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Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Joe and Teresa Giudice Sentenced to Jail for Fraud

It’s official…both Joe and Teresa Giudice are headed to prison. The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars have both been sentenced to jail for bankruptcy, bank, and mortgage fraud charges!

The couple did plead guilty to the charges, and were apologetic for their actions. However, Judge Esther Salas laid down the law, giving them both jail time. The U.S. District Court Judge ruled that Joe would serve 41 months (a little over three years) in prison, have two years of supervised probation, and have to pay $414,588 in restitution while Teresa was given 15 months behind bars. Because she has the lesser time, Teresa will serve her sentence first, and is required to surrender to authorities on January 5, 2015. That way, either Joe or Teresa will be around to take care of their four children. However, it is possible that Joe will be deported back to his home country Italy.

According to Deadline, Joe and Teresa will appear on a special Watch What Happens Live: One-on-One with Teresa and Joe with Andy Cohen on Bravo on October 6 at 9 PM to discuss their sentencing.

I can’t say I feel bad for them that much. You do the crime, you have to do the time. However, I feel bad for their kids having to see their parents go through all this, knowing that they will both be going to prison. Hopefully, Joe and Teresa have both learned from this, and will come out stronger and smarter people.

Image via Deadline

RHOA’s Apollo Nida Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison for Theft and Fraud

Sentencing day went down today for the Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Apollo Nida, and the odds did not come out in his favor.

Apollo was arrested earlier in the year for identity theft and bank fraud, faking companies and taking people’s money and falsely cashing checks, which cost these folks a total of $2 million! Well today, the federal court put down the law, and sentenced Apollo to eight years in prison for his scheme, which occurred from 2009-2013, literally the entire time he’s been on the show!

Apollo admitted to his actions back in May, saying that he only did it to keep up with wife Phaedra Parks‘own income and lifestyle that was seen on the show. “I got sucked in and engulfed and lost sight of things,” he said. Phaedra was not present during the hearing.

This isn’t Apollo’s first time behind bars. He spent six years in jail, from around 2003 to 2009, for being a part of a car-theft operation. Shame he didn’t learn his lesson the first time!

I’m honestly not surprised that Phaedra wasn’t in court. And I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she divorced him. EIGHT YEARS?! There’s a possibility of him getting out early for good behavior, but he’s going to be away from his family for a long time. Seems to me like this was merely a pride thing. He was intimidated by Phaedra and how much she makes, that, instead of finding an honest, legitimate way to make money and provide for his family, he does this. Might seem harsh, but I think it’s selfish, and I don’t feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for Phaedra and their two sons, who are toddler age, and have to deal with their father being away.

Image via The Huffington Post

Orlando Brown Sentenced to 180 Days Behind Bars

Orlando Brown, best known for his role as Eddie on Disney’s That’s So Raven, is locked up! Two weeks into a 180-day sentence, Orlando was sentenced to jail time after failing to show proof that he completed court-ordered alcohol education classes after he was arrested in 2011 for a DUI.

Even though he technically has 6 months, it’s expected that he will be released early on Sept. 19, since LA County jails are so overcrowded! Lucky him!

This isn’t Orlando’s first run-in with the law. He was arrested back in 2007 for drug possession in Texas. Cops pulled him over for driving at night without headlights, and then found nine grams of weed in his side door when the car was searched!

These child stars need to get their lives together! Yeah we’re all human and mistakes, but something so dumb as drunk driving? Come on Eddie! He’s getting out on a technicality, but hopefully he doesn’t do something stupid again. If so, he’ll definitely be in there a lot longer!

Image via David Livingston/Getty Images

Joe Francis: Boy Gone Wild

The girls have been going wild in his life for quite a long time now, so it is only fitting that Joe Francis’ time has come. Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis has been found guilty guilty guilty of assault plus plenty of other charges on top….for beating a woman in his Hollywood manse two years ago.

The Los Angeles City Attorney has just released his sentencefrancis: 5 charges in all which includes assault, 3 counts of false imprisonment, and one count of dissuading a witness from reporting. Does this sound like some Rick James sh*t or what?!

How many years is Francis likely to spend in jail? Well, it’s up to five and sentencing is scheduled later this week.

Stay tuned!!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Jennifer Hudson’s Family Murderer Sentenced!









Justice has been served! William Balfour has been sentenced to serve THREE CONSECUTIVE LIFE SENTENCES in prison for murdering three members of singer Jennifer Hudson‘s family.

Balfour was convicted May 11th of 1st degree murder in the deaths of Jennifer’s mom Darnell Donerson, her brother Jason Hudson, and nephew Julian King. He was also convicted of home invasion and residential burglary.

Balfour was present in Chicago courtroom for his sentencing, and proclaimed his innocence right up to the end. Jennifer was also there. During the sentencing hearing, the judge looked Balfour in the eyes and said, “Your soul is as barren as dark space.” Definitely. Who could possibly murder three innocent people?!

The murder was suspected to be because of his tumultuous relationship with now-ex Julia King, Jennifer’s sister. Balfour was convicted of the triple murder after allegedly flying into a blind and jealous rage in 2008 — when he believed Julia had received a gift from her new boyfriend.

I know that this doesn’t bring Jennifer’s family members back, and she and the rest of her family are still grieving. However, I hope that this gives them a little more peace of mind knowing that they have received justice for the ones that they lost. Thoughts and prayers goes out still to them.

Image via Cook County Sheriff’s Department

Conrad Murray Verdict: GUILTY!

So now that we know that the Conrad Murray verdict is in fact guilty, does this mean the Doctor who was hired by Michael Jackson will go to prison?

On November 29th, we will find out as the sentencing hearing will take place then. However, many reports are saying that even though Dr. Murray could receive the maximum of four years in prison, he may not even have to serve the full amount of time, if ANY time in jail!

Details below.

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Lindsay Lohan gets 30 days in jail

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The day that Freckles dreaded arrived. Wednesday, November 2nd. D day. Lindsay Lohan appeared in court today to find out her fate after she plead guilty to violating her probation.

What I can tell you is that she did get jail time. 30 days of it. It’s just that she probably (more than likely) won’t serve more than six days.

Details below.

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