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Kyra Sedgwick Talks Final Episodes of The Closer with PARADE

Next Monday, July 9, the first of the final six episodes (ever!) of The Closer will air and while we’ll miss the charming brash of Kyra Sedgwick’s homicide-solving Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, we can take some comfort in the fact the the show will go out with a bang, not a whimper. Sedgwick gives Parade.com a sneak peek at how the series will wrap things up after seven seasons:

On not everyone surviving the final episodes.

“I think Brenda realizes how deeply she loves her squad and the inherent loss of making a choice, or having to leave. And there is another loss that happens that I can’t reveal. But there’s a major personal loss for Brenda.”

On the mole’s reveal.

“Oh absolutely [people will be surprised]! I think we’ve been thrown off the scent. I look at my Twitter and everyone has a different idea.”

On the final episodes being themed around love and loss.

“The themes are loss and love and I think there are clearly some ripple effects that occur after the mole is revealed that are challenging for everybody. I think in some ways, the last six episodes are about coming to terms with who were are as people and not being pleased with who we see, including Brenda. She has to come to terms with the choices she’s made in her life and the ramifications of her choices. She has always put her career first and she suddenly has to deal with the ramifications of that.”

For more from Sedgwick, including the return of Philip Stroh and more on Brenda’s final goodbye, visit Parade.com, HERE.

FX Releases BrandX with Russell Brand Promo Clips

FX’s late night series, BrandX with Russell Brand, which airs Thursday nights at 11:00 PM ET/PT only on FX, recently released six new promos! Take a look below!

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Tyler Perry Defends Kim Kardashian and Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Acting Skills








Tyler Perry is coming to the defense of Kim Kardashian and Bobbi Kristinasaying that they’re both great new actresses that he’s happy to have worked with.

The director first cast Kim in his upcoming film, The Marriage Counselor, in which she plays Ava, a friend/co-worker of  the main character Judith, played by Jurnee Smollett.

“She’s a good actress,” Tyler raved to reporters about Kim at the NYC premiere of Madea’s Witness Protection. “She did a really good job.” With Kim being deemed a typical reality bimbo, as well as being involved in one of the biggest headlined divorces in celeb history, he obviously faced fire for casting her into the film. “There was a lot going on with her marriage and all that stuff at the time,” he explained, referring to Kim’s divorce filing from Kris Humphries after 72 days of marriage. “All that stuff that’s in the past. The movie’s called The Marriage Counselor. Of course it had something to do with that.”

Tyler also spoke well of Bobbi Kris, who he recently cast as a recurring character for his TBS series For Better Or Worse. “She did a fantastic job. That kid has such a future,” he said. “She’s such an actor. I’m so proud of her. I’m telling you. As far as she wants to go in this business, she can.”

In terms of casting Bobbi Kristina so soon after her mother Whitney Houston’s passing this past February, it’s not a decision he regrets.  “The whole purpose of that was to make sure that she was around people who cared, who loved her,” he explained. “What I found when my mother died is that you have to be around people who you trust. And I was glad that I could be there.”

Honestly, I’m excited to see both working in these Tyler Perry projects. I’ve been watching Kim, who presently has a recurring role on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva, and she’s pretty good! Who would’ve thunk? I think with some more acting classes, she could go on to do some other roles. As far as Bobbi Kristina, I’m not sure what she’ll bring to the table, but entertainment’s in her blood, so I’m sure she has potential as well.

Images via Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Venturelli/WireImage, Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Sarah Hyland Opens Up About Kidney Transplant In Seventeen Magazine













Sarah Hyland has become a star actress playing Haley Dunphy on ABC’s hit show Modern Family. However, secretly the young actress has been battling a serious illness. For the first time, she opened up about the illness and her recent kidney transplant in an exclusive interview with Seventeen Magazine.

Sarah has been struggling with kidney dysplasia all of her life and underwent a kidney transplant a month ago on April 13. Receiving the kidney from her father, the actress said that her experience has taught her who she can really depend on in her life. 
”You know that family is always going to be there for you – no matter what. My dad gave me a freakin’ kidney!” she told Seventeen. “But it’s also the families that you create outside of your family. And you really find out what kind of people you’re friends with.” She continued: “It was just amazing, and it really opened my eyes to see who’s there for me and who’s not.”

The actress also gave major props to her boyfriend, actor Matt Prokop, for sticking by her side through her recovery process. “He helps me with my medication and takes me to doctor appointments and all the stuff that I need to do to take care of myself,” Sarah said. “Any other 21-year-old guy would not be there, I guarantee it. I am one of the luckiest people in the world to have him be there for me.” She is obviously very grateful to have had this transplant, not only to continue her career, but to move forward with her own life as well. “I have a second chance at life – not a lot of people get that.” Sarah said.

For the past few weeks now, I have actually been having my own Modern Family marathon from the very beginning of the series (I didn’t start watching until recently). I love Sarah as Haley, but I never knew that she was battling with any disease. That just goes to show that you never really know what’s going on with our beloved celebs behind the scenes. I’m glad that Sarah is recuperating nicely, and I wish her a speedy recovery!

Photo via Seventeen


REPORT: Kanye West To Appear On Keeping Up With The Kardashians?












So rumor has it that Kim Kardashian’s newest boy toy, Kanye West, will be making a guest appearance  on Kim’s show with her family, Keeping Up With The Kardashians!

According to a show insider,

Kanye is head over heels in love with Kim, and he has told her he would love to appear on the reality show if she wants him to. Kim is a bit leery of having her man appear on camera because of the whole fiasco with her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Kris Humphries, but watch for Kanye to make several appearances on the show towards the end of the season. Viewers won’t see him featured in the first part of the season, and it won’t be all about Kanye.”

Kanye has appeared in the E! series before, and recently admitted in his new song, Theraflu,”that he “fell in love with Kim,” while she began dating Kris.

Ok, so I know that Kim, Mama Kris Jenner, and the rest of the family love the spotlight. Many already believe their real-life drama (Khloé maybe having a different dad than the rest of her siblings, Kim divorcing Kris, etc) is simply a ploy to garner media attention. A lot of the stuff I personally tend not to believe, but this right here? Kim, come on.

A friend of mine once said that this family will continue to do whatever to keep their names out there in the media. When one fire goes out, they spark another. Now that the divorce drama is starting to wear off, they need something new. This, of course, brings into question if this love is real or if it’s just for show. I didn’t think about it before (I mean, personally, my first thought was Amber Rose bashing her for being a homewrecker!). But Kim, you KNOW that this is nothing but a publicity stunt to try to get people to watch this new season and focus on you and the rest of your fam! Whatever works for you, I guess. Have to admit that she caught me, because, out of curiosity, I’ll still be watching. You see how the Kardashian-Jenner clan hooks you?!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ new season premieres Sunday, May 20 on E!.

Photo via Joe Schildhorn/BFAnyc/Sipa

Meet the Cast of The Glee Project Season 2













Oxygen’s hit series, The Glee Project, which has turned Glee hopefuls into stars on the hit FOX show, is back for season 2! The show has always been about showcasing the talented underdogs who are competing for a guest on the show. Last season sparked two winners, Damian McGinty and Samuel Larson, who each received a seven-episode run on Glee‘s current season.

Here is more about the upcoming season from the series’ official website,

Season two of “The Glee Project” will return with Ryan Murphy and Dante Di Loreto continuing as executive producers, along with series executive producers Michael Davies and Shauna Minoprio ofEmbassy Row. During the eleven week run of the series, “The Glee Project” contenders will be narrowed down through intensive rounds of workshops, singing, dancing and acting-based assignments as the creative forces of “Glee” carefully assess who has what it takes to be one of the next new faces of the award-winning show. Murphy will once again join casting director Robert Ulrichand choreographer and “Glee” co-producer Zach Woodlee in the final deliberations of each installment of the series. Vocal coach Nikki Anders, who mentored the contenders on-air in season one, joins the judging panel in season two each week as a permanent member. Additionally, continuing with the format of season one, “Glee” series regulars will appear on “The Glee Project” as guest mentors, including Lea Michele (“Rachel Berry”) in the show’s premiere episode.”

Definitely will be watching when the season premieres this summer! Meet the contenders below and read more about them here!

MTV’s The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes Finale (Week 10) Recap

Picking up from last week’s episode, the final three teams (CT & Diem, Johnny & Camila, and Ty & Emily) headed to Iceland for their final challenge. T.J. warned them that the final challenge “Viking Quest” would be no joke. The winning team will split $150,000, second place $100,000, and third place $40,000. All in all, not too bad. Only thing is, each team has to finish to get paid. The challenge is a race and has a series of checkpoints. At each checkpoint, after completing the given challenge, you have to collect an artifact (seven total). All of the artifacts together will unlock the key at the end to win the final prize.

T.J. woke the teams up at 5:00 am to get started. He took them to start Day 2 of the Final, which consisted of crossing a glacier and climbing a mountain for 12 miles! Of course, the team had to complete the remaining checkpoints to collect their artifacts. The temperature definitely hurt, putting Emily and Ty in last. CT and Diem got a little lead, though. Checkpoint 3, Feast for a Viking, had a eating competition. Every challenge, the teams always have to eat something disgusting, and this one was no different. The teams had to eat a head of an animal and drink a horn of sheep’s blood. Sucks for Diem since she’s a vegetarian and hasn’t eaten meat since 6th grade.  Conquering a lot of puking. CT and Diem get the lead on the remaining two teams. Johnny and Camila comes close behind them, with Emily and Ty bringing up the rear

At Checkpoint 4, Ice Key, the teams needed to use a rock has to be taken to break the box to unlock the key to their snow shoes. The teams struggled to lock their shoes in, especially CT and Diem, and the other two teams passed them. Emily eventually took the lead over everyone, but Ty was slacking behind, with eventually hurt them.

At Checkpoint 5, Poled Out, the teams needed to solve a puzzle, using 12 out of 13 logs to make 6 complete boundaries around the boulders. CT and Diem killed it, taking back their lead and leaving the rest of the teams behind. Ty and Emily didn’t even make it to Poled Out until Johnny and Camila were basically done.

At the next checkpoint, What an Ice Hole, the teams had to dig out snow with an ice pick to get their next artifact and then go through a huge tunnel to get the artifact. CT and Diem conquered this and maintained their lead. However, Johnny and Camila were still right on their heels. Meanwhile, back at Poled Out, Ty and Emily exhausted the max amount of time for the puzzle, and got a pass to go ahead to the next checkpoint.

After What an Ice Hole, CT started to run out of steam really bad. You have to learn to pace yourself, of course, but even when you’re bone tired, you have to keep pushing through. I’ve been watching these Challenges for years, and it’s near the end where people lose gas, and lose their lead in the process.

At Checkpoint 7, Sliced Up, the teams had to complete a puzzle of sliced up blocks to match the picture given. CT and Diem passed the checkpoint first, but, as always, Camila and Johnny weren’t that far behind them. Ty and Emily struggled to catch up, not making it to Sliced Up until Camila and Johnny had already passed.

The final stop was Finish It, which had a final puzzle for the teams using the seven artifacts in a sundial to open the box to get the key to reach the final. CT and Diem have a little lead, but Johnny and Camila came right up behind them. CT and Diem finished their sundial and had to climb up the mountain to get to the final. CT, at this point, was extremely gassed out, and Johnny and Camila passed them.

After a long trek up the mountain, Johnny and Camila win the whole shebang!!! T.J. pops out of nowhere and gave them their check of $150,000! CT and Diem made it to the top and got second, while Emily and Ty eventually came in, snagging third place.

It’s definitely been a crazy season, especially watching these exes battle it out in competition and with each other! And who would’ve thought that the Challenge would start in the Dominican Republic and end in Iceland? MTV always throws us viewers for a loop! It’s been great watching and recapping the episodes. Thanks for hanging with me! Catch you at the next Challenge!

Photo Via MTV

MTV’s The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes Week 9 Recap







Last week’s episode of The Challenge, Paula and Dunbar were sent home after an intense elimination round in the Dome versus Ty and Emily. In the “Blown Away” challenge, CT and Diem prevailed once again, taking Power Couple, while Johnny and Camila came in last, automatically getting sent to the Dome. After a hard deliberation, CT and Diem chose Mark and Robin to go against Johnny and Camila to see who would be the third couple in the Final Challenge.

At the beginning of this week’s episode, the house went out to party. CT, Diem, Ty and Emily really enjoyed themselves, knowing that they had a spot in the Finals. However, Mark and Johnny mentally prepared themselves to go against each other in the Dome.

Back at the house, Robin was obviously afraid to go into the Dome, because she has a bad record in eliminations. Of course, the other two teams wanted to see Robin and Mark come back, because they are the weakest team left. Ty and others tried to encourage her, but Robin really had no fight left in her.

At the final Dome, the teams prepared to play X Battle. As always, there are two heats–girls and guys. A X made of steel is set in the middle, and you have to try to wrestle it away from your opponent two out of three times. In the girls’ heat, Camila beat Robin, putting the pressure on Mark to beat Johnny. It was a tough battle, but Johnny beat him. As Mark and Robin walked off, MTV played a recap of Mark’s history with MTV, as Mark is done with Challenges for good. I mean, he is 40. Time to hang up that Road Rules bandana sir!

T.J. encouraes the remaining three teams to really get some rest. Later, he gave them a clue to the Final: “You’ll be 66 degrees north. Pack you bags and I will see you in Iceland.” Iceland was actually freezing around the time of filming, and the amount gear that the house had to wear was ridiculous. In spite of the freezing cold, the house went out for one final night out on the town, and had a really good time. At the end of the night, all of the teams said what they love about their partners, and how much they appreciated having each other by their sides.

That night, T.J. texted them saying: “I hope you got some rest. The final challenge is tomorrow. Be ready at 8 am.” The next morning, the crew got wrapped up in their snow gear, and prepared to hit the mountains.

T.J. warned them that the final challenge “Viking Quest” will be no joke. The winning team will split $150,000, second place $100,000, and third place $40,000. All in all, not too bad. Only thing is, each team has to finish to get paid. The challenge is a race and has a series of checkpoints. At each checkpoint, after completing the given challenge, you have to collect an artifact (seven total). All of the artifacts together will unlock the key at the end to win the final prize.

The first checkpoint was a race with dog sleds for one mile to get to the next checkpoint. Because Iceland only gets a couple of hours of daylight  each day, T.J. warned the teams that they will have to race in the dark.

After the race, CT & Diem came in first, Johnny and Camila second, and Ty and Emily third. The second checkpoint strip down to your underwear and plunge into a river to touch a buoy as cold as it is. In fact, it’s so cold that T.J. said that 30 seconds in the water would cause hypothermia! Yikes! The team with the fastest time combined from the race and the plunge will get the best sleeping arrangements. As each team went, it looked really painful! Each team made it out okay, but CT and Diem ended up winning this part of the Final.

The campsite itself was set up on the ground in the snow. However,  CT and Diem got the best tent with air mattresses, heating lamps, deer skin blankets, etc to keep warm. Johnny and Camila, coming in second, got a small heater and an air mattress. Ty and Emily’s arrangements were worst of all with some yoga mats, getting to sleep right on the ice. Oh, and it’s -23 degrees outside. Crazy!

This challenge looks like it will be the toughest in Challenge history. Johnny even tells Camila, “If today is a sign of what is to come, it’s gonna be a monster.”

Watch The Challenge: Battle of the Exes every Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST only on MTV!  And make sure you stay on the lookout for my recaps after the show!

Photo via MTV

MTV’s The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes Week 8 Recap










Last week’s episode of The Challenge ended on a cliff hanger with CT and Diem still unsure of who they were sending into the Dome. The pair ended up picking Paula and Dunbar to face Emily and Ty, which sucks for Paula and Ty’s new romantic endeavor. Now, one of them will have to go home no matter what.

At the Dome, TJ said that Diem and CT made the dumbest decision in Challenge history, not picking either Johnny or Mark’s team to break up their alliance.  He even said he would see them in the Dome next week if they don’t win, which is true. The elimination round had the girls going against each other, with the girls going later. The object of the game was to run back and forth between a row of haystacks, throwing balls in the opponent’s goal on the other side while trying to stop them from scoring. Ty won the first round against Dunbar by a few seconds.  Emily smoked Paula, keeping her and Ty’s undefeated record in the Dome and sending Paula and Dunbar home. Of course, this far in the game, it’s emotional for them to lose. Ty and Paula said their final goodbyes. I wonder now though Paula, how you are going to deal with your boyfriend when you get home!

Emily, Diem, and Ty tried to figure Robin out. Diem herself said that Robin went from a bright bubbly person, to more seemingly depressed and strange. However, Robin is over making friends in these Challenges, now focusing on winning the game to provide for her son.

There is only one more challenge before the Finals. T.J. sent the house a  clue: “You will be blown away by tomorrow’s challenge.” The next day, the “Feel The Burn”  challenge looked like it would do just that. Using 80 mile an hour winds created by a private jet, the house had to go back and forth between two stations. One station had all of the items seen at a picnic. All of the items had to get to Station 2, as well dummies as guests. Then the team had to race downwind with a parachute to get across the finish line. The challenge had a 20 minute limit, with each team being judged on how far they got at that time. The last place team, as always, get sent straight to the Dome. The winners not only win $2500 and Power Couple, but are also guaranteed a spot in the Finals, and a quick trip back to the house on a jet ride with T.J.

Back at the house, Camila was bitter, and felt screwed over by CT and Diem’s decision to pick them first. At the end of the day, she needs to suck it up, and get ready to perform in the Dome. This is a GAME, and CT and Diem are going to and should make the best decisions to benefit their team. CT and Diem made a huge move in picking Johnny and Camila to go first. Because the couple didn’t have the opportunity to see anyone else go, they really struggled. The amount of force is unbelievable, with every couple falling everywhere, especially Johnny and Camila.  Emily and Ty are the first of the couples to actually make it across the finish line, using a crawl strategy to get past the jet winds. CT and Diem use a variation of the same strategy, winning Power Couple, and getting a ticket to the Finals! However, Johnny and Camila, with the worst time, automatically get sent to the Dome.

Diem and CT have another celebratory dinner, but are really unsure about who to pick between Mark & Robin and Ty & Emily.  It would be smart to pick Ty and Emily because they’re such a strong team. Going against Johnny and Camila, there will be one really strong team going home regardless. However, Diem and CT also consider that Ty and Emily have been in the Dome 3 times, and fought for their position here. However, Mark and Robin have yet to be in the Dome, and have really been coasting through.  After deliberation, the couple decides to pick Mark and Robin, making it Mark’s first elimination round since he started doing them 17 years ago! The man is OLD. Time for this pair to step their game up and prove that they deserve to be in the Finals!

Next week, Johnny and Camila go head to head with Mark and Robin in “X-Battle,” to see who will snag the final spot in the Final Challenge!

Watch The Challenge: Battle of the Exes every Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST only on MTV!  And make sure you stay on the lookout for my recaps after the show!

Photo via MTV

MTV’s The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes Week 7 Recap











Picking up from last week’s episode of The Challenge, the house lost Rachel and Aneesa, who lost “Banded Together” against Paula and Dunbar. The win was great for Paula, who has a little side fling with Ty back at the house!

On a day at Paradise Island, the house had fun in the sun, while Ty and Paula continued flirting and kissing. Ty worked up the courage to ask Paula if they could take their relationship to the next level, a proposal that Paula quickly rejected. I’m not sure why. Pretty sure, if I was your boyfriend waiting for you back home, I’d be done with you, calling other men “baby,” kissing on them and whatnot! Might as well make it official. Emily doesn’t trust Paula, though, because she feels like Paula will distract Ty from the game.

Back at the house, Diem was still so angry at CT, and hadn’t talked to him in three days since their huge fight in the last episode. After some advice from Ty, Diem had a talk with CT about her feelings toward him. They both apologized for their past actions and words, and hugged it out.

Later, T.J. sent a clue to the house for their next challenge: “Guys, hope you catch your runaway bride!”  At the Playa Grande, an obstacle course was set up for the teams’ next challenge,  “Race to the Altar.”  Each team had to complete a series of wedding-themed tasks at each station from putting on tuxedos and bridal gowns to eating wedding cake. The last couple to make it at each station is automatically out of the game. The first couple eliminated at the first station was automatically sent to the Dome, while the last standing couple won Power Couple and $2500. Unfortunately for Ty and Emily, the duo gets lost looking for a garter in the sand, and get automatically sent into the Dome after being last at the first station. After the other couples are eliminated, the last couples standing are CT & Diem and Paula & Dunbar.  It’s literally a race to the altar in the end, but CT and Diem take the cake! It definitely means a lot, since CT and Diem had so many problems before.

Back at the house, CT and Diem have a celebratory dinner and talk about their decision as Power Couple. After talking to each couple separately, the two still weren’t sure who they should send in.

That night, the house went out on the town, hosting a party for the “newlyweds” CT & Diem. At the club, Ty and Paula continued to mess around. Later, Camila and Emily thought it would be funny to dress up as the couple to make fun of them. Emily, face doused in chocolate, really offended Ty, who started packing his bags to go home. Mark and Johnny convinced Ty to stay the night and think things through, while Paula begged him not to leave. The next morning, CT had a talk with him, and convinced him to talk to Emily, who is feeling terrible about the entire thing. Seems she lived a very sheltered life and didn’t completely realize how insulting her costume would be to others. Turns out though that Ty was more upset at the fact that out of all people in the house, she was the one who knew him best and shouldn’t have been making fun of him in the first place. While the incident definitely threw a wrench in Emily and Ty’s communication, Emily apologized and Ty decided to stay in the house.

The morning of eliminations, CT and Diem still hadn’t decided who was going in the Dome against Emily and Ty. The episode ended on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers guessing on who will be sent in. This close to the end, nobody wants to take the chance of going into elimination!

Watch The Challenge: Battle of the Exes every Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST only on MTV!  And make sure you stay on the lookout for my recaps after the show!

Photo via MTV

MTV’s The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes Week 6 Recap

The Power Couple spot is up for grabs, and both Camila and Diem want to win it for their teams.

Picking up from last week’s episode of The Challenge, we’re down another couple, Abram and Cara Maria, who lost “X Battle” against Ty and Emily. Back at the house, Paula and Ty continued to flirt away from home, with them even talking about what their kids will look like! Only problem with this love affair is that Paula has a boyfriend back home! Johnny continued to worry about Camila keeping it together in the competition. The Challenge is more than halfway through, with the strongest of the teams left, and now’s not the time to fall apart.

The house got a clue from T.J.: “Don’t slip up at tomorrow’s challenge.” The teams headed to the San Marcos Farm, for the “Lube Me Up” challenge. The goal is to slide down the course, which is lubed up, drop into a muddy pit, and retrieve a ball.  If you don’t have a ball, you have to fight to get one from an opponent. After you get your ball, you have to use the ropes provided to get back up the slippery hill and to the finish line. The game was split into a women’s heat and a men’s heat. The team that gets last place in the first round would be automatically sent to the Dome. But there was a little extra incentive for last night’s Power Couple, who would win $2500 (and a nice pat on the back from T.J.).

The game was a huge messy fight to the finish, as round by round, teams were eliminated. In the final round to determine Power Couple, it came down to the women. Camila and Diem competed against each other for the coveted position. Though Diem showed serious heart, Camila ended up winning her and Johnny the title! Last place team Dunbar and Paula got sent straight to the Dome.

Back at the house, Johnny and Camila have a serious decision to make as to who will face Paula and Dunbar in the Dome. Paula has an insane fear that she will have to go into the Dome with Emily, and will get eliminated from the competition. Emily is a beast, so no one really wants to face her.

Putting challenge troubles aside, on a crazy night out on the town, Ty and Paula take their flirtation to the next level, and end up making out and having sex (literally a foot away from Emily, I might add).We all knew that was coming. While one couple is hooking up, a partnership started breaking down with Diem and CT end up getting into a fight about their past relationship. Diem and CT are both obviously still harboring feelings for each other, and don’t know how to properly express it, so they fight about past problems. If if was all over and done with for them as far as their love goes, they would not be fighting as much as they do.

Surprise, surprise, Camila and Johnny choose Rachel and Aneesa to face Paula and Dunbar. We all know that Johnny and Rachel are not cool at all, so I figured, especially since the game is getting down to the wire, that Johnny would decide to throw them in.  In “Banded Together,” Paula and Dunbar come out hard, and win their spot back in the house, eliminating Rachel and Aneesa.

While Ty is certainly happy that Paula is back in the house, Emily isn’t. She still wants revenge for the time that Paula and Dunbar sent her and Ty into the Dome. Or could it possibly be that she’s a little jealous of Ty messing around with Paula? Hmm…

Watch The Challenge: Battle of the Exes every Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST only on MTV!  And make sure you stay on the lookout for my recaps after the show!

Photo via MTV

MTV’s The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes Week 5 Recap








Picking up from last week’s episode of The Challenge, we lost Tyrie and Jasmine in the endurance-testing “X Marks The Spot.” At the start of this week’s episode, love is in the air with Ty and Paula (who happens to have a boyfriend at home), and Abram and Cara Maria. Cara Maria asked Abram to move in with her, and he excitedly said yes.  Meanwhile, Johnny and Camila have trouble, especially after Camila gets drunk at the club, and becomes annoyingly needy and seeks attention from Johnny. After she fails to get his attention, she went around throwing stuff and ripping up the house. Johnny realizes that he is “attached to arguably the biggest liability in the house.” Camila wakes up the next morning, and doesn’t even remember why she was so mad at him, while most everyone in the house (and me) thought, “This chick is completely crazy pants!”

The next day, the house got a clue from T.J. for the next challenge:  “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” The next challenge was “Don’t Rock The Boat” down at the Playa Grande. A boat is shipwrecked on the beach. Two teams compete at a time starting on either side of the boat. Each team works together to cross the masts to get to the crow’s nest in the middle, with the two fastest times competing for the coveted Power Couple. If you fall, you have to start over, and you can only fall once before you’re disqualified. The team that comes into last place, of course, gets automatic entry into the Dome.

The last place teams, Diem and CT and Cara Maria and Abram, were only separated in their times by 3 seconds. However, Cara Marie and Abram end up losing, immediately getting sent to the Dome. Though Ty and Emily gave it their all, Mark and Robin go against Johnny and Camila in the final round for Power Couple. It was a close round, but “old-timers” Mark and Robin end up winning the power.

Later, before the elimination round, Abram and Cara Marie have another conversation about moving in, with Cara Maria rethinking the idea, considering their current finances. This upsets Abram, who walks away in a serious huff. Meanwhile, Camila and Johnny talk about their issues, and seem to settle them, though Camila admitted she had feelings for Johnny that he didn’t seem to reciprocate. Those are the breaks kid! Get your head in the game, and win some money!

For the elimination round, Mark and Robin sent in Ty and Emily to go against Cara Maria and Abram in the Dome. The game is getting down to the wire, and now it’s about sending in tough competitors who you probably won’t want to face in the final challenge. Emily, of course, was pissed off, but that’s how the game is played.

At the extremely physical “X-Battle,” Emily smoked Cara Maria, and it’s a fight to the finish with Ty and Abram! Ty eventually won, sending Abram and Cara Maria home. I have to say that Emily and Ty are quite the power couple themselves! They always seem to pull it out in these eliminations! I bet they stick around to the end.

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MTV’s The Challenge: Battle of the Exes, Week 4 (Recap)









Picking up from last week’s episode of The Challenge, we’re down two couples. Dustin and Heather went home due to Dustin’s injury, and Leroy and Naomi were sent home in the Dome. At the start of this episode, the house went out to the beach and enjoy the day. The Dominican Republic is absolutely beautiful! I’m so jealous of the cast getting to go down there!

Back at the house, the crew gets a clue for the next challenge:  “Try not to spin out of control at tomorrow’s challenge!” After the clue, the cast hosted an animal party, with everyone getting . Things spiral out of control when Tyrie gets into yet another fight with Jasmine. I feel like Jasmine is always undermining Tyrie behind his back instead of supporting him as his partner. Diem did the same to CT.

CT later talks to Diem about their game plan, trying to get on the same page.  Right now, they don’t connect or communicate another, and that really hurts their game.

Everyone heads back to the Blue Lagoon for the next challenge, “Rolling in the Deep.” In this challenge, with a giant log at the cliff, the team members will hang on as long as they can while the log spins around and around. The longer you stay on, the closer you will get to the bell that you must ring to end your time. Both team members must get to the end before the bell can be rung. Once you hit the water, you will swim to the bell and ring it. The two teams with the fastest times will compete for Power Couple.

After the challenge, the teams’ time come down to seconds. The last place team was Tyrie and Jasmine, who lost to  Mark and Robin by one second. CT and Diem show great improvement in the challenge, but the top two teams were Emily and Ty and Camila and Johnny. After a fierce competition, Camila and Johnny snagged power couple, and have to choose the other team who will face Tyrie and Jasmine in the Dome.

Back at the house, we see that Johnny has past issues with Rachel for trying to send him home on The Island, four years ago (Bitter, much?). Rachel later throws Mark under the bus by telling Camila that Robin and Mark shouldn’t be here. This entire he-said/she-said situation blows up at the club, with Johnny having a full blown confrontation with Rachel and her partner Aneesa.

The next day, T.J. approaches the house to find who will be facing Jasmine and Tyrie in the Dome. Camila and Johnny, of course, throw in Rachel and Aneesa.

Jasmine and Tyrie face Aneesa and Rachel in the Dome. The Dome brings back a past challenge, “X Marks The Spot,” which tests the teams’ endurance, strength and stamina. After over 20 minutes, Jasmine and Rachel were still standing to fight to keep their spot in the competition. However, Jasmine loses her footing, sending her and Tyrie back to the States, and bringing Rachel and Aneesa back to the house with a vengeance!

Watch The Challenge: Battle of the Exes every Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST only on MTV!  And make sure you stay on the lookout for my recaps after the show!

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Jimmy Kimmel & Melissa McCarthy on Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres celebrated her birthday (Happy Birthday, Ellen!!) with a very special episode with co-host Jimmy Kimmel and Oscar Nominee Melissa McCarthy.  Ellen and Jimmy chat with Melissa about attending the Golden Globe Awards for the first
time. Oh, and Jimmy dresses up as a bridesmaid (as you can see). Watch a clip from yesterday’s show below!

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Rihanna Producing a British Fashion Show

Get ready Britain! A fashionista in her own right, Rihanna is headed over to Britain to find the hottest upcoming fashion designers for a new TV show. VIBE reports that the singer will be teaming up with Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts, who will serve as host, for the upcoming series. Rihanna herself will serve as executive producer on the untitled show, which will be released this summer.

Roberts and Rihanna will gather 10 contestants for a competition to design outfits for musicians and celebrities (Project Runway with a British flair? Nice.) The constestants’ final task will give them the opportunity to design an outfit for Rihanna’s Wireless performance in Hyde Park in July.

“I’ve always had a great love of fashion,” said Rihanna in a statement. “It’s a constant source of inspiration in my life, and is a big reason why I’ve grown into the person and artist I am today.” She continued: “I have been very fortunate to work with some truly amazing designers and stylists throughout my career, and they have been instrumental in making sure my creative vision reaches the stage. I am excited to follow the journey of our aspiring contestants and see how their individuality influences their efforts during the course of the show.”

So Rihanna may be having a really good time as of late, enjoying the fruits of her labor (smoking joints and hooking up with Chris Brown again?). But it’s good to see she still has the wheels in motion. This show might just be a hit! If not, she always has her music. Plus a nice role in the movie Battleship coming this summer!

Image via Vibe