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Marc Anthony and His New Piece

Looking at these photos, it is further proof that money can get you just about anything. Because why else would a woman this hot and young and tender be with something so old and withered and puny?

Enter Shannon de Lima.

Enter exhibit A.

Enter insanity!

Now that Jennifer Lopez has paraded her new young piece in front of us for forever and a day, it is now time for her ex to do the same and he is pulling out all the checks stop with Ms. de Lima. The two were snapped by the paparazzi chilling on Miami’s beaches this past week. The 24-year-old Venezuelan (whom some refer to as his girlfriend, but the contract is still pending) could be his daughter if his genes allowed for hotness. The verdict is still out on his two children with Lopez, but I’m going to err on the side of non-hotness. I remember Lopez from her In Living Color Fly Girl days when she was the fattest dancer. Cute, yes. But hot?

Hell to the naw!

But I will say this. At least Anthony got a hot piece to add to his payroll. One cannot say the same about Team Lopez and Casper.

Yeah, Casper looks special and I have no qualms saying it.