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SNL Highlights: Lady Gaga Makes Fun Of Herself, Performs With R. Kelly


Lady Gaga made fun of herself on SNL last night and isn’t that what celebrities do these days when they get the SNL gig? Well played, Gaga. Well played.

In a funny sketch from her appearance on the show, Gaga makes fun of the comparisons of herself to Madonna.

In the skit, the comedians on the show portrayed different singers who were performing versions of other artists’ songs for a compilation disc. I’ll admit, this was pretty funny.

When Gaga was introduced to be performing a version of Madonna‘s song “Express Yourself,” the Applause singer actually just started singing her hit song “Born This Way” instead. As you all know, When Gaga released the song a few years ago, it was instantly compared to Madge’s song. Remember that? HA!

Gaga also performed her single “Do What U Want” with special guest R. Kelly.

Justin Bieber SNL Performances (VIDEOS): As Long As You Love Me, Nothing Like Us


Justin Bieber also served as musical guest on last night’s Saturday Night Live and went unplugged for the performances of As Long As You Love Me and Nothing Like Us.

Yes, Bieber pulled off these performances LIVE, mind you and even threw in a few come hither stares that probably had Selena Gomez forgetting about the Biebs’ pot smoking and supermodel canoodling moments. Cripes, at one point the guy looked like he was going to break down in tears.

Hmmm, I wonder what Selena REALLY thought after watching these performances.

Justin Bieber’s Valentine’s Day Message: SNL


In perhaps in one of the more entertaining skits from Saturday Night Live last night, Justin Bieber delivers a Valentine’s Day message to his ladies. It’s all seductive, romantic and all things corny as only a pop star could deliver, until Taco joins the skit.

In the skit, the Biebs rolls around on a bed, inhales the scent of a bouquet of red roses and sexts Hillary Clinton.

Check out Justin Bieber’s Valentine’s Day message video below. I admit, I did get the giggles while watching this one…especially when Taco gets out his toilet.

Image via NBC

Justin Bieber On SNL: Monologue (VIDEO)


Justin Bieber not only was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live last night but he was also the host. I must admit this kid is starting to grow on me and he did make the show somewhat worth watching.

The opening monologue set the tone for the evening’s skits with the singer seducing AND educating the SNL audience and viewers. The Biebs took time to honor both Valentine’s Day AND Black History month, along with some help from cast member Kenan Thompson.

He did seemingly struggle a bit through the Black History facts (at least he did in my opinion), but it was hard to really tell if that was meant to happen in the scene or if he was supposed to be playing dumb. At any rate, it wasn’t completely horrid. After handing out roses to various girls in the audience, Bieber ended up taking home Whoopi Goldberg, who was there in the audience.

Check out Justin Bieber’s Opening Valentine’s Monologue below and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Stay tuned as future posts we will have Bieber’s performances and a couple other of our favorite skits from last night’s show.

Daniel Craig Gets Funny For SNL Promos

He may be best known for being the world’s most famous secret agent with a licence to kill, but can he make us laugh?

Daniel Craig hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend, with Muse as musical guest. Craig promoting Global James Bond Day, as well as next month’s 007 flick Skyfall, has a chance to do comedy for the first time.

Judging from his SNL promos, this intense dramatic actor certainly has a good sense of humor.

VIP EXCLUSIVE: Hear Michael Lohan Say That Lilo Popped A Few Pills Before SNL Performance

After our exclusive with Michael Lohan in regards to Lindsay Lohan’s SNL performance went viral worldwide, we did hear back from Papa Lohan a couple days later via phone. He expressed that Lindsay was very upset with our story and he wanted to give us a statement, however he said he needed a day or so to gather his thoughts.

A couple days passed and we didn’t hear back from Michael assuming that he was going to wait for the backlash to be water under the bridge or he was still waiting to put together a story.

Instead, Papasito found another site who never verified the facts saying that we lied about the pill story and they just took his word for the story. Because Michael Lohan is so credible, right?

A VIP reader also told us that Lohan is on a 30-station radio tour where he is trying to “set the record straight” about our story. The reader told us, “I’ve heard two shows and that’s all I can stomach of his lies but he said you twisted what he said in both interviews and that he’s doing these interviews to set the record straight.”

At any rate, the proof is in the pudding, dahlings! We stand corrected and do a little wiggle of the hips, a flip of our long luscious locks and a finger snap wave.

Image via Getty Images

VIP EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan’s SNL performance Masked by Prescription Pills

So says Michael Lohan.

After getting mixed reviews for her SNL performance, Lindsay Lohan went onto do a seemingly better job on the FOX hit “Glee” and now she is doing the background research and prep for her role as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime TV movie “Liz and Dick”. While many slammed Lilo’s appearance on SNL and criticized her for looking like she was on drugs or bombed off booze, Michael Lohan said there IS a reason for her lackluster performance on Saturday Night Live but it wasn’t what you think.

Papa Lohan told Celebrityviplounge.com exclusively, “I have to say this…on SNL, Lindsay was not using any illicit drugs or drinking but she still is on prescription drugs that they gave her. And the meds that they give her are meds that they say she needs, but she doesn’t need them. But they kind of make her flat. She’s not acting at a full potential. It’s like the screen is down over her.”

He went onto add, “And now when she did Glee I said, ‘Linds, get off the damn medication and let people see who you really are.’ And for a couple days before Glee, she went off this stuff. And there were tears in my eyes when I watched Glee. THAT was Lindsay. Yeah that was her acting. That is Lindsay Lohan at the Parent Trap, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls potential. That is what she was.”

Are these the same prescription drugs she was on back in 2010? Michael did not say. But if those are the same meds she was on, her probation papers back then indicated she was on antidepressants Zoloft and trazodone, stimulant Adderall, Nexium for acid reflux and super-strength painkiller Dilaudid for dental troubles.

Usher Makes SNL “Scream” and “Climax” For His Faux-Hawk

Say, what?!

Last night (May 12th, 2012), Usher brought his croon and a faux hawk to SNL to perform as musical guest. In part of a promotional tour for his upcoming album Looking 4 Myself, Ursher not only performed his new single “Scream” AND “Climax”, but he also was featured in the SNL 100th Digital Short.

The Ush-ster rocked a simple pair of black jeans, a jacket and a tee. Let me just say the guy looked fly and a bit reminiscent of his teeny boppin’ days.

Yes we got the smooth and sensual and yes, we sure as hell got the falsetto.

Check out the performances below.

Usher: Scream

Usher: Climax

Will Ferrell Was on SNL last night!

In case you missed last night’s Will Ferrell‘s SNL appearance, we have the fun videos here for your viewing pleasure. Got damn I love this guy.

Here are some of the highlights from last night’s show: Will Ferrell reprised his classic George Bush impersonation in “Obama Visits: Biden Cold Open,” Will Forte stopped by for “ESPN Golf,” Liam Neeson answered some tough questions from Nicolas Cage (Andy Samberg) in “Weekend Update: Get In The Cage with Liam Neeson” and more.

Will Ferrell’s Mother’s Day Monologue

Obama Visits Biden Cold Open

Cold Commercial

Weekend Update: Really?! – Time Magazine Cover

Weekend Update: Get In The Cage with Liam Neeson

And then there was Usher. We’ve got those performances coming up shortly.

Rihanna Gets Sexy In SNL Performance of “Where Have You Been”

She didn’t take the stage with Chris Brown, but Rihanna did give a sexy SNL performance with her new single “Where Have You Been” (THE best single on her new album Talk That Talk, if you want my opinion).

Let me just say that this performance was one of the sexiest that SNL has ever seen AND Ri sang live. She was backed by sexy back-up dancers and Ri showed us her dance skills and good gawd, who knew she could shake it Shakira style?

Earlier in the evening, Ri took the stage to perform “Talk That Talk” after teasing peeps with a taste of “Birthday Cake”.

Sure we are all talking about how hot this performance was, but can you imagine if she surprised us with a collaboration on the stage with Chris Brown? For some reason, I still see that coming.

Check out the performance of Where Have You Been below.

Rihanna To Perform on SNL AND Do A Couple Sketches!

Rihanna is the musical guest for this weekend’s Saturday Night Live and football star Eli Manning is set to serve as host. In a new promo for this weekend’s SNL, Rihanna hams it up with Manning and SNL alum Andy Samberg.

So here’s the deal. Not only is Ri performing on the show, rumor has it she may appear in maybe one or two sketches. SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels told MTV, “Yes, we are hoping so. We’ll know [soon]. I wish I could report on everything that’s been written [and] if this were tomorrow, I could. I know that there are a lot of things in the works, but I don’t frankly know how they turned out. And I think it’s our intention.”

Um, let me just say that Ri looks gorgeous in a black leather bra top and pants. As for her hair, it’s kind of a hot mess, but it is now jet black and I’m loving it much better than her blonde locks.

Check out the promo clip below.

Kristen Wiig to SNL: Ciao!

Fresh off the Hollywood Awards season, Bridesmaids writer and star, Kristen Wiig, is reportedly leaving Saturday Night Live at the end of the current season once her contract is up.

Although a final decision has yet to be made, it is probably all but assured that the rising star is leaving SNL behind for a feature film career. After receiving several accolades inside the industry for co-writing the female-driven Bridesmaids, Wiig has become a hot property in Hollywood and insiders expect her to capitalize on her rising status. SNL creator Lorne Michaels is reportedly looking for another comedienne to replace Wiig.

Early reports include four frontrunners: Kate McKinnon (The Big Gay Sketch Show), Jessica Joy (The Playboy Club), Lauren Lapkus (Are You There Chelsea?) and Elaine Carroll (Very Mary-Kate). McKinnon is set to appear on the upcoming Saturday episode with host Sofia Vergara. Let’s see if McKinnon can bring the funny. SNL is arguably in a creative rut the last few seasons and they need some talented newcomer(s) to bring back the magic.

Who do you think should replace Wiig?

Or the better question may be, is she replaceable?

Image via Getty Images

Jonah Hill on Saturday Night Live

Alright TV Watchers, if there is anything that should be on your list of to-dos this weekend, you definitely add Saturday Night Live to the list.

As a way of recovering from their awkward Lindsay Lohan hosting experience, they have someone on the show that is actually…you know…funny. So, I am happy to say that this weekend’s SNL will be hosted by Jonah Hill!

His appearance on the show will also prove to all of us that he is  actually still funny despite is weight loss. This is also his second time on the show, so it should be a hilarious little reunion for Jonah and SNL.

Check out this Saturday Night Live Clip 

Not to mention that the band, The Shins will be the musical guests on SNL.

And with Jonah Hill on Saturday Night Live…ladies…I know you are asking the same question: will we see a glimpse of his 21 Jump Street co-star Channing Tatum? He did recently host the show with musical guest Bon Iver. So, we can only hope of course. Preferably Tatum will be on the show without his shirt on.

Have a great weekend television watchers! You can catch SNL this Saturday night, at 11:30 PT on NBC.

Lindsay Lohan Puts Jimmy Fallon on the Spot

Lindsay Lohan stops by Jimmy Fallon to chat about her upcoming SNL gig, playing Elizabeth Taylor and more.

Welp, Freckles is making her rounds on the promotional circuit for her upcoming Saturday Night Live gig. It IS a big deal, people. She really has nothing else going on and thought Jimmy Fallon didn’t have anything going on this weekend either. During her interview with Jimmy Fallon, she definitely made things a tad awkward when she puts Jim on the spot.

And got damn, the look on his face was freakin’ priceless.

Freckles asked Jimmy to STOP by the set of SNL while she is there to do something. Anything. His response? “Sure”. Despite the serious tone in her voice, Fallon was unsure how to respond so he says, “You want me to walk in front of the camera and wave ‘hi!’?”

Yeah, you’ve gotta check out the clip for yourself below. In addition Freckles also plays a game of Pictionary.

Check out the clips from the interview below.

Lindsay Lohan makes fun of herself in new SNL promo video

Lindsay Lohan is hosting Saturday Night Live (SNL) this weekend and we’ve got the first promos. And I must say, they are actually pretty damn funny. It seems as if Freckles is going to go the route of making fun of herself. Heck we all have! It’s nice to see that she actually has come full circle to realize how idiotic she has looked in public.

And get this, according to TMZ, Linds has ENCOURAGED the writers at SNL to take their best jabs at her. You know this is going to be damn good!

In the SNL promo she jokes, “People are probably wondering what I’ve been up to. If only magazine and websites would have documented my activities more closely.”

Check out some highlights from Lilo’s Today Show interview that is set to air tomorrow.