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Celebrity VIP Lounge

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Tara Reid Is Taking Up The Lohan Baton

Tara Reid, as we all know, was/is the Lindsay Lohan of the early 2000s. Of course, Lindsay Lohan took that crack baton and was showing no signs of giving it up any time soon, but damn rehabilitation clinics got in the way. So now that The Unhinged Ginge is drying out for about 80 more days, Tara Reid and Amanda Bynes are suddenly coming out of the crack woodworks to snatch that baton and reclaim the crown!

On Wednesday night, Tara was back to her old Hollywood skanktricks. The paparazzi taracaught her outside a club having difficulty standing. While many consider some of her best work to be possibly horizontal, we’ve got to say that this is never the best look in public.

But perhaps Tara just had an off night because unlike Lohan, she did not get behind the wheel and run over a few photographers and then blame her assistant. Ms. Reid didn’t hit someone else’s car and then flee the scene of the crime. No no no! Tara kept it semi-classy and had a driver take her drunk ass home.

Ah, welcome to adulthood.

We’re waiting on you, Lindsay!

Betty Ford to Lindsay Lohan: Hand Over The Adderall!


If Lindsay Lohan thought Betty Ford was going to be a walk in the park that she used to use to get her drugs, then she’d better think again. The Strawberry Snortcake just got warned by the treatment center that her favorite legal drug may be taken from her.

Reports are coming in that Lindsay’s Adderall use, which she claims to need because she suffers from ADHD (perfect for her since she probably could not last the two painstaking hours it takes to get through ‘Liz & Dick’), may be collected from her. This is because doctors may decide through their own evaluation and diagnosis tests that she may be overusing the drug.



For those that do not need Adderall, it can produce effects that are akin to abusing street drugs. Its misuse is common and is popular among models and actresses that take it to suppress their appetite, keeping them thin.

We say take her Adderall from her and watch her fall off that wagon with the quickness!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Lindsay Lohan Is a H.A.M.

Lindsay Lohan is the hottest in hot ass messery that has ever messed up and although we cannot stand Strawberry Snortcake most times, we must admit…

She makes us laugh!

So we will be more than a bit peeved when she does her time on Rehab Drive. Who are we going to report holleyabout as The Strawberry Snortcake dries out her freckled f*ckery in the sanctity of a clinic? Who else are we going to jeer and laugh at as she cools her hot plate in the clinky clink?!

We’re not sure what we’re going to do but what we do know is that whatever happens, it will be an epic 90 days for all involved. So now what has this alleged talented actress done that will be sure to cause an eyeroll in your immediate future?

Hohan has run back to the lawyer she fired, Shawn Holley.

Now, Ms. Holley, who has been by Lindsay’s side forever and a day, was/is owed back pay from the Lohan camp but yet and still she is now back to dig this trick out of the grave. According to reports, Mark Heller, who Lindsay has been paying with pipe dreams and dandelions, has been kicked to the crack curb because we all know that Holley and Hohan are a match made in heaven and no one can come between them! What we know now is that Holley is trying to arrange a deal that gets Lindsay in a facility other than Morningside and quick! If not, there’s another warrant in her future!

Here we go again!!!

Tabatha Takes On Lindsay Lohan

David Letterman may have sympathy for Lindsay Lohan time and time and time and time and time and time and time…

(you get the picture)


But some people are not giving The Unhinged Ginge any breathing room when it comes to anything regarding her tabloid-filled life. These are the ones we love! Because the last time Lindsay Lohan was truly, truly relevant, George Bush was still in office.

during his first term.

So excuse us if we bother to mention who else has come out with a new epic verbal slap against Lohan.

Tabatha Coffey, the star of Bravo’s ‘Tabatha Takes Over‘, is known for her sharp tongue and acidic comments, so it is not shocking that she had this to say about Lohan’s latest fashion f*ckery after seeing a photo of her at the airport. Lohan, sporting jeggings, might save money on that trip to rehab, because Tabatha may have just verbally slapped her there free of charge:


Let’s keep looking at the rest of your outfit, shall we? Hmmm, I see, you decided to wear some comfy jeans with some WTF ARE THOSE?! Are you wearing hooker boots up to your hoo-ha??? No, no, no that can’t be. I know you wouldn’t bust out the Pretty Woman boots out for a flight in first class. Let me look again.

OH DEAR LORD NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Are those jeather pants you have on?! Yes, jeather pants: jeans and leather combo. What are you, president of the Sons of Anarchy fan club? Is this your idea of “chic chaps?”
I’m just going to stop right here and create a scenario in my head as to why you think this is fashionable. Honestly, I don’t want to waste my time, so I won’t. Just get some new pants when you reach your final destination.

We don’t need to add anything. This is verbal slap enough!

What do you think, VIPers? Is this a hit or a miss?

Tina Fey Really Needs To Just Let It Go


Go as in Lindsay Lohan and the near decade that has gone by since La Strawberry Snortcake was young(er), youthful, fresh, and relevant. Because fast forward to now and that ginge has come unhinged. Tina Fey, who worked and has worked with the (alleged) actress several times, still keeps reminisicing about days that no one else can even remember. We’re too busy trying to figure out when Hohan’s next court date is. Our guess is?

Probably tomorrow!

Now, in an interview with Ladies’ Home Journal’s April issue, the Admission star says “beautiful, healthy Lindsay Lohan is the first thing that comes to mind when she thinks back on the beloved flick. A word of advice, Tina: delete, discard, deny! Once you start visiting her in jail in a few months, let’s see how you like those conjugal visits she’ll start trying to serve up to you? Did you forget that Lindsay is a part-time carpetmuncher? We almost did too!