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Whitney Houston and The FBI?!

Since Whitney Houston has died, there have been a lot of requests for her personal files. Under the Freedom of Information Act, and after a slew of requests, the FBI has released more than 128 pages of data on the superstar. So what was unearthed after taking a look through these files?

For one, there was an extortion attempt made against the diva in 1992, and apparently, the money was paid by Whitney’s management company – to the tune of $100,000. The money was demanded or private and sensitive informationWhitney-Houston on Houston was likely to be leaked to the press. That $100,000 was increased to a cool quarter of a million dollars and a confidentiality agreement form was made and signed. And the person demanding this money was a woman claiming to have detailed information on Whitney’s romantic relationships? Were these possibly the sapphic ones as have been rumored about the singer for decades? Hmmm. And? Whitney Houston also had more than her share of crazy fans.

Notables include a man that investigators felt was a possible risk to her as he sent a slew of letters and another fan, from The Netherlands, that claimed he was the President of Europe and sent her several audio tapes and composed music in her honor. More information will be revealed later from these pages, so keep it here for more details!

Additional reporting: A. Neff King