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LIFE&Style: How was Ryan Gosling seduced by Eva Mendes?

Is there anyone who is hotter than Ryan Gosling right now? Wouldn’t you just love to learn how to seduce him? Wait around and we will learn just how it was done by Eva Mendes! However, in the story that is supplied in Life & Style there are not a lot of juicy details to steam up your windows. But there are such comments as how often Ryan wants to see his new love, and even that they are not into eating out at the best restaurants. In fact it is more of the dive locations or grubby foods that they love to enjoy.

The couple is said to be almost exactly alike they are both impulsive and passionate. One of the quotes is how he thinks of Eva as himself, but just female. But that doesn’t mean that his mom is all too happy about this new girl. In fact she likes Rachel McAdams a lot better, because she was more of a good girl. It will just be a bit of time to see if the LA style of Mendes continues to wow him, or if her chain smoking ways will eventually turn him off.

Ryan Gosling surprises Eva Mendes in Paris

Welp, girls you can now officially sigh and cry and despise Eva Mendes if you so choose. Ryan Gosling is totally the sweetest boyfriend ever and we have news that further proves that. Apparently Gosling flew out to Paris to surprise his girlfriend Eva on last day of her movie shoot. Yeah so he showed up with some Red Bull and a rose. Can the guy get any more perfect, really?

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