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Has Miley Dumped Her Man?

A flashback photo from when Miley actually looked clean and STD free!

Ah, memories.

And now back to business. Has Miley Cyrus dumped her man?

Or vice versa?

Because everyone knows the most adult way to let everyone know about the status of your relationship is through Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, Miley Cyrus didn’t try to break new ground and announce it in an interview or through a spokesperson.


The Queen of the Twerk, has decided to let us have our own bit of blurred lines to read between by un-following her fiance Liam Hemsworth on Twitter. News of their imminent breakup has been reaching a feverish pitch of late, so this is not exactly so shocking. What we at VIP really want to know is who dumped whom?

We say Liam saw Miley’s crotchal units on Mr. Thicke and then flew the coop!

It’s probably for the best anyway. Does the world really need to see a child with her beaver teeth and his giant forehead? And for those that say Miley is too young to be birthin’ babies, let us remind you which side of the swamp she’s from.

Yeah, the same side that Britney bathed in.

additional reporting: A. Neff King

TWERKIN TOGETHER: Justin Bieber Teams Up With Miley For New Song


I really don’t even know what to say at this point. Justin Bieber went and did the unthinkable. He teamed up with Miley for a song. Ladies and gentleman, you’ve been warned.

Miss Twerk has taken her tongue on a track titled quite appropriately “Twerk” and annoyingly declares in the chorus that she came to twerk. We get it. Twerking and tongue wagging is what Miley now lives for…along with smoking whatever it is she is smoking these days. It’s just that she decided to bring the Biebs down on her path to skankdom.

What is odd about this collaboration is that in this song the Biebs raps (albeit not badly) but still…he was born to sing.

Miley is a way better singer than this song allows you to believe and in this track, she decides to use some nasally annoying voice that could easily be replaced with the sound of long fingernails screeching down a chalkboard.

Unfortunately I see this song rising simply because of the fanbases of these two stars who support any and everything these two do. Jump off a bridge for them? Yep, they’d probably do that too.

Oh and Bieber’s partner-in-crime Lil Twist engineered this project. So yeah.

Check out “Twerk” below.