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Suri Cruise Has Broken Her Arm!

We hate it when the kids of celebrities are harmed in any way, and so it is with sadness that we report that the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise, has broken her arm.

According to reports, Suri, aged 7, broke her arm (we are not sure which arm as of now) and is currently on the mend. Katie Holmes has not told the media how the injury occurred and no other information has been released at this time. Suri and Katie live in New York since the split from Cruise in 2012. We’re just waiting for Suri to sport a blinged out cast to rival Mariah Carey’s.

We’ll be waiting!

And Katie Holmes better watch her back. The Thetans are watching her even more closely now!suri-cruise-2_660_051413034632

additional reporting: A. Neff King

An Open Letter to Leah Remini


Dear Leah,

You go girl! We’ve got your back!

Find Shelly, find her!

As you prepare to tell all about the Church of Scientology, their leader David Miscavige and the whereabouts of his wife Shelly, we know that Kirstie Alley is probably going to try and show on your front door and devour you…that Kelly Preston may pop up from some nearby bushes and throw her beard power at you…or that John Travolta break into your sauna and steal your masseur, but?

Be strong!

And last but certainly not least…


Because we know that Tom Cruise may be about to put a hit on your life Jack Reacher style for the tell-all book you’re set to release soon. Will you tell us the truth about whether or not the scenes in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ hit a little closer to his home than he cares to admit? Will you let us know the truth about his (arranged) marriages? What will you say that won’t get you in hot water? And will you even care?!

At CelebrityVIP, we say go for the gold, spare not a one of these tricks and if push comes to shove…push those bastards down a flight of stairs ‘Showgirls’ style!

Leah Remini vs. Scientology

Leah Remini is a tough cookie as anyone knows, but taking on the Church of Scientology?!

She might have to call in for back-up! Tom Cruise is gonna take off his platform heels and beat her down and then who knows what Kirstie Alley might do to her? Especially if she’s hungry?!

After already being verbally slapped via Twitter by fellow Scientologist Kirstie Alley, the comedic actress and former co-host of ‘The Talk’ may have to bring out the big guns or the actual guns since renouncing all ties to the religion.

On July 11th, Reminin announced that she was leaving the church after years of being a member and suddenly she has found herself in the midst of a firestorm. What happened to her and why did she leave? She’s not saying anything now and is lying low, but the next time she has an interview, you can be sure that someone is going to want to have these questions answered. What exactly did Scientologists do to Leah to make her flee? Who really knows what Scientologists do in these ‘security checks’?

Does anyone know? Are Thetans involved? Can anyone answer this for us here? Because we really want to know what’s going on?!


Tom Cruise…Cruised

If this man came to your house late in the wee hours of the morning, would you turn him away? I thought not!

Move over, John Travolta! It looks like a fellow Scientologist is getting some male traction of his own.


Over the weekend, a man was caught on TommyGirl’s property and after a bit of back and forth action (by the cops, not Tom, who was allegedly not home), he was apprehended by the police. But this was not just any intruder. This was Jason Sullivan, an Australian hunk/reality star.
Now this is where the plot trickens.


Sullivan is reportedly staying in the home of Kevin Huvane, who is Cruise’s agent,  who just so happens to live right next door to the movie star. According to the statement by Sullivan, he got intoxicated and mistakenly tried to get into Tommy’s hole back door house thinking it was Huvane’s. If you are slightly confused, just read between the lines and then snort them.
Eventually, Jason drunkenly refused to leave Tom’s property and was tasered by the cops. While I consider this foreplay, others do not. The police arrested Sullivan for trespassing, but he was soon released. And although everyone knows Tommy will sue anyone for anything, his lawyer proclaims that no charges will be filed.
Mmmhmmm. Something in the milk ain’t clean!!!

Save a Heaux: An Open Letter to Katie Holmes

Dear Katie:

So you finally broke free from the crazy Scientology and TommyGirl. Well, congrats to you for finally putting that barley water down and coming to your senses, but the question of the day seems to be (and what Tommy asks his masseur every now and then)…are you in too deep?

Remember when Tom Cruise was flitting through Hollywood women to beard for him in the mid-2000s? Allegedly, he approached Scarlett Johansson who immediately turned him down because she loves peen way too much to beard. Then he tried to sign up Jessica Alba but she thought she could be a huge star on her own (ha!). And then there was you Katie. You took one short long look at your resume and responded like Cuba Gooding, Jr. in Jerry Maguire

Show me the money!

Fast forward to seven years later…

You left a bonafide hit franchise in Batman to parade on red carpets with elves?! Do I need to re-name your daughter SeaOrg Suri? Is it time to rent Rosemary’s Baby and take notes, Katie?! Why do you think Nicole Kidman bolted? She was not trying to have any natural children with Scientology’s best heaux. Oh no, and f*ck up her body? I put it like this: When you are dealing with Tom Cruise and are a beard, your amount of devotion to him is directly proportional to your talent. Nicole has an Oscar. You’ll always have… Dawson’s Creek. Nicole adopted two children (that she doesn’t even see anymore, let the record show!), and you had to shove the baster in your hole to produce Scientology’s chosen one.


You barely lasted half a decade and we all know that contract was for ten, so what did Tommy say/do to cause you to bolt out of the blue? Did you catch him watching Top Gun again with the deleted love scenes between him and Val Kilmer? Did John Travolta have one too many sleepovers? Who knows? What I do know is that after drinking from that large Big Gulp of F*ckery for so many years, it was high time you fled the scene of the crime and got sole custody. Next time, read the fine print, Katie!

Is Scientology Stalking Katie?

Scientology is serious business, y’all. And by serious business, I pretty much mean crazy. Like a stalker ex-lover that becomes paranoid and can’t seem to let go, and before you know it you’re filing a restraining order.

Sources tell TMZ that Katie Holmes’ has become a threat to the organization and Scientology has gone so far as to “put a team on her tail.”

And just like that Scientology’s creepy image gets a little creepier.

According to TMZ, the whole thing can’t simply be discarded as paranoia on the part of Katie Holmes. People who have photographed Katie multiple times say there have been several “mysterious” men and vehicles around her apartment that also follow her when she’s out.

As a side note, there is a publication that has put a tail on Katie, but they appear to be separate from the people believed to be associated with Scientology.

Of course, TMZ put in a call to Scientology, but no word yet. Because, they’re totally going to admit to following her, right?

Gawker does point out, the Church of Scientology does have a history of intimidation, so as crazy and stalkerish as it all sounds, it does make you wonder… And, in an updated version of Gawker’s post, the Church claims they aren’t having Katie followed. But again… that’s totally something they’d admit to, right?

What do y’all think?