnnn, @taylorswift13. LIKE EVER.”


In case you were trying to find the tweets yourself, the Twitter account has since been deleted.

Lemon vs. Hill: Round 1

The media can be an amazing marketing tool to build one up and alternately tear one down if you f*ck with the wrong person. So Don Lemon has to be considered quite a powerful person in the media and now he is setting his sights on none other than actor Jonah Hill, who he claims took one look at him and re-enacted scenes from The Color Purple and The Help.

For the past day or so, Don Lemon has taken to the airwaves to call Jonah Hill every name under the sun and ditch, expressing that Hill is an asshole who has no common sense of decency, among other things. Lemon tweeted…

“Said hi to @jonahhill in hotel. Think he thought i was bellman. Didn’t know his name til bellman told me. A lesson to always be kind.”

Hill fired back on his own Twitter account. Because that’s what stars do these days instead of pick up a phone or meet in person to quash rumors and speculation. What Twitter bitches! But, i digress.

Hill — clearly upset — fired back, “I said hi what do you want me to do move in with you? I was in a hurry. Didn’t realize you were a 12 year old girl. Peace. I walked out of the restroom and found you waiting for me. Shook hands, said hi and was on my way. Sorry if you found that rude.”


“Jonah Hill doesn’t owe me anything, and he may have been having a bad day … but Jonah Hill treated me like the help.”

Lemon went on to say that there was a wet handshake involved and he was upset by that. But what the hell did he expect? He just came out of a toilet. He should have been thanking the gods almighty that said moisture was not pee. Then R. Kelly would have definitely been in the picture.

Don Lemon is waiting for an apology at the moment. Don’t expect one!

Twitter Caused Leann Rimes to Go Cray Cray!

So you heard the news that Leann Rimes is in treatment for anxiety, stress and emotional issues and big fat props to her for getting help! That takes some guts and strength. While we heard that her husband Eddie Cibrian is supporting his wife through this troubled time, Radaronline.com is also reporting that Eddie has wanted Leann to get off Twitter for months because he thinks that Twitter is causing all her stress!

Sure we have seen the many bikini pics. We have seen her interact with her fans. We have even seen her get into fights with her followers but what bothers Eddie the most is Leann’s oversharing and her overindulgence in her conversations.

A source told the website, “Eddie hates Twitter and doesn’t want LeAnn to be on there and writing so much. He would ask her to not meet people through Twitter and wanted her to get off of there.”

Interacting with her fans is okay to a certain extent claims the source but Eddie was worried. “He thought she was out of control and not able to handle what she was doing.”

Obviously she’s out of control for something. Here’s hoping Eddie’s peen isn’t wandering too far from his scundies. If I were Leann I’d be wondering where this guy’s willy is at at all times!

Jada Pinkett Smith Shows Off Her 40-year Old Bikini Bod

If you are forty years old and thinking, damn my body needs some work…here is your inspiration. Jada Pinkett Smith gave her Twitter followers a peek at what she’s been working on and now I feel like I have no excuse but to take my flabby ass to the gym.

In the above twitpic, Jada flaunted a sexy photo of herself emerging from the ocean looking like a picture perfect Bond Girl.

Pinkett Smith did give the word of encouragement (with a little bit of bragging) to her peers saying, “To my Forty and over crew! Don’t believe the hype…we DO get better with age!”

Like a fine wine, Jada. Like a fine wine.

Prince Michael Says Janet Jackson Is Behind The Jackson Drama!

And the Jackson drama continues, but now we get a little insight as to who may behind all of the escalating nonsense. Michael Jackson’s son Prince Michael pretty much put his Aunt Janet on blast this morning after Katherine finally got home.

He may have been quiet during much of this saga, but Prince Michael has stepped forward via Twitter to express that Janet was the one that kept him and his siblings from their grandmother.

Not only did Prince Michael tweet that he was sick of this drama, but he posted a picture of a group chat he initiated with his aunts Janet and Rebbie on Monday.

In a text that shows he sent a text at 4:52pm, Prince Michael says, “This is enough so I am texting you for the simple fact that WE DEMAND TO SPEAK TO MY GRANDMA NOW!!!”

Janet’s supposed response? “Don’t let them pls.”

Got damn. All I have to say is Michael wouldn’t be pleased. My question is, why did Janet feel like the kids shouldn’t be with their grandmother?

I have a feeling this isn’t going to be the end we hear of this.