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Celebrity Birthdays June 6th 2013: Sandra Bernhard is 58


Sandra Bernhard is 58.

Gary “U.S.” Bonds is 74.

Joe Stampley is 70.

Dwight Twilley is 62.

Harvey Fierstein is 61.

Actress Amanda Pays is 54.

Record producer Jimmy Jam is 54.

Comedian Colin Quinn is 54.

Guitarist Steve Vai is 53.

Singer-bassist Tom Araya of Slayer is 52.

Actor Jason Isaacs is 50.

Bassist Sean Ysealt (White Zombie) is 47.

Max Casella is 46.

Paul Giamatti is 46.

Damion Hall of Guy is 45.

Bardi Martin (Candlebox) is 44.

James “Munky” Shaffer of Korn is 43.

Lisa Brokop is 40.

Uncle Kracker is 39.

Actress Staci Keanan is 38.

Actress Amber Borycki is 30.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons is 6.

Birthday Bitches

Sandra Bernhard is 57.

Gary “U.S.” Bonds is 73.

Joe Stampley is 69.

Robert Englund is 65.

Dwight Twilley is 61.

Harvey Fierstein is 60.

Amanda Pays is 53.

Jimmy Jam is 53.

Colin Quinn is 53.

Steve Vai is 52.

Tom Araya of Slayer is 51.

Jason Isaacs is 49.

Sean Ysealt is 46.

Max Casella is 45.

Paul Giamatti is 45.

Damion Hall of Guy is 44.

Bardi Martin is 43.

James “Munky” Shaffer of Korn is 42.

Lisa Brokop is 39.

Uncle Kracker is 38.

Staci Keanan is 37.

Quote of the Day: Sandra Bernhard

“I’ve always straddled a fence. It’s just time for people to be comfortable and not have to identify with anything. I’ve dated girls and guys. Penises frighten me. I don’t have issues with anybody. I know what I stand for. I don’t feel the need to change myself. I wish I looked like Angelina [Jolie], but I look a certain way and I’ve inspired people.”

Sandra Bernhard, on being on the sexual fence

Birthday Bitches

Sandra Bernhard is 56.

Gary “U.S.” Bonds is 72.

Joe Stampley is 68.

Robert Englund is 64.

Singer Dwight Twilley is 60.

Playwright-actor Harvey Fierstein is 59.

Amanda Pays is 52.

Jimmy Jam is 52.

Colin Quinn is 52.

Steve Vai is 51.

Tom Araya of Slayer is 50.

Sean Ysealt (White Zombie) is 45.

Max Casella is 44.

Paul Giamatti is 44.

Damion Hall of Guy is 43.

Bardi Martin (Candlebox) is 42.

James “Munky” Shaffer of Korn is 41.

Lisa Brokop is 38.

Uncle Kracker is 37.

Staci Keanan is 36.