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Suri Cruise Has Broken Her Arm!

We hate it when the kids of celebrities are harmed in any way, and so it is with sadness that we report that the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise, has broken her arm.

According to reports, Suri, aged 7, broke her arm (we are not sure which arm as of now) and is currently on the mend. Katie Holmes has not told the media how the injury occurred and no other information has been released at this time. Suri and Katie live in New York since the split from Cruise in 2012. We’re just waiting for Suri to sport a blinged out cast to rival Mariah Carey’s.

We’ll be waiting!

And Katie Holmes better watch her back. The Thetans are watching her even more closely now!suri-cruise-2_660_051413034632

additional reporting: A. Neff King

An Open Letter to Leah Remini


Dear Leah,

You go girl! We’ve got your back!

Find Shelly, find her!

As you prepare to tell all about the Church of Scientology, their leader David Miscavige and the whereabouts of his wife Shelly, we know that Kirstie Alley is probably going to try and show on your front door and devour you…that Kelly Preston may pop up from some nearby bushes and throw her beard power at you…or that John Travolta break into your sauna and steal your masseur, but?

Be strong!

And last but certainly not least…


Because we know that Tom Cruise may be about to put a hit on your life Jack Reacher style for the tell-all book you’re set to release soon. Will you tell us the truth about whether or not the scenes in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ hit a little closer to his home than he cares to admit? Will you let us know the truth about his (arranged) marriages? What will you say that won’t get you in hot water? And will you even care?!

At CelebrityVIP, we say go for the gold, spare not a one of these tricks and if push comes to shove…push those bastards down a flight of stairs ‘Showgirls’ style!

Tom Cruise Is Probably Insane


You all know how much I love and adore Tom Cruise, ahem…Scientol-Tom. Now that he is no longer with Katie Holmes we don’t get to see the shenanigans publicly, until he chooses his next woman to make placenta stew with.

For those of you who miss Scientol like we do, I have some photos will make you smile. Our friends at GirlsTalkinSmack have them all right here.

Oblivion? More like Oblivious

OK, unlike some people, we still consider Tom Cruise on of the last few remaining movie stars in the world. Like him or hate him, his movies almost always deliver the bucks, if not much else. But now with his latest release, you may want your money back. And if you stole it online like we did to watch it (don’t judge us!), you may want those two hours of your life back!

Now, upon seeing the trailer, you may think that there’s alot that’s going to happen in this movie. After all, Morgan Freeman is in the movie! If Morgan Freeman is in a movie, you have to at least give it a chance, right? In this case?

Hell to the naw!

Upon seeing the trailer and Morgan Freeman as a headliner, we thought, “Why not? Suri Cruise needs a new pair of ballet shoes!” So like anyone working under recession-like conditions, we downloaded it from ______ and about half an hour later, the movie started. The problem?

It never went anywhere.

Waited, we did. And waited and waited, but no cigar. Don’t get us wrong. Visually, Oblivion is stunning. A masterpiece, even. But the plot has more holes than a Kardashian slumber party and the biggest mind-f*ck of all?

Morgan Freeman is in the movie for maybe five minutes in total! If you go to the bathroom at the wrong parts, you won’t even see him.

Don’t even get me started on the tepid love triangle in this film. It’s not believable in any way, shape, or form. So, in these recessionist times, here’s some advice.

Go see the movietalk-oblivion630-jpg_200620 film!

Tom Cruise…Cruised

If this man came to your house late in the wee hours of the morning, would you turn him away? I thought not!

Move over, John Travolta! It looks like a fellow Scientologist is getting some male traction of his own.


Over the weekend, a man was caught on TommyGirl’s property and after a bit of back and forth action (by the cops, not Tom, who was allegedly not home), he was apprehended by the police. But this was not just any intruder. This was Jason Sullivan, an Australian hunk/reality star.
Now this is where the plot trickens.


Sullivan is reportedly staying in the home of Kevin Huvane, who is Cruise’s agent,  who just so happens to live right next door to the movie star. According to the statement by Sullivan, he got intoxicated and mistakenly tried to get into Tommy’s hole back door house thinking it was Huvane’s. If you are slightly confused, just read between the lines and then snort them.
Eventually, Jason drunkenly refused to leave Tom’s property and was tasered by the cops. While I consider this foreplay, others do not. The police arrested Sullivan for trespassing, but he was soon released. And although everyone knows Tommy will sue anyone for anything, his lawyer proclaims that no charges will be filed.
Mmmhmmm. Something in the milk ain’t clean!!!

Guess Who Else Could Have Been Tom Cruise’s Wife Via Scientology?!

So we have heard about the shady Scientology wife search that Scientol-Tom and his peeps conducted to allegedly land Katie Holmes in the role as Tom Cruise’s wife.

Well apparently Katie wasn’t the only celebrity who “auditioned” for the role. Ever since that Vanity Fair article was released, other people have come forward saying that they know who else was on the wife audition list.

Are you ready for this? Sigh.

Well apparently our beloved Freckles (aka Lindsay Lohan) and ScarJo were BOTH on that list.

A source close to Lilo said, “Lindsay met with Tom before he met Katie. At first, she was super excited to work with Tom and thought it was about a role in ‘Mission Impossible.’ It soon became clear that he wasn’t looking for an actress but something very different.”

The source went on, “Another actress that was being considered was Scarlett. The whole thing was very strange.”

ScarJo’s rep said that the actress DID meet with Tommy Boy around that time, however it wasn’t for anything other than a role in one of the Mission Impossible flicks. Mmmhmmm.

As for Lindsay? Of course Papa Lohan had something to say about this report and claims that “Tom has never called me to ask for her hand in marriage.”

Katie Holmes Is No GoldDigger

Katie Holmes may be alot of things: un-talented, downtrodden, lacking in fashion sense, a sucker for men that suck ______, et cetera, et cetera…but one thing she is not… is a golddigger.

Release the records!!

In one of the quickest divorces in the history of Hollywood (and also after one of the quickest courtships in the history of Hollywood if you don’t consider Kim Kardashian a true celebrity), some of the legal documents are beginning to spill out and they prove, once and for all, that Katie Holmes just wanted to, to paraphrase Angela Bassett in Waiting To Exhale...

get her sh*t and get out!

Sources familiar with the records say that Katiebot did not receive a lump sum payout and so has no claim whatsoever on Tom Cruise’s estimate $250 million fortune. As golddiggers worldwide shake their heads and scream out with laughter/fury/bitterness, let me finish!

Katie also did not ask Tom to shell out any money for spousal support. In a move that would make Gloria Steinem grin from ear to ear (or would it?), Katie requested no money and received none. The only money Katie is receiving is for the care of their daughter, Suri. Even that amount is alot less than most Hollywood wives receive after a divorce from such a huge star. Under the ruling, Katie will receive about $400,000 a year in child support for the next twelve years until Suri reaches the age of eighteen. That totals to approximately $4.8 million. Tom will also have to pay for Suri’s medical, dental, insurance, education, college, and any other extracurricular costs associated with her. All told, this is a drop in the bucket for the multimillionaire.

The most crucial part of the settlement – and considered by many the sticking point and the main reason for their divorce – is that Suri will not be attending any residential (read: Scientology) school. Katie could have received substantially more money had she tried the case in New York but she settled quickly and decided to move on.

I, for one, celebrate this move. Because who needs to be tied down to a mini-man hellbent on control? Sure, she deserved more after being married to a control freak of Napoleonic proportions, but at the end of the day, she still has her height and Tom still has his sofa to hop on.

Case closed.

Katie Holmes at Fashion Week?

I never thought I’d put the words Katie Holmes and ‘fashion week’ in the same sentence. It’s not that the former model does not have the body to pull off haute couture looks – far from it. However, after being hitched to TommyGirl for the past seven years, her clothes and look were more dowdy and tamed for a woman in her 20s. Now that she has released the sprite from her life, Katie is going back to her roots by debuting a new line at Fashion Week.

Joining the ranks of celebrity designers,  Holmes and Yang (co-founder Yang is her personal stylist) will premiere in the tents during Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. Interesting to note is that Katie’s former fake friend, Victoria ‘Posh Spice’ Beckham, will also be in the tents as well with her own line, Grazia.

Let’s see if this line will be a success for a woman who has dressed like she was 40 since she was 27. One thing is for certain: there will be alot of publicity surrounding her debut. I, for one, am rooting for Katie. She certainly deserves a bit of success of her own after putting her movie career on hold to raise a Thetan.

And a child too!

Tony Scott Suicide

The director of Top Gun and many other blockbuster films, committed suicide yesterday by jumping to his death from an L.A. bridge yesterday. He was 68.

Although further investigation will yield more information, what is being reported now is that the Scott, brother to famed film director Ridley Scott, jumped from the Vincent Thomas Bridge around 12:30pm. Officials that were first on the scene have said that there were suicide notes found in the car of Tony Scott’s Prius, which was found nearby the scene.

The director was known for directing such Hollywood classics as Top Gun, but also Beverly Hills II, Enemy of the State, and the more recent The Taking of Pelham 123. Media outlets are reporting that Scott allegedly had health concerns, but his family has released a statement already debunking these claims. Hollywood stars have already sent their condolences to the family, including actor Tom Cruise, who became a superstar after teaming with Scott to make Top Gun in the 80s.

More news will be released in the coming days.

Katie Holmes Heads Back To Broadway












Katie Holmes isn’t letting this divorce stop her! The actress has plans to return to Broadway this fall!  The news was announced Thursday that Katie will star in the in the dark comedy Dead Accounts.

In the new show, Katie will play Lorna, a woman looking for answers about her brother’s surprising return home. Additional casting news has yet to be released. The show, to be directed by Jack O’Brien, will play at the Music Box Theatre.

Katie has been loving New York lately, seen out and about in the area several times in the three weeks since her split from Tom Cruise.

She made her Broadway debut in 2008 in the revival of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons alongside John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest and Patrick Wilson.

Good for her! And will Suri make a fashionable appearance for her mom’s opening night? Not sure, but it’s great to see Katie picking up and moving forward. She still has to make that paper, especially since that prenup Tom gave her is in FULL effect.

Image via Donna Ward/Getty

Tom Cruise Hangs Out With Suri in NYC












For what was supposedly the first time since the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce and custody settlement, Tom was seen hanging out with his daughter Suri Tuesday.

Tom and Katie finalized their divorce and custody settlement last Monday. The actor  flew overnight from California (where he’s been filming Oblivion) to New York to spend time with his daughter.

Suri  held her dadclose as they arrived at NYC’s Chelsea Piers on Tuesday afternoon. Tom, keeping Suri protected among the paparazzi, had a smile on his face after being reunited with his daughter.

A source recently said to Us Weekly, “Katie wants to make sure the visits are in the context of him being a parent figure. He adores Suri, but now he’s afraid he won’t be able to have a close relationship with her.”

I hope that Tom and Katie come to some sort of reasonable agreement about Suri. Just because they couldn’t make it work doesn’t mean that both parents shouldn’t be in Suri’s life. Suri obviously has a lot of love for her father, and should be allowed to spend as much time with him as she can.

Image via Humberto Carreno/startraksphoto.com

Save a Heaux: An Open Letter to Katie Holmes

Dear Katie:

So you finally broke free from the crazy Scientology and TommyGirl. Well, congrats to you for finally putting that barley water down and coming to your senses, but the question of the day seems to be (and what Tommy asks his masseur every now and then)…are you in too deep?

Remember when Tom Cruise was flitting through Hollywood women to beard for him in the mid-2000s? Allegedly, he approached Scarlett Johansson who immediately turned him down because she loves peen way too much to beard. Then he tried to sign up Jessica Alba but she thought she could be a huge star on her own (ha!). And then there was you Katie. You took one short long look at your resume and responded like Cuba Gooding, Jr. in Jerry Maguire

Show me the money!

Fast forward to seven years later…

You left a bonafide hit franchise in Batman to parade on red carpets with elves?! Do I need to re-name your daughter SeaOrg Suri? Is it time to rent Rosemary’s Baby and take notes, Katie?! Why do you think Nicole Kidman bolted? She was not trying to have any natural children with Scientology’s best heaux. Oh no, and f*ck up her body? I put it like this: When you are dealing with Tom Cruise and are a beard, your amount of devotion to him is directly proportional to your talent. Nicole has an Oscar. You’ll always have… Dawson’s Creek. Nicole adopted two children (that she doesn’t even see anymore, let the record show!), and you had to shove the baster in your hole to produce Scientology’s chosen one.


You barely lasted half a decade and we all know that contract was for ten, so what did Tommy say/do to cause you to bolt out of the blue? Did you catch him watching Top Gun again with the deleted love scenes between him and Val Kilmer? Did John Travolta have one too many sleepovers? Who knows? What I do know is that after drinking from that large Big Gulp of F*ckery for so many years, it was high time you fled the scene of the crime and got sole custody. Next time, read the fine print, Katie!

Sneaky Katie Holmes and the Split from Tom Cruise

People Magazine‘s July 23 2012 issue features secrets about Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise‘s split. Surprised? No, me neither. So here’s what People seemed to dig up. Apparently Katie knew for quite some time that she had to make a big fat change and when I think of change I think of “Man In the Mirror” by Michael Jackson.

From what it sounds like, Katie was miserable and she needed to get out of that relationship with Scientol-Tom before she went off the deep end.

A source told People that “She no longer had the life she wanted, in terms of her career, her way of life, everything. Once she decided to go, she was done.” And she wasn’t turning back!

So with that decision having been made in the back of her mind, she contacted her dad (who just so happens to be an attorney) and orchestrated a secretive exit that would include moving, changing cell phones and NOT giving any clues to Tom about her plan.

The source added, “She knew she had to have everything locked down before she pulled the trigger because there could be no wiggle room if she didn’t want this to turn into a long, drawn-out battle.”

When Katie threw the news on Tom, he was pretty much shocked and still is.

So who will get custody of the child? We all know that Tommy is married to his work so I’d have to go with Katie on this one.

STAR MAGAZINE: Why Tom Cruise Let Katie Holmes Win!

Now that Katie Holmes has finally thrown the towel in on her what was called a marriage to Tom Cruise, everyone has their two cents to throw in. So why did she leave Tommy? That’s awesome. He turned her into a Stepford wife who’s movements and actions seemed semi-robotic.

Star Magazine‘s July 23 2012 issue features news on why Tom Cruise let Katie Holmes win. I’m very interested to see how this all pans out because really, as a hardcore Scientologist you would think he would want to keep Katie in a closet or something for no one else to see.

Well here’s what the mag is saying. According Star, Tom’s been hiding 6 years of embarrassing secrets. Apparently he fears reports of physical abuse and vows, “I’ll still raise Suri as a Scientologist.” Physical abuse? Really? Well I suppose, if you can jump on a couch on Oprah, the sky is the freakin’ limit.

All I have to say is it certainly will be hard to raise Suri as a Scientologist if she is going to be living pretty much full-time with her Catholic mother.

Tom Cruise Gives Katie What She Wants


It’s been less than two weeks and already Tom Cruise has finalized his divorce from Katie Holmes. In other words, he let her off the chain easy.

Holmes attorney Jonathan Wolfe confirmed that Katie and Tom reached a settlement telling People magazine, “The case has been settled and the agreement has been signed. We are thrilled for Katie and her family and are excited to watch as she embarks on the next chapter of her life. This result could not have been achieved without the hard work of my partner Gary Skoloff and our co-counsel Allan Mayefsky, Michael Mosberg and Larry Trachtenberg of Aronson Mayefsky and Sloan and Peter Walzer and Chris Melcher of Walzer & Melcher in California. We thank Tom’s counsel for their professionalism and diligence that helped bring about this speedy resolution.”

And get this. Even Tom’s attorney Dennis Wasser spoke on behalf of Scientol-Tom telling PEOPLE magazine, “All the lawyers and the parties are happy that it’s done, the deal was closed and we wish everyone well.”

So what happened? Who gets what? How much alimony and child support is involved here? Peeps, we don’t know yet. But you KNOW that all is going to come out in the wash.

TomKat’s reps released the following statement and from what it sounds like, they are going to do the best they can for Suri. “We are committed to working together as parents to accomplish what is in our daughter Suri’s best interests. We want to keep matters affecting our family private and express our respect for each other’s commitment to each of our respective beliefs and support each other’s roles as parents.”

As long as Scientology is not involved, I am sure Katie and Suri will be just fine.