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Kanye West Pulls the Plug on Louis Vuitton


Another day, another Kanye West tirade. So who is the hip hop star whining about today?

Louis Vuitton!

For those of you that actually listen to his music, you know that the rapper called himself ‘the Louis Vuitton Don’ in his debut album and then proceeded to design a line of sneakers for the luxury label in 2009. Well, how quickly things have changed!

Now, Kanye is stating he will never design for the brand again and is calling the label one of the most overpriced in the business.
This from the man that designed shoes for the label at $800 a pop. Now, who would be caught dead paying that amount of money for this douche’s shoes?

We got bills to pay!!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Image via Louis Vuitton