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Justin Bieber and Selena Are Together: He Gets Another Tattoo


Well, apparently Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez ARE back together, if not only for the nookie (because if the Biebs is anything like Fred Durst, we all can take that cookie and stick it you know where), for the company.

In a photo posted via Instagram, the Biebs made it known to the world that he and Selena are at least hittin’ it. The photo shows Justin shirtless with Selena hugging him from behind along with the following telling caption: “‘You’ve been makin music for too long babe come cuddle’ — her.”

He’s got it bad for her (and probably other chicks too) and for now, he’s loving Selena’s company (and well, quite frankly…she was his first).

In an effort to show his undying love for the singer slash actress, the Biebs is rumored to have gotten some permanent ink of his ex (?) girlfriend on his skin. According to our friends at Bohomoth, Bieber got a tat of Selena rocking an awkward big bosom-ed cleavage.

What do you think of these two back together?

Check out Bieber’s new tattoo of Selena here.

Amber Rose: Countdown to the Tattoo Laser Removal


Let the countdown begin! Amber Rose is known in the world of hip-hop for being passed around more times than we can count, so for her to get something so permanent on her lovely body is just shocking to us. What is she going to do when this relationship ends? Because we all know it will! With today’s technology, she will have no problem lasering away Wiz Khalifa’s face from her arm. And what a large tattoo it is! Nothing is demure about this tattoo. Amber Rose proudly and prominently features it on her arm. Now, a few years ago, all the rage in Hollywood seemed to be women getting their ring finger tattooed. Pamela Anderson and Eva Longoria both did it, and once those marriages ended, they ran to their dermatologists and had them promptly removed. If Amber’s trying to mark her territory, there are better, less painful ways of doing so. She could have just peed on him!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Amber Rose Gets Tattoo of Her Man!


Amber Rose may be a busy mama, but she is taking some time for herself these days…away from baby and away from her man. Good grief and she should! A mother needs some time to herself even if it means getting some ink done. Even though she was spotted away from the fam for a hot minute, I can tell you one thing, she has her man on her mind!

Miss Amber took to her Twitter to share her new piece of art on her arm…a big portrait of her baby daddy!

Along with the photo, she tweeted the following caption: “True Love #Cam&Amb”. Now isn’t that sweet?

Tattooist Bobby Serna confirmed that he did the art and it is definitely a permanent tat and not some fake ish! He took to his Twitter to announce, “Khalifa Man @mistercap, Tattoed on my Homegirl @muvarosebud, thanks y’all for the opportunity and congrats to the both of you!#CamAndAmb#youngwildNFree#TGOD.”

Here’s hoping that she and Wiz stick together because that tat would be damn hard to cover up!

An Open Letter to Chris Brown

Normally, I would classify this under Save a Heaux, but that would imply that I intend to help a star in peril. But in this case…in this case?

F*ck him!

Dear Chris,

And I say that with all due respect for all parties involved. What have you done lately that is completely fuxored? Well, as the Ike Turner of your generation, you have gone out and gotten a new tattoo. If it was just a tattoo, this would probably not be worth reporting on. But no, in true Chris Brown fashion, you have gone out and chosen to get splayed on your neck a rather sizable tattoo of what appears to be a battered woman. But no no no, we are ALL wrong, says your paid spokestrick….

“His tattoo is a sugar skull (associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead) and a MAC cosmetics design he saw. It is not Rihanna or an abused woman as erroneously reported.”

Hmmmm. Day of the Dead? My question is this, Chris: Day of the dead for whom? RiRi? The next woman that is dumb enough to latch on to your dirtbaggy ass?! When will this f*ckery end?!

This is one of those times where I will just put it out there and let the readers bust a verbal cap in your ass. I’m extremely so over you, pop-bastard.

That is all.

Rihanna gets Thug Life tattoo (PHOTO)

Rihanna was spotted the other day smoking the wacky tabacky and now she’s rocking a Thug Life tattoo (in tribute to 2Pac) that she recently got inked on her knuckles. (At least we think the tat is real, considering she did get photographed IN a tattoo parlor which a former felon turned actor and some other old dude I probably should be familiar with but I’m not.

And it really doesn’t matter because we’re talking Thug Life, people. While Ri has openly admitted to smoking cush via her Twitter and is supposedly being a rebel by secretly hooking up with violent ex Chris Brown, I’m really starting to wonder, ponder and question Ri’s actions. Is this all an act for her

What is Ri trying to prove with all this big and badness? Is she showing us she has grown a bigger back bone and is not going to take shiznit from anyone or is she revealing her secret more thug-like self? Should we be owing Chris Brown an apology? Ok, ok. That was wrong, but hey, it does take two to tango and Ri is surely showing she’s boss this go ’round!

MORAL OF THE STORY: Finding love in a hopeless place can bring out the thug in anyone!

New Ink for Ashley Holmes of Real Housewives of New Jersey (PHOTO)

Ashley Holmes, 20, daughter of Housewife Jacqueline Laurita took to her blog to show off her new gold skull tattoo. This is what Ashley had to say about the inspiration of the tattoo on her blog:

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Kat Von D pulls a Paris Hilton and other scandalous links.

You would THINK that Kat Von D would be smarter than this. The Superficial

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Image via Wireimage.com

Angelina gets snappy over her new tattoo.

You can all go to bed with a clear head tonight. That new set of coordinates up on Angelina Jolie’s tatted up arm is NOT that of a seventh child. During the promotion of Kung Fu Panda 2, Jolie shot down rumors that the coordinates were that of another child. Come on peeps, you need to magnify that shit and use your 7th grade geography skills!

Yes, that is a new tattoo and it is….wait for it…coordinates for Brad Pitt’s birthplace. All together now…’awwwwwww’. Barf.

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