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The Strawberry Snortcake Returns!

But this time we are gonna give this crackie a breakie and vow to support her until further notice because she’s asking for more rehab time and saying she is serious about her rehabilitation.

Furthermore, the judge in her case has ordered more therapy for her, so maybe she will be forced to get better whether se likes it or not. Maybe this will also allow her to stop making trashy ass movies that damage Liz Taylor’s good name.


But in the latest news, Loan is headed off to Europe for a bit of R&R, so we hope she doesn’t end up at some London nightclub doing blow off of Boy George’s ass crack!

We’re just saying!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Betty Ford to Lindsay Lohan: Hand Over The Adderall!


If Lindsay Lohan thought Betty Ford was going to be a walk in the park that she used to use to get her drugs, then she’d better think again. The Strawberry Snortcake just got warned by the treatment center that her favorite legal drug may be taken from her.

Reports are coming in that Lindsay’s Adderall use, which she claims to need because she suffers from ADHD (perfect for her since she probably could not last the two painstaking hours it takes to get through ‘Liz & Dick’), may be collected from her. This is because doctors may decide through their own evaluation and diagnosis tests that she may be overusing the drug.



For those that do not need Adderall, it can produce effects that are akin to abusing street drugs. Its misuse is common and is popular among models and actresses that take it to suppress their appetite, keeping them thin.

We say take her Adderall from her and watch her fall off that wagon with the quickness!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Lindsay Lohan Is a H.A.M.

Lindsay Lohan is the hottest in hot ass messery that has ever messed up and although we cannot stand Strawberry Snortcake most times, we must admit…

She makes us laugh!

So we will be more than a bit peeved when she does her time on Rehab Drive. Who are we going to report holleyabout as The Strawberry Snortcake dries out her freckled f*ckery in the sanctity of a clinic? Who else are we going to jeer and laugh at as she cools her hot plate in the clinky clink?!

We’re not sure what we’re going to do but what we do know is that whatever happens, it will be an epic 90 days for all involved. So now what has this alleged talented actress done that will be sure to cause an eyeroll in your immediate future?

Hohan has run back to the lawyer she fired, Shawn Holley.

Now, Ms. Holley, who has been by Lindsay’s side forever and a day, was/is owed back pay from the Lohan camp but yet and still she is now back to dig this trick out of the grave. According to reports, Mark Heller, who Lindsay has been paying with pipe dreams and dandelions, has been kicked to the crack curb because we all know that Holley and Hohan are a match made in heaven and no one can come between them! What we know now is that Holley is trying to arrange a deal that gets Lindsay in a facility other than Morningside and quick! If not, there’s another warrant in her future!

Here we go again!!!

Lindsay Lohan Continues Her Course of Stupidity

What Strawberry Snortcake wants, Strawberry Snortcake does.

F*ck what the law, common sense, and other signs of proper conduct say! So what has The Un-Hinged Ginge done today that is causing a mild sensation? That is, aside from live to see another day and piss off bettors worldwide?

Well, according to reports, Lindsay has said N to the Lindsay-Lohan-attending-Scary-Movie-5-premiere-April-2013 on the rehab center she was scheduled to enter into today in upstate New York and has instead, without alerting her lawyer or prosecutors, flown back to Los Angeles to check herself into Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, California. And why such a drastic change so all of a sudden? It’s simple.

Morningside will allow Lindsay to smoke her Newports. That’s right! They allow their patients to smoke and we all know that Lohan cannot be completely without any toxins flowing through her crack-riddled body.

The problem is that this is a direct violation of her plea deal and she’s going to be in  T R O U B L E! To the tune of possibly 90 days in jail!

Oh, PLEASE let it be so!