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Punk Rave: Your Brand For A More Mature Punk Look


Punk and gothic—these are two fashion styles that go against the laws of the trendy look. In fact, it is considered to be the rebellious brand of fashion. Because of this, many women shy away from wearing punk-related accessories and clothes for the fear that they will be called weirdos or outcasts.

If you have gone through the punk phase when you were a teenager but you still have that punk goddess spirit inside of you, you will surely be afraid to unleash it when you enter your 30’s or 40’s. For your information, there is no sense in stopping yourself from showing people who you really are. Lucky for you, fashion can help you do that. If you wish to let your inner goth show through (but in a much mature manner), here are some tips to keep in mind:

• Go all-black.
Of course, black is the gothic’s favorite color so it just makes sense to wear black if you want to pull off this look. To make the outfit look more dramatic, do not stick to just one piece of black clothing—go all out! Wear an all-black outfit but be careful in choosing the clothes that you will wear as there is a high tendency that you will overdo the entire look. To avoid that from happening, try to wear a black top and pair it with black pencil skirt. This ensemble will make you look punk but the feminine touch of the sexy cut of the skirt will balance it out. If you plan on going to a date, you can try wearing pointed black pumps. If you are going to work or to the bar, do not be afraid to pair it with black ankle boots.

• Pair it with prints.

Sometimes, wearing an all black outfit can be an overkill. For those days when you wish to tame down your punk look, you can try pairing a black piece of clothing with printed tops like florals. Just make sure that the background of the prints is the color black to make the look more cohesive.

• Add some color.
If you wish to make your punk-inspired clothes look more wearable, you can soften your look by adding some color into it. If you are already wearing a black jacket and black pants, try to go for a top in contrasting bright colors like blue, red, white or grey.

Today, the fashion industry is starting to embrace the gothic and punk look. Because of this, many fashion designers have started to create collections that are perfect for people who wish to still pull of the punk look but in a much more mature manner and Punk Rave is one of those labels that will provide you all the clothes that you need.


About Punk Rave
Joey is the woman behind Punk Rave of Stylewe. After graduating from KOOKJE Design Institute, she became interested about the Punk style and trend and she began DIY-ing some clothes and accessories. With the aim of getting better at designing and creating clothes, she decided to go to Korea to study about fashion design. The clothes that she creates is a combination of punk, gothic and elegant style. She is best at turning everyday clothes look more edgy and innovative.