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Hurricane Sandy Slaps The Lohan Family

Mother Nature is a bitch and doesn’t play! This is what happens when scattered showers meet scattered brains!

If any of you recall, it was just a few days ago that Lindsay Lohan, aka The Strawberry Snortcake, placed her crackpipe down just long enough to tweet her delusional thought about the then oncoming storm headed to the east coast. While most of us knew the storm by another name, it appears that Team Lohan didn’t quite get the message. She tweeted

“WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i’m calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity!”

While the rest of us battened down the hatches and prayed that Hurricane Sandy not damage our homes or kill us, the Lohan family cleaned off spoons for their next hit and partied on. Well, Sandy or Sally or whatever you want to call her had news for the family.

She was coming for them!

Unfortunately for us, Hurricane Sandy did not exactly finish the job. She just left behind a verbal slap or two. Photos were taken of Dina Lohan’s neighborhood yesterday and it was in a state of chaos. Or shall I say, moreso than usual. A tree was uprooted from her property and tore into her roof and then landed into the family pool. I’m sure if the Lohans saw hail on the ground outside their house, they tried to snort it up!

That tree should sue for emotional distress!

Lindsay Lohan’s Publicist: I QUIT!

Obviously, the above photo was taken during  a bong session happier times.

I, for one, had no idea that Lohan even had a publicist on her payroll. I figured Mama Dina just screamed every latest happening of all things Lohan from her Long Island terrace, as the paparazzi waited on the sidewalks in hopes that she would fall over from inebriation. Well, as it turns out, Lindsay does indeed have one. Make that had.
Steve Honig has quit that bich!

The reasons why? According to well placed sources, there was growing tension between Honig and Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s father.

Quelle surprise.

According to the Michael Lohan camp, the two began quarreling regarding Lindsay’s disastrous intervention attempt. After two years of dealing with Lindsay’s shenanigans, Honig came to his senses, dusted the coke-angel-crack dust from his three-piece suit and turned in his resignation. If Lohan is in a haze right now, she may have not even realize he has left the building.

So what all is Honig giving up now that he has parted ways with The Strawberry Snortcake? Let’s see…

jewelry heist, more car accidents than a NASCAR driver, rallies to hospitals on both coasts, and let us not forget those lovely 911 calls.

Something tells me he’ll be just fine!